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  1. southstand

    Who was NCFC's first black player?

    Not sure about the Alan Black line....

    But we had Matt Crowe - he was a black one

    Terry Allcock was close by reputation

    Barry Butler wore black suits - and a bow tie

    Errol Cross-un was a bit of a mixture

    and Ron Ashman was left after the black coals were burnt
  2. southstand

    Model Club

    You seem to easily overlook the passion and everlasting commitment to NCFC of the major shareholders

    They have been slagged off mercilessly on this forum but they are still leading this ''model'' club
  3. the Portsmouth landlady has won her case and this I hope will mean that live football matches can be shown

    Quote from BBC

    The ECJ now says national laws which prohibit the import, sale or use of foreign decoder cards are contrary to the freedom to provide services.


    It said national legislation, which banned the use of overseas decoders, could not "be justified either in light of the objective of protecting intellectual property rights or by the objective of encouraging the public to attend football stadiums".

    Freedom to buy football matches globally - SKY were and are ripping off pubs by their high prices -may be they will get real and charge realistic prices

    My one example was a pub paying £10000 per year for SKY and he ditched them in favour of a full Premier league choice at £5000 pa

    Good business - yes he can now attract more customer and not make a loss on paying excessive monies to SKY

    Of course there will be knockons but paying less for the rights and reducing players excessive wages might be the start - followed by reducing ticket prices - make matches available to all...

  4. southstand

    Home (and away) thoughts from abroad

    1. Selling out the ground is not important at this stage - high prices, games in pub etc ~ no one looking for casual tickets outside the ground ~ believing all games are sellouts

    2. Extra games help to bed in fringe players ~ think it would have been great to progress a round or too in the Carling Cup - get players used to playing a system

    3 Of course we are stronger but we need to put the chances away ~ just compare Park feeding Welbeck rather then blast the ball against Ruddy ~ good wages and a team players ~ contrast Morrison against Chelsea * 3 and twice against Man U - playing for the glory and not the team

    4. No need to decide that one - time will tell, but Lambert organised the squad to get back into the Premier - ok it''s Lambert

    5. what expertise do football pens have ~ get them to give £1000 and then ask their opinion

    Mine is City will finish 15th or 16th ~ please tell me where to send my £1000

  5. southstand

    Flying Dutchman

    On at the Lake Lothing in Lowestoft - probably 50- 100 city fans

    I''m watching at the Coach House in cleethorpes

    expecting a point 1-1
  6. southstand

    Wes not selected for Irish squad!!

    What is Trappatoni thinking about by not selecting Wes for the Irish team

    - he was watched for his cameo sub appearance where he was brilliant for 15 minutes - he must have been watched for the Bolton game - once again a star performance

    Think he will have to find a Welsh great grand mother if he wants to play international football

    On the plus side for Norwich it''s great news - keep him fit and fresh to fight for premier league points
  7. southstand

    Squad Debate

    It is interesting that you are writing Grant Holt off as a force in the premier and at the same time thinking Morrison is able to perform at that level

    I thought Morrison was ok in the game against Bolton - strong in the air and won some high balls, ran the channels quite well and gave the line some mobility, showed skill to turn and nearly score against Knight.

    On the downside he was caught offside from standing positions on at least 3 occasions and his composure when through one - on - one with the keeper was poor + he lost control several times when in good positions

    Needs to sharpen his game put a bit more effort into maintaining control and staying onside and think TEAM when near the goal - memories of Chelsea when he could have played Holt in ( to score ) on 2 occasions.

    Think he has a role and his workrate and contribution is better then Chris Martin

    But I would still play Grant Holt - he''s more mobile than he''s given credit for AND will normally put the chances away. Would like him to stay on his feet more and forget playing for free kicks...

    Not sure if we can afford to play 2 strikers often without drastically weakening the midfield and maybe conceding too ofter

    If we play 2 strikers then its Morrison and Holt upfront for me until I''ve seen more of Vaughan
  8. southstand

    Should We Have Signed Sam Baldock?

    He certainly played well on Tuesday night and was a constant threat. I couldn''t prevent myself making a direct comparison between Baldock and our Jackson.

    Both small central forwards with a lot of pace

    Baldock was faster, more incisive, stronger with better control and first touch, and rarely lost the ball. Usually there was an end product...

    He is now going to play in the Championship - based on one game I think he will be a great success
  9. southstand

    Norwich 'Live'

    that''s good , could well be there on Saturday

    - if the Lake Lothing in Lowestoft are showing Liverpool

    Do they sell any good real ales !!
  10. southstand

    City v Parma on web

    most of game on Parma tv

    www.fcparma.com and then tv

    or webtvfcparma.com

    looks like the whole game

  11. southstand

    The biggest mistake by a NCFC manager.

    This in the modern era is straightforward to me

    - It''s Bryan Gunn signing a form which took him from respected City Icon to NCFC manager

    A legend in terms of appearances , loyalty and respect - not many to match him

    His mistake, taking on a job too big for him , albeit in my opinion to try to save the club from instant relegation, was disaster

    He is still hated by many but , to me , putting pen to paper was the biggest mistake of any NCFC manager

    All the best Bryn, in the Chester area

  12. southstand

    OK - be honest who watched

    the Football League show

    Yes I know we are Premier League but just interested in those whose wider football interests would have meant that they had to watch the telly till 1am

    Of course there would have been the bonus of seeing Ipswich go top of League

    Maybe that would have been the reason why most would have had an early night - maybe getting ready for the full fill of Premier League next week

    Seriously who are just City fans and who are also more avid football fans
  13. southstand

    A stark warning......

    The article appears to be saying that Blackpool paid premiership wages and has now reverted to basic championship pay. But their financial rewards are now lower than some of the Championship ''gamblers''

    Result - 16 players have left and others are discontented

    We all know that clubs like Derby were breaking the bank to get promoted ( Ipswich as well) - but money , and paying high wages does not guarantee you success

    Don''t understand why they are not using some of the parachute payments to have a reasonable go at getting promotion but they probably broke the bank in trying to buy a side to stay up

    Cue Paul Lambert - 7 modest signings and financial prudence

    McNallys 3 year plan might be appropriate

    A real go at maintaining Premiership status

    A second season where finances are controlled

    then improved - without reducing the quality of the team

    Then a viable future as a long term Premiership club

  14. southstand

    No wins on opening day- whats up!!

    Norwich have not won an opening day fixture for the last 8years can we break the hoodoo and get off to a flyer at Wigan. The record shows just 4 draws in 8 fixtures. Do we not prepare well...

    2010 H 2-3 Watford

    2009 H 1-7 Colchester

    2008 A 0-2 Coventry

    2007 A 0-0 Preston

    2006 A 0-1 Leeds

    2005 H 1-1 Coventry

    2004 H 1-1Crystal Pallace

    2004 A 2-2 Bradford

    Interesting stats lets hope the pre season preparation gets us to the top of the premier with 3 points.

    Also, we have achieved only one point in the final day fixtures in the last 7 years - the home draw against Coventry was the first point since the 2003 home win against Preston

    Perhaps we are doing something right in the middle period

  15. southstand


    Well I can remember the days of paying five and a tanner to get in to Carrow road  thats 45p to you young-uns

    Not so well you remember

    five and a tanner was 27 and a half p now

    9 shilling is now 45p

    Just so we don''t confuse our younguns