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  1. I''ve just tried buying home end tickets but its saying "not available".. surely they arent sold out home end too??
  2. Arrrrgghh! NO! As a Glasgow Rangers follower as well, I currently find it sicken to see Celtic wear my beloved Canary Yellow n Green colours! Saying that, I would also find it sickening to see us in Tractor Blue on away... OTBC!    
  3. Well, thats Wiz''s hexes messed up with even less virgins to get spells from!!   OTBC!
  4. Great goals, however two questions, the goal mouths look massive!! Were they bigger back then? And whats up with cars parked on the hallowed turf???   OTBC!
  5. Haha! Nothing wrong with Staines.. Admittedly ill much rather live near Carrow Road though...
  6. Well, according to the AA Route map, 290 miles there and back from Staines.. And also too, it generally it feels longer going home too... OTBC!
  7. oh how cool! No more work for me today! Thanks   OTBC!
  8. Haha, Jas mate, if you dont want to then ill be more than happy to fill that space.. hehe And to the previous comment about the underdog, i''ve always preferred Nicola since the begining and a good red head/ginge too mind. OTBC!
  9. I like the ginger one too.. hot hot hot! Am thinking that if we swop our ginger pele for a new one, that even though she may not want to head the ball or anthing like a rugby tackle even, am sure she would boost team morale, especially during the post match showers, and she could put off the oppersitions strikers with just one sexy glance and those damn fine pins of hers... hell yeh, lets get her in! OTBC!
  10. So with Dublin n Shackell doubts we might hopefully see one of our youngsters in the back four rather than some 11th hour loan signing. Surely out youth must be more looked at now.   OTBC!
  11. I think we should have Fire Starter, Prodigy, and everytime we score and the music kicks in we have big flames shoot from the roof and a load of cheerleaders strutting their stuff with their pom poms.. Hell yeh!! The coffers would make a mint on the TV rights showing it all.. Yeh! It rocks! haha. Now, what an experience that would be! OTBC!
  12. Am not registered on the wrath, is this bid to buy/loan?
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