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  1. for what it''s worth I think you''re right Arthur. I was in the lower Barclay, and clearly heard their names announced to do the draw. They didn''t get any applause or even recognition from those around me. Still, I thought that Saturday would be one of her "amongst the fans" days, at least that didn''t happen, and perhaps PL kept a tight hold of the mic so that she couldn''t give us another rousing rendition of "let''s be ''aving you"
  2. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] [quote user="TheGoogler"]The thing is, Roeder was the best thing City has for a while, initially. He made great strides in stabilising us, brought in some good, solid players and got us playing good passing football again. The 2nd season, though, Roeder did everything wrong. He let the wrong players go, he brought in the wrong players, he destroyed the team''s spirit, caused fan faith in him and the team to plummet to new depths and more. It''s not inaccurate to suggest he was the best thing that happened to us for some time. For some time, it looked like he was to be a great manager for us.[/quote] Roeder relied largely on loans to get us out of an extremely precarious position, then found himself for various reasons with a squad down to 9 senior pro`s.  £8.5m with an established squad of players is a healthy budget.  £8.5m with a demoralised squad down to the bare bones is a different picture.  I believe that he didn`t have the funds to bring in players of the quality he wanted on permenant contracts and therefore went all-out on the loans policy which had worked for a while- obviously it failed badly.  The real issue was how the squad got that weak in the first place. [/quote]   Bang on Mr C, your final sentence is the key question. But who on earth has so little to occupy their mind other than to trawl through and rake up two year old posts?  
  3. [quote user="canary cherub "] [quote user="morty"]I am a fan of Delia and all she has done, but there is no denying she made colossal mistakes, which she herself will hold her hands up to. Her, and her board''s actions got us where we are today, yes we have had a good season but only time will tell if this is a genuine turn around in the club''s fortunes or just Norwich city over achieving in a poor league. [/quote] Hell will freeze over first.  She has never taken an ounce of responsibility for any of the mistakes.  For example, look at her reply to nutty''s email: "just for the record, prudence with ambition was never a policy of mine or Michael''s".  Either it''s weasel words, ie. although they didn''t actually come up with the policy themselves they did agree with it, or for over a decade they let Doomcaster adopt a policy they didn''t agree with. Suddenly, now that things are looking up, it''s all down to Delia . . . will people never wake up???   [/quote] Some very funny, and a couple of very ironic posts here! I am inclined to agree with you CC. Wouldn''t suprise me if she gets hold of a microphone today or against Carlisle though, not one little bit.  
  4. Thank God for Paul Lambert and well done to McNally for getting him here and the players for responding so well to his leadership. Well done to Delia for getting us to league 1 in the first place, and then expecting Bryan Gunn to be good enough to get us out of it.
  5. [quote user="hubbly"]I am a regular poster but don''t want to get the wrath of the board. I beleive that we wont go up and here is why. First, and I was trying to post this last week is that Grant Holt was obviously going to get booked against MK. We lose him for 2 games. We will lose them both. Second, I know on very good authority that Hoolahan is out for the season. As last year the club are hushing it up. he has a torn quad and wont feature again. Without Holt last time Wes came into his own. He wont now. We need the diamond to defeat defensive teams. It gives us width when our full backs can overlap as our midfield are narrow. Anthony cannot give us this. And, I can reveal that Drury is out for three weeks after the MK game. We wont beat Orient, or Charlton. Our only chance is for Leeds Swindon or Millwall to lose two of their remaining games...which I don''t believe they will. We will lose in the playoffs. So that''s it. I''ll bump this thread as we slip further down the the league.[/quote] Hello Spain Boy..............
  6. thanks for the line Queen B. At lest Ince had the honesty to admit the handball should have been given as a pen for us. By then the excuse for a Ref had long sinced lost control of the game.
  7. Don''t watch or read "awaydays" before you travel. Makes the Tranmere fans sound real scary!
  8. This is my predictor for the final table - NORWICH 31  7    8   100 MILLWALL 26 _______13 ________7 _______91 SWINDON 24 15 7 87 LEEDS 23 15 8 84 CHARLTON 22 16 8 82 HUDD''SFIELD  22 13 11 79 COL UTD 22 12 12 78   Super City get to three figures beating Carlisle at home on the last day. Ironically we could go up as clear champions even though we end up losing more games than the teams in 2nd or 3rd, due to always going out to win and ending up with v few draws. Leeds drop down to 4th,and Col U miss out on the play offs after Huddersfield beat them at the Galpharm and then win away at Exeter on the final day. Huddersfield on such a high by grabbing the last play off spot that they steamroller Swindon and beat Leeds in the play off final. Now that would make the Leeds fan weep!  
  9. Talksport - Absolutely brilliant, best thing EVER to happen to radio bar none. Car radio is never tuned to anything else. In three competitions it has given me winnings of a new bathroom suite (courtesy of Wicks), a signed/framed picture of Darren Huckerby, and a crate of bitter. Also whilst winning these comps it has given me the opportunity to plug NCFC. Adrian Durham has generally been very positive in all his comments towards Norwich, as has Ian Wright and Darren Gough. And they slag off Leeds Utd at every opportunity!
