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  1. cheers mate, all the bars out here have abu dhabi sports channels which show 5 times as many games as sky, i reckon i should be able to see at least 12 games this season maybe more.
  2. I am so excited,i am coming home for a 2 week holiday as i haven''t been back to the uk for 18 months, i booked my flights way back in january not knowing when the football season was going to start or what league we would be in, so by pure luck i am going to be in norfolk on the weekend of the 20th. I then realised that it was the first home game of the season and i thought i will never get a ticket for that, but step forward my mates dad who has said i can have his ticket for the game ( i''ll bring him a couple of bottles of Famous grouse back to say thanks ) This will be only the 2nd game i have been to in the last 4 years, the last one being the home game against southampton when we lost 0-2 , so i hope i am not going to be bad luck for the team! Anyway thanks for reading, sorry to have bored you but as you might have noticed i am really quite happy.  
  3. I really want west ham to come down as i can''t stand the owners, especially the way they treated Zola , plus they have been in the bottom all season,they deserve to drop. Blackburn for thinking Aladyce wasn''t good enough for them. and probably Wigan, i like Martenez and the way they play but nobody in Wigan gives a damm about football,there are definatly more deserving clubs about.
  4. i am not sure cody is quite good enough for this league, and i think lambert thinks the same , i see a loan move as a way of putting him in the shop window and i don''t expect him to be here next season.
  5. Spain didn''t do too bad without a big target man in the team !
  6. Don''t say that, i am coming back to england next week and have got a ticket for the southampton game, i haven''t been to carrow road for 3 years so we are going to win 5-0. OK
  7. [quote user="liamcicada"]Any Canaries in the Canaries[/quote]   Yeah, i live in lanzarote.
  8. Jewel or Curbishley for me, but both unlikely. Are you serious about Wise, a horribly little man.
  9. Without a doubt England. Norwich winning the 3rd division would be wonderful but lets be honest its not really that great an acchievment. The world cup is special,if england were to win, the passion and excitement that would sweep the whole country is something that i would love to see,and would probably never see again in my lifetime. But if you were talking about Norwich winning the premiership or the champions league then i might have to think a little bit harder about that.
  10. This news has brought tears to my eyes, a great man.
  11. [quote user="ncfcstar"][quote user="Jim Smith"] Frankly he has a sh*t pedigree. Barcelona B is not the same as Barcelona reserves. Its a virtually separate club that play in Spains lower leagues. He was a reserve at Celta Vigo. Guess it depends if you think that is above our station but he has played most of his career at a level that is probably worse than league 1. That said I think he looks promising and hope he is signing as i have a good feeling about this one. [/quote] Barcelona B is Barcelona''s reserve team isn''t it?  I was under the impression that reserve team football is just not the same in Spain as it is here, so first teamers on the fringe of the squad play seperate matches behind closed doors.  Players like Messi, Busquets and Zavi have all played for Barca B. [/quote] Barcelona B has almost nothing to do with Barcelona, I have seen them and Real Madrid B play over hear in Lanzarote and the standard is quite poor,league 2 at best, this is a step up for Maric.
  12. A settled squad is one of the key issues for me,we have had far to many short term loans for the last two years. I believe this squad is better than last seasons and would not have got relegated
  13. I have to agree with most of the above, he was decidedly average at everything, from what i have read on the net Tom Adeyemi can more than fill rustys boots, won''t miss him.
  14. [quote user="JuanVelasco"] [quote user="MXboy"]he spent the 08/09 season at FC Barcelona Atletic (Barcelona B) with a scoring ratio of 1 goal every 3 games. FC Barcelona Atletic are in Segunda Division B Group 3 now not knowing anything about the spanish leagues...what is the english equivalent to the Segunda Division B Group B? :S Confusing[/quote] Read my analysis, I have already said this!                                    La Liga (Premiership)                                   Segunda Division (Championship) Segunda Division B i.     Segunda Division B ii.    Segunda Divison B iii.   Segunda Division B iv.        -  (League One, League Two, Conference here). Its basically four divisions, teams from each of the Segunda B can win promotion to the ''championship''..... i live in lanzarote who are in segunda b and have seen them play quite a few times including against real madrid b, to be honest the standard is quite poor league 2 at the best, and the b teams that you get will have almost nothing to do with the regular sides ( ie barcelona , real madrid  ). although in there defence they do not like coming to lanzarote as the pitch here is astroturf and you do not get a normal game of football. ps if you think norwich have had problems spare a thought for lanzarote who''s main sponser pulled out just as the season started and two thirds of the players left as there was no money to pay them, they had to recruit from the local sunday teams just to get a squad together.   [/quote]
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