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  1. No worries I''ve only sat in there once before .. the 3-2 Simeon Jackson hattrick vs Derby , but lets hope lightening strikes twice .. OTBC ..
  2. I''m looking for a Home or Away shirt with the gold League 1 Winners patches on the sleeve in a size medium .. Ideally one with a players name and number , if I could find one with Jackson 10 I would pay good money for it .. Cheers guys..
  3. I''ve got a ticket available , but its in the Jarrold Corner upper tier , its an impaired view so it says , I''ve sat in there before and its not too bad ..
  4. I''m having to work the 28th so have a Villa ticket available , Lower Barclay Block A , Row V - Face Value £40 , some of my fellow City fans are travelling to Norwich from '' up north '' and would be able to meet you in Wetherspoons so you can collect the ticket .. Cheers .. OTBC ...
  5. Whether I''m a Northerner who shouldn''t be supporting Norwich or someone who doesn''t read the English dictionary for breakfast everyday , shouldn''t matter , the bottom line is if read the piece instead of just the title we might have something to talk about .. its kinda sad when a decent post is unraveled by people like you 48 ..
  6. What an intelligent reply .. its a Northern saying in some places for shit/crap etc .. oh and because I''m from '' up north '' I must race pigeons .. what a clever fella you are .. 
  7. This is my 40th year as a Norwich City fan and over the years this a very  familiar pattern .. we always do things on the cheap .. we''ve got away with a couple of appointments from within .. Kenny Brown , Mike Walker ( first time around ) Nigel Worthington and to certain extent Dave Stringer .. but when you think had badly we''ve had our fingers burnt with the likes of Bryan Gunn , Brian Hamilton , Peter Grant and now Neil Adams how many warnings do they need .. Adams initials NA should have set the alarm bells ringing NEVER AGAIN ! With Worthington we allowed him to go 14 games without a win in the Prem and surprise sirprise he took us down , we let Hughton go another dozen games without a win , plus going out of the FA Cup to f''king Luton and then allowed him to be rudderless all last season before sacking him too late .. are the board or should I say the '' bored '' so in experienced and why are they so soft , we are not a f''king country club , we need to lose the lttle ''ole Narich tag and get these morons out and get in somehow some new outside investment and a new board of directors with a ruthless ambition to be a success , Delia to me looks like she is happy to be debt free , employ one of friends to run the club without fuss , on a low salary and play lip service to getting back to the Prem ..In some respects you can''t blame Adams he was offered a very good job knowing he didn''t have the necessary experience or know-how .. but he must of thought '' I''ll have some of this '' .. but its been obvious that he can''t manage a team of professional footballers who all need different managing , his decisions have been based on favoritism .. how can he continue to play Whitaker , a badly out of form Grabban , Olsson , Ruddy etc .. he loans out Bassong who would be great at this level , we''ve got Garrido who is decent at the back and has pace and we signed the young Spaniard from Arsenal Ignasio why sign him if we''re not giving him a chance .. apart from yesterday he has kept 5.5 million signing Hooper on the bench who has scored 2 in 2 now , when we leading 1-0 at Forrest why not throw Hooper and Redmond on to clinch the game its so frustrating .. An experienced manager wouldn''t have loaned out Wolfswinkel , a experienced manager would have said in my opinion '' you''ve been picking up big premier league wages last season and have given the fans f-all , get out there in the Championship and gives 20 goals and show us all what you are about '' nobody know''s if he could have cut it , but a good manager could have got him to play for us ..  This moan from me is pretty consistent and marries what everyone else is saying , but why is it at Norwich we put up with this dirge , ffs at any other club with ambitions to make an immediate PL return we wouldn''t have appointed Adams in the first place .. look at his five disastrous games in the Prem .. we were shocking .. the board must have been in disneyland when they appointed Adams , there is no other club in the world who would have been that inept ..  Who can we get in is the question .. Tony Pullis would be great if would come ? Mark Robins / Simon Grayson /Nigel Clough are all good managers at this level with ambition .. we need to make a change now .. how much more do we have to take and more to the point when will the board wake up ??