  10. some unfortunate but not unexpected incidents reported on here. For myself I parked on Lower Clarence Rd, and the only thing I saw walking down to the ground was a group of mouthy Leeds fans chanting, followed by a group of equally mouthy Norwich fans chanting back at them. Looked laughable at that stage. It would be fair to say that the atmosphere was a little tense though! When we scored it was always going to be a little "difficult" after, given the nature of the morons who follow the team we were playing. After we scored you could see the Leeds "fans" massing towards the exit gangway, and I guessed what they were up to, given the previous announcment that they would be kept in. No doubt so many of the Leeds fans were trying to force their way out that the ground staff had to open the gates to stop people from getting crushed. What should have happened is there should have been a lot more police on duty, and they could then have cordoned the Leeds fans off, and given them a police escort back to the coaches/station. I left the ground and was suprised at how few police were there, although 2 or 3 had dogs with them which I haven''t seen for a while. I overhead a senior police officer saying that the Leeds fans were coming out, and to keep the fans seperate, his 3 colleagues just gave him a look of disbelief, ie "how the hell do we do that then?" From outside the ground until the Lower Clarence car park I did not see one copper, we were left to fend for ourselves, although all I witnessed was verbal exchanges on both sides, due to being ahead of the majority of Leeds fans I think. There were a group of police congregated at the gates of the coach park, a great help. To praise the police operation is a joke, the starting point should have been the same level of policing as for Ipswich, and then add 50%, given the significance of the game, and the idiots were were playing against.But who''s to blame for the lack of police, Norfolk Constabulary or the Club?
  11. Is Delia Smith a fan of NCFC? She may possibly be a fan of Delia Smith..... Wasn''t it Cloughie that said football club owners should be seen and not heard, everyone knows who owns our club though don''t they? Mind you when your clubs owner gets hold of  a Sky TV mic at half time it''s not too suprising, very embarassing, but not suprising. Nevermind I am sure she will be sitting with us peasants at the first away game once promotion has been secured. Then we will all be able to fawn over her, chant her name and everything will be wonderful.
  12. I had the trip from hell with CC a few years back. For some reason myself and a mate thought it would be a good idea to do Stockport away by Club Cabbage. Coach left Carrow Rd at 08:30. We got lost and went thru Sheffield three times I think. The coach driver and the (possibly) female steward then almost came to blows arguing about the correct route. Unfortunately we were on the same coach as a regular called "Simon" who made a 6 hour journey seem like 60 hours. He proceeded to tell the driver repeatedly that Stockport was "just up the road from Crewe and Stoke" told us that the weather was very changeable in this part of the world and promoted the option of wearing shorts to the game. He proceeded to drop his kecks and change into a really scabby pair of shorts in full view of all and sundry whilst we were negotiating the more rural parts of the A57. He had also brought along a video to play on the coach tv/video. This was of a Serie A game. Just when we were starting to enjoy the tape, halfway thru the second half the tape came to an end. When we asked him what happened to the rest of the recording he said that as he had arrived home he switched the tape off and watched the rest of the game on his tv. This was of course a great help to us on the coach! Due to the hilly nature of this road and the fact that there was a queue of traffic the clutch started to burn out, so we had to have the skylights open to disperse the burning smell, and we eventually staggered to a stop at Stockport at 14:45pm. Memories of conversations between people on the merits of buying "parcels of land", or Burberry socks and a steward telling me off for asking why we had to always use the Famous Farmhouse Cafe as a rest stop. He told me that they served "fine food" and that "the vast majority of Norwich fans love eating there". Eventually got back to Norwich about 11pm, and then a 40 min drive back to Lowestoft. I have put several thousand miles on my car rather than travelling with CC since that day.....
  13. Terry Butcher - Denes High in Lowestoft, very quiet and unassuming actually. Years later he came to pay his respects at my Dad''s funeral, which is probably an strange state of affairs for a City fans such as myself! [:$]
  14. [quote user="ricky knight"]Well thats it then we should all be happy to be in div 3 because leeds, leicester, forest have done it, god give me strength, i am happy with Lambert, happy we are top but still believe its a bloody disgrace we are in div 3 in the first place, So to me we will only be going back to where we should be if right decisions were made in the first place.[/quote] I would agree with most of that Ricky, apart from "will only be going back to where we should be". That isn''t the Championship, it''s the Prem, unless we don''t believe we should be at least in the same league as Stoke/Burnley/Wigan/Bolton/Blackburn/Birmingam/West Ham. My vision of Norwich is we should be at least competing against these. As regards who put us where we are - of course the buck stops with the owners, and how they have run (down) the club. I am VERY HAPPY with Lambert, and I wasn''t one of those booing the team on Tuesday night, sadly we will be more likely to lose Lambert when inevtiably he doesn''t get a decent transfer budget next season.
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