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  1. Unthinkable last season, but should he really be included on Saturday? (if fit?)
  2. [quote user="camuldonum"]You see it can always be worse.....West Brom are 4-0 down at home to Cardiff after 30 minutes..........[/quote] If Norwich would play like West Brom every Saturday but got beat today 4-0 by Man City I''d be more than happy!
  3. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"] [quote user="Budger"]Burn it..[/quote] It''s fire-proof... [/quote] Good way to test that it''s fire-retardant before it can enter the ground :D
  4. If there''s no-one to organise a protest like Worthyout did then there isn''t going to be one!!
  5. What do you think other teams think of us when they are about to play us? I''m thinking "Oh well that one''s 3 points in the bag.. next game might be a stumbling block though.."  
  6. "I''m backing Peter all the way" "We will get promoted this season" fickle is the word..
  7. [quote user="Ben Jones"] He clearly took mills out. were u even there???   Never touched him and im sure most people no that dion wouldnt he not a cheat or dirty player!!! Get your stuff sorted!! Doc was oustanding tonight!!!!    8 / 10 People choose him to be the new hughes!! Dublin kicks a ball away he gets a round of applause,  doc gets a a moan or two!!  Lay of him and start backing the team. And well done brown tonight! u done as much as u could nd that was more than most on the pitch includng the o so wounderfull cant put a foot rong huckerby!!! [/quote] Doc was outstanding? You don''t half write a lot of bullsh*t..
  8. Every year we expect a play-off place now (apart from the few realists) and then a few games into the seasohn we''re destined for a mid-table finish and it''s "Oh well, Peter needs more time, next year is out year" Last season it was the excuse that he hasn''t built his own squad. His built squad is hardly much of an improvement no matter what you say Otsemobor aside! When we have a similar campaign next season, let''s think that the season after that is our season? You''ll have to be right eventually, but then again, Norwich? maybe not..
  9. No, he concedes them just outside the box instead so they score by the freekick.
  10. Smudger to lead the protests on Saturday then?
  11. I''m sure a lot less people would flame me for this comment now than they would yesterday!! Paul Jewell in
  12. [quote user="ipswichrscum"]no way, if we did that soon enough every number would be gone, its stupid.[/quote] Wow how many good players do you think we have?
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