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  1. So ecstatic. Just over the bloody moon! I think it''s time to crack open the good whisky I''ve been saving! :D
  2. It''s f*cking disgraceful. I pay money for Canariesworld seeing as I am unable to receive Radio Norfolk and time after time it doesn''t work. It''s not good enough. I wonder if the club will give us all a pro-rata reimbursement for all the games we are unable to receive...
  3. [quote user="I am a Banana"]Leigh Teckle Griffiths - had to find out...sorry! [/quote] As a Scotsman who is aware of Dundonian dialect, you have no idea how amusing that sentence just is! Let''s just say that if you announced in a Dundee pub that his middle name was ''teckle'' you''d bring the house down! Perhaps a nickname but certainly not a middle name! :D
  4. According to Grant Holt on Twitter... "For all those saying mark said he would never sign for norwich. He got miss quoted. He said in the article that colchester would never sell" So for that reason... welcome Marc!
  5. I agree that with a fully fit squad, he would probably be on the bench but for people to criticise him is really rather harsh. Given what he was forced to endure under Roeder, the fact that he came back, knuckled down and became a player who now even has a song sung about him is testament to his determination and professionalism. For that reason alone, I will always be a fan of Simon Lappin.
  6. [quote user="Harry"]Let''s hope they go down to ten men early on I don''t, we usually struggle against 10 men.[/quote] What, like against Ipsh*t?
  7. [quote user="NCfC Till I Die "]the other 2 signings will be a winger(David templeton from hearts) & David Edgar from burnley - can cover both centre back and right back which we are sort of cover at.[/quote] I very much doubt we''ll sign Templeton. He''s one of the most highly rated young Scottish players coming through at the moment and rated at over £2m.
  8. Where is it reported we are interested in 2-3 players? Haven''t heard this rumour yet.
  9. I would love us to sign him too... but any idea how much he would cost? I get the impression that the playing budget has already been squeezed to it''s max.
  10. Basically some Col Who fans had bastardised it and inserted phrases like "traitor" etc etc with swear words crowbarred in between. Quite pathetic really.
  11. Ahhh, it''s been changed back. Rather than "Paul Christopher Lambert" it said "Paul C**t Lambert" but it''s obviously been spotted and corrected.
  12. I am a firm believer that players with crap names will never a good footballer make so I''m afraid this lad will never make it. If he was called Jacques Werndlinho on the other hand...
  13. Apologies if this has been spotted already but if not... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Lambert Jealous much?!
  14. Russell Martin is just another in the "quite good player but we need somebody to moan about so we''ll choose him" brigade, joining his predecessors Andy Hughes and Simon Lappin.
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