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  1. How is he a Stoke cast off ? He has played the majority of games for Stoke over the last 5 or 6 seasons. If he was only playing like 5 or 6 games a season then yes, but when he is playing over 30, every season, then you can''t call him a cast off. People want us to sign someone, and then when we go for them, they moan. Can''t win with some people. If you think we are going to go sign some world class international striker, then you are going to be waiting a long time. And as for austin, he is much a proven premier league striker as grant holt or michu. He had 1 good season. Doesn''t make him proven. When they are hitting double figures every season in the premier league, then they are proven.
  2. I don''t know why people are thinking this is the main striker that we are looking at. He seems to very rarely play as a striker anymore unless as last resort. Has been used more often than not on the right of midfield. If we was to sign walters, I''m sure it would purely be as cover in midfield and at last resort, another option we could throw on up front if we need a goal. We have loaned out both Murphys, so are short on wide options. We may well get walters, which as our main striker would be bad business, but as cover is a good piece of business. He is the sort of player who would run through brick walls for the team, and that''s the sort of player Alex Neil seems to like and want. I''m sure we will have another striker joining before the end of the window. If we get walters aswell then that''s just an added bonus
  3. Lynn Canary

    Who's next?

    Why do you think that ? What just because we aren''t prepared to pay 15 million pound for a guy who has played 1 season in the premier league and managed just 3 goals more than holt did in his first season ? Or because we won''t pay about 10 million pound for a player who has only played half a season in the premier league and was on loan at mk dons this time last season ? Just because we aren''t prepared to pay way over the price we should do, doesn''t mean the board isn''t backing him. I''d love afobe here. But not for an astronomical price
  4. Lynn Canary

    Jordan Rhodes??

    He seems like the same sort of player as hooper. A finisher but not much pace or a target man. I''d rather keep hooper than spend 10 million on a player with same sort of strengths as him
  5. If this came off I would be gobsmacked and unbelievable impressed. Going from being linked with tomlin to this guy is a massive difference. Very highly rated and still very young at just 22. Linked with arsenal just last season.
  6. Lynn Canary

    Gregorie Defrel

    Only seen him a handy of times but always stood out in his team. Could potentially see him playing in the hole behind the striker. Long term wes replacement ?
  7. Lynn Canary

    Norwich v West Ham

    Toffolo, Vadis and Ruddy were all very good. I would be comfortable having Toffolo and Olsson competing for that left back position. Toffolo had a solid game defensively and offensively. Could tell he was tiring towards the end which is expected as he has now had 90 minutes on Saturday and tonight. The own goal was just unlucky. Vadis looks class though. Could be a big player this season bearing he stays fit
  8. Lynn Canary

    Brady Bid Accepted?

    To be fair, you sound just like any other fan when one of their better player leaves, goes onto the buying teams message board and say that they aren''t very good and you have better player anyway. At the end of the day, he is one of your better players and you know he is. Much like snodgrass was to us. And I don''t buy for 1 second that 7 million is the figure they wanted all along. It started at 15 million in the papers and has come down to 7, and like somebody else said, I can''t see it being paid all up front. At the end of the day, a 23 year old versatile player who can play left back and left midfield, is a better deal than a 27 or 28 year old who has virtually no pace and is very very one footed. If we should sack the guy who does our negotiations then so should you
  9. Lynn Canary

    Back four for Crystal Palace match?

    For me, Elliot Bennett played very well against Maccabi. They were having a hard time getting past him and ended up putting most of their attacks down our left where Johnson was filling in. I''d be more than fine seeing him challenge Whittaker for a place at right back. I also think modern fall backs need to be up and down the pitch a lot and able to put a good cross in and that is one area where I think Bennett has an advantage over Whittaker.

    Also for me Toffolo seems to have been the biggest revelation of pre season. Solid in every game, and although there has only really been the one game where he has had a challenge, he coped very well against Maccabi. They found it much tougher in that second half to get at us and they got much less joy up against Toffolo than against Johnson (although I know that''s not his position). I''d be happy to see him given a chance. And if it doesn''t work out, Olsson will be back soon and can always just get someone in nearer the end of the transfer window
  10. Lynn Canary

    Brady Bid Accepted?

