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  1. If we get enough celebs involved we would be like the "Planet Hollywood" of the football world. What a brand to sell to the world!
  2. True hes not done much this season.....could be his head has been turned in the summer by another club and has been annoyed not to leave....or maybe he has something lined up for January?
  3. Just been looking at the coverage we get in the media this year in the "premier" league and thinking about the coverage we got in our 2 back to back promotion seasons. Aside from the local media I think its pretty much the same, of the 3 sides that got promoted i would say we get featured or talked about the least....not saying this is a bad thing. Just wondered what everyone else thinks.
  4. Yep soft penalty, however it was saved and we have dropped points today against an average side today, whos main difference is they take their chances....which you dont get many of in this league.
  5. Yep totally agree.....were good at attacking until we get into the box, where we try one pass to many or no one is quick enough to get the shot away. Plenty of attacking options on the bench.....id expect a shake up early in the 2nd half.
  6. Were doing well getting forward but the final ball/shot isnt there.......I like to see some pace up front with holt second half and a few more of our players taking shooting on sight instead of trying to walk the ball into the net.
  7. I cant see why anyone who calls themself a fan would not. I always find it amusing on here and at our matches the few, choice "fans" who must not get any pleasure out of watching Norwich play at all. He has missed a penalty.......life goes on.....were still in a cracking league position the best in many a season, and one most of us would have been over the moon with at the start of the season.
  8. Alf Ackerman 70 apps 35 goals is a pretty good ratio......way before my time anyone remember him or see him play??
  9. The last games of the season...the quest for promotion....squeaky bum time me thinks......
  10. Think were not playing that well, too many times we seem to be launching the ball over the midfield......we look a lot better playing it along the ground-Leeds look like they normally play hoofball-lets not lower ourselves to that standard!
  11. I always think being 2nd or 3rd choice keeper at a club is difficult from a playing point of view. If your an outfield player you may get on as a sub however keepers very rarely come on other than for injury/sendings off. Depends on how badly the keeper wants games i guess, or if they are happy to warm the bench seat week in week out for their money.
  12. askou wont be fully match fit for a few games. cant expect him to walk straightack in and be upto speed, same for drury.
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