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