    There is no chance out last bid was 6 million and rejected. We apparently bid 2, then 2.5 and then 3 million. There is no way they would then all of a sudden double their next bid to 6 million. Sorry but bo chance. I''d imagine if we had made a 4th bid it would be closer to 4 million. And there is absolutely zero chance that we would even entertain the idea of paying 8 or 9 million for a championship player. Hull fans are deluded if they really think they can get that much for a player in the championship who has a year left on his deal and isn''t likely to sign a new one
  11. Lynn Canary

    Carlton Morris joins Accies

    Another negative post from you. I''m shocked
  12. Lynn Canary

    Joaquín Larrivey

    How have the club screwed up ? The club pulled out. Either they were never in for him and it''s all agent talk, they found something in his medical that caused concern or he was a back up target and they have been able to make significant progress on another target they deem better.
  13. And I guided Norwich to 5th in my first season in premier league, and that was without buying players on 100k a week. It''s a game
  14. Lynn Canary

    Under 18's

    I haven''t seen any of them play live personally, but the ones I''ve heard the best things about are kofi Boateng, devonte aransibia, Benny Ashley seal, Hatley black (who seems to possess quite a free kick!) and perhaps the most brightest, Todd cantwell. Who i believe is the captain and has played and scored for England under 17s. I have also seen that Ashley - seal and cantwell have both played for the under 21s aswell this season
  15. Lynn Canary


    Just to put this out there. He hasn''t played 9 games this season. He has started 19 games in the league this season and has come off the bench twice. No idea where that guy was getting 9 from. And if he is good enough to play 21 times in the premier league this season, I''m sure he is good enough to add to our squad
  16. So the player would choose a team who have been in the league linger that anyone for less money, than join a team who has had 3 seasons in the.premier league including two mid table finishes and are favourites for the league, AND will give them more money ? Maybe you need to wake up. Its the persons job. The wage will go a long way. Every player says they want to play in the premier league, and on paper we are more likely to do that. Team relegated from premier league, or a team who didnt make the play offs ? And you say i need to wake up!
  17. Lynn Canary

    Pre Season Friendlies

    Nantes is the only onw iv heard about. Surely we wouldn''t go to France for just the one game though, so perhaps a few games over therw ? Apparently Nantes are also known as The Canaries
  18. [quote user="portman_king"][quote user="Lynn Canary"]How much of a factor does the managers name come into it though. I wouldn''t choose which manager to play for, id choose which club to play for. And at the end of the day, our club has much more pulling power than the majority of the championship. You may choose McCarthy over Adams, but who would really choose Ipswich over Norwich ?[/quote]Of course the calibre of the manager has a bearing! In fact I''d say it has a considerable bearing. Would you choose to play for a manager who commands respect for what they''ve achieved in the game over 15 years or one with a single successful U18''s FA Youth Cup run?At the end of the day, yes, money talks... but having a reputable management team is often a big pull for players. You often hear a player say "I''ve heard great things about playing under Manager X, and I can''t wait to play for him."[/quote]

    Maybe some players will decide by the choice of manaer, but not every player. If a player coming from a different league or nation, had to choose between Ipswich or Norwich, Norwich would be the first choice. Dont want to burst your bubble. They make look at the managers name, but its meeting the managers that is going to help them choose. And recent history would go a long way aswell. Even with an unknown manager, Norwich would be the better choice. If a player had to choose between a club who has been in premier league for last 3 years and favourites to win the league, or the club that has been in the league for the longest, who are they going to choose ? I doubt Van Wolfswinkel or Leroy Fer had too much knowledge of Hughton, but they still joined.
  19. How much of a factor does the managers name come into it though. I wouldn''t choose which manager to play for, id choose which club to play for. And at the end of the day, our club has much more pulling power than the majority of the championship. You may choose McCarthy over Adams, but who would really choose Ipswich over Norwich ?
  20. Lynn Canary

    Our so called fans are a disgrace

    But who would everyone have been happy with ? Malky was too defensive for people on here, Zola didnt have a good enough record and Lennon was a gamble because he had only managed in the SPL. The board not have won in this situation. No matter who they chose, people were going to moan
  21. When is the time to introduce youngsters into the team then ? If not when we are in the Championship, then when ? Less of a risk to use themcin championship thab in premier league
  22. Lynn Canary

    Our so called fans are a disgrace

    Now im not saying everybody who is against this appointment isnt a true fan. Everybody is entitled to theor opinions. But people who are saying ''Adams out'' or that they should protest against the decision, im sorry, they are not true fans.
  23. Lynn Canary

    Our so called fans are a disgrace

    No he may not have contacts, but surely that will be whwre the techinal director can come in useful. If he has contacts at other clubs then that could go a long way. And not every player joins a club because of who the manager is. If a club that was in premier league for last 3 years approaches you, its going to interest you, despite who the manager is.

    And bo he hasnt got much expericene is senior management, but everybody has to start somewhere. Look at Mourinho,he had no great footballing history, or managed teams to titles, when he joined Porto. Yet he went on and won the Champions League. Everybody starts somewhere
  24. If people cancel their season tickets because a club legend has took over the club, and their not happy about it, then they shouldnt even have a season ticket. Not a true fan
  25. Lynn Canary

    Let's do a bit of research...

    Somewhat satisfied