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  1. http://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/safeguarding_norwich_city_s_future_was_an_offer_michael_wynn_jones_and_delia_smith_could_not_refuse_1_4269459
  2. Moanin Riverender

    Our ticket sales and Middsbro all but sold all theirs

    Looking at that boro stadium plan, it looks like block 527 has been sold to both clubs. Should be interesting!
  3. Moanin Riverender

    Why do we put up with this dirge at Norwich ?

    ''Delia to me looks like she is happy to be debt free , employ one of friends to run the club without fuss , on a low salary and play lip service to getting back to the Prem ..''

    Nail hit firmly on head!
  4. Moanin Riverender

    He's gone....

    We must all remember that Holt was brought here to do a job in League One. He did that job.

    Many of us thought he wouldn''t cut it at Championship level, but he done the job there too

    Most of us thought he would not cut it in the Premier League. But in his first season he had a constant supply of chances, due to the attacking nature of our play, and scored an impressive amount of goals.

    This season chances have been few and far between because of the more defensive style of play. He is also a year older, and a year off the pace of the Premier League. IMO he is the wrong type of forward for the way Hughton wants to play. I think Hughton''s biggest mistake was persuading him to stay. If he had left, we would of HAD to buy a new striker in the summer.We should have bought a new striker anyway (summer or January). The club learned nothing from the Dean Ashton situation.

    I thought we played well yesterday, especially first half, but we just lacked a dynamique, mobile centre forward, who can score from 2 or 3 chances, or make goals for himself out of nothing. I hope we stay up to see if RVW is that player.

  5. Tickets now on sale for the Final home leg - Monday April 29th, only £2
  6. Moanin Riverender

    Doncaster season ticket holders

    Tickets now available in all areas - loads left!
  7. Moanin Riverender

    Here is the new kit guys

    Should have been a penalty,clearly inside the box!!
  8. Moanin Riverender

    Temporary Stand....

    I think this answers many queries re. the hotel:


  9. Moanin Riverender


    Anybody going dressed as Russell Martin ?
  10. Moanin Riverender

    June 17th next big day

    Also the day before Delia''s 70th birthday!
  11. Oh this year we''re off to Premier League,

    Y Viva Pacheco,

    Our Dani is better than Messi,

    Y Viva Pacheco

  12. Moanin Riverender

    Tony Fernandes interested in investing....

    This may be nothing,but there is an insurance link here.Fernandes owns a company called Tune Money who do insurance.One of their partners is CIMB Avivia.


    ''Nothing beats a marriage between a secure financial institution like CIMB and a renowned insurance provider like Aviva. They will be one of the parties underwriting Tune’s insurance and takaful policies.''