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  1. Lets just hope we smash Newcastle next week. That would show him!
  2. oh please do... i am yet to see this delightful specimen [:D]
  3. haha, was just going to say the same thing! always all games at 3 on a sat. early ones ruin the rest of the day and late ones or sunday matches... well, i just can''t take the suspense!
  4. let''s hope he doesn''t do a Chris Brown and leave then actually does alright... (just alright though)
  5. [quote user="TheGoogler"]Let''s wait until we get to the Championship first.[/quote]that would be too late then wouldn''t it... [:P] yeah i think that some changes will need to be carried out. a keeper who isn''t on loan is up on priority list, and i think another Wes type player (play-maker), as if he gets injured, we are in trouble. it''s difficult to decide though, as if it isn''t broke, don''t fix it...but, we''ve got PL and i''m sure he''s upto the job Flinty
  6. Do you think that, with the current squad, we can survive in the Championship? Or even better, do a Leicester and be in the playoffs at this time next season.If not, what do you think we need to change? Flinty
  7. make sure you select 1MB on the bottom for better quality! (need fast-ish connection tho)if having problems, switch it back and we''re off!
  8. well.... there is only one way to settle this...           FIGHT!!!
  9. and I thought that there was going to be some lovely photo''s of some ladies in the stands wearing their Aviva tops!
  10. [quote user="Butterbean_Canary"]He is a natural left back and is highly skillful. He can also play left mid but not quite as natural, If you want to see his skills then check this out... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KqwZmYvP-M [/quote]quality mate! thanks for posting BBC!
  11. my mate''s wondering how much it is without season ticket? any ideas?
  12. that man u video was awesome... made my evening. thanks! [:)]although, did make me realise exactly how far we have fallen. one day we will be back................
  13. what''s that got to do with anything..? cos i aint a ''real'' fan if i was to sit there... i should be ''with the boys'' throwing a few V-signs over to the away lot
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