  8. Due to working away I''m unable to make the Palace match , I have a ticket for the lower River End , fairly high up so a good seat not obstructed .. if anyone would like it pm me please ( face value £33 ) .. Many thanks
  9. When you look back to the start of the season , Hughton made a couple of strange decisions , he let both fit again Ayala and Vaughan both go out on loan to Forest and Huddersfield .. Both players had been significant £ signings by Lambo the previous season , although JV had been a dodgy one considering his previous injuries , a fit Vaughan having watched him at Palace when we were promoted was a real handful and scored goals .. Ayala had looked very good in the Prem last season until he also got injured .. Vaughan won the POTS at Huddersfield scored 15 goals more than Holt , Morison , Kane and Simmo put together .. Yet we let a fit Vaughan go and start the season with Holt who wanted away , (we could have got 5 million for him and signed Danny Graham as a replacement )  , Morison 1 goal in 17 matches , Simmo (who got us up and will always be a hero to us all ) but is not Prem class - 3 goals last season and Harry '' why did we sign him '' Kane , no win in the first 7 games not many goals , you wondered what was going on .. but the we go on a run that surprised everyone 10 unbeaten , but then we lose 4 on the bounce and the goals dry up .. plus we go out of the cup to Luton  .. It was obvious to every Norwich supporter that we needed a new striker , Holt had 4 goals , Morison and Simmo 1 each , so we go chasing Hooper for 8 million , crazy money for an unproven Prem player , but we get Beccio and Kamara , so we all think ok .. Kei we all loved , but he''s not Prem class , 1 goal in 11 has put us where we are , along with Holty 2 in 19 .. but why hasn''t Beccio played , he had 19 for Leeds when he came to us .. but yet he hasn''t played , sometimes he hasn''t even been on the bench .. To compound our misery RVW is signed in March , but what good is spending 8.5 million when he can''t play until August .. If the unthinkable happens I doubt he will be here next season .. The recent defeats at Wigan and Stoke have to be two of the most depressing matches I''ve been to , no shots on target , no passion , no belief .. 2 wins in 19 plus a dismal Cup defeat to Luton has made the last few months awful for us all .. no other club would tolerate a run like this CH should have gone in Jan and we should have snapped Adkins up like a shot  .. when CH came I just knew he just didn''t have the dynamics or charisma needed in the Prem to keep us up .. he''s a nice guy but the Prem isn''t the place for nice guys .. We needed McNally to show the ruthlessness he had towards Gunny to save the season , he could have saved it in January  .. but he didn''t and here we are .. I am praying and hoping we can find something vs WBA and City because of all the seasons to stay up this is the one where the financial rewards are massive ..
  10. I''m working up in Scotland and can''t get back for the WBA game , my ticket is in the upper Barclay , anyone interested please let me know ..
  11. Leon is quality player in my opinion , he looked solid and good on the ball when partnering Bassong earlier in the season and benefitted from a run in the team .. I think he is one of the unlucky players who gets stick from Norwich ''fans'' looking for a scapegoat for games lost or poor goals given away . Ryan Bennett is by far one the worst players I''ve ever seen in a City shirt & should never have been signed .. yet he gets no stick from fickle City fans ? Leon is a good professional who deserves better from Norwich  and wish him good luck with his loan at Cardiff ..
  12. Hi I''ve supported Norwich since 1974 , growing up in Yorkshire this was a strange choice , not appreciated by anyone I knew who were mostly Leeds fans and especially when the first game I saw was on MOTD when we lost 0-1 to Bristol Rovers at Carrow Road , but it was the personality of then manager John Bond that got me hooked and here I am coming up to 40 years as a fan . I tend to go to a dozen or so games a year , mostly away up north , but I usually weigh in with a couple at Carra Rud .. My two boys are both Chelsea fans , I tried everything to get my youngest to follow the Yellow and Greens but eventually I realised it was futile , my other half is not a football fan , but was at CR to witness Simeon Jackson''s injury time winner vs Derby a couple of years ago and understands the passion I have for Norwich and loved the atmosphere at the ground . Supporting Norwich isn''t easy , we never just go out and win games easily , watching games is usually nerve wracking , so I''m hoping we can just put away a couple of wins to get safe and then enjoy the run in without any more stress ! OTBC
  13. I just find it annoying that we play in yellow with a green trim , it just seems obvious to have green numbers and lettering . Looking at Wolves they play in gold and black , so obviously the letters would be in black but when you look at Man City for example their light blue home shirts have contrasting dark blue letters and numbers on the back .. I''m sure the Norwich marketing team could get green letters and numbers if they wanted to .. It just smacks of lazy marketing to me and we are missing a trick ..
  14. It seems that you haven''t read the post ? I''m not saying ban the away supporters , but covering 500 seats over in the Jarrold Stand every game is just crazy when we are selling every home game out . If we did use the Jarrold or even City Stand - River End corner section(s) it would make more sense leaving the current away section for City fans and enable an extension of the lower Barclay to join the Jarrold in front of the hotel without any segregation required .
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