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  1. There is apparently one http://twitter.com/#!/michaeljbailey/status/77688204504997888
  2. I didn''t think they released a statement last time, Paul Lambert just dismissed it in one of his usual pre-match press conferences?
  3. What I think is strange also is the fact Cowling let this particular email get to him. Sure, the email was petty and kind of stupid, but he makes clear on the statement on the Colchester website he''s got far worse emails from Norwich fans in the past and presumably risen above them.But anyway, as has already been said, hopefully we can finally move on from this now; it''s already gone on for far too long.
  4. Not sure if this has been posted but I see Cowling has apologised:Link
  5. He basically compared Bowkett and McNally to Nazis, but added that this would be offensive to "our European neighbours".
  6. I personally don''t think it would be a disaster. Why bother trying to keep him if he''d rather be somewhere else anyway? Seems pointless.
  7. Whatever the club said, though, I think Cowling would''ve come out with much the same thing. He''s always going to have this gripe and nothing the club can do or say is likely to change that. It is time to move on, despite what Cowling may say. He should have more important things to concentrate on.
  8. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]whilst I won''t really be supporting England I won''t be supporting anyone else either. Why? You are I assume a football fan or you wouldnt be on the pink un {with the exception of camuldung}..........and I would have thought you support norwich, by you using this forum......so why support Norwcih and not England??? I really dont get this.[/quote]Yes, I am a football fan, yes, I am a Norwich fan.I don''t really know why I don''t support England as such, I just never have. I''m not dead set against England in a way I''ve seen some people on here seem to be, but at the same time I''m just not a big fan. There''s no big reason for it, I''m just not. I''m a Norwich fan because I''m from Norwich and because I''ve been going to see them play since I was a little kid, so there''s an attachment there. With England, although I am obviously from England, to me it all seems too "far away". Perhaps if I''d been around in the 60s, 70s, 80s etc I might have a different view, though.
  9. [quote user="Shack Attack"]Who is supporting ''anyone but England'' and are they representative of their age group?For the record I am 34 and will be supporting England although I won''t be hugely upset if they don''t win it. I supported Brazil once in 1982.........but I was only six [;)][/quote]Well...I''m not going to tell you exactly how old I am, but I am younger than you, lol, and whilst I won''t really be supporting England I won''t be supporting anyone else either.
  10. I don''t really support England. I''ll watch the World Cup, but I really don''t care who wins it.
  11. Apart from Ipswich: Man Utd Chelsea MK Dons/Liverpool/Leeds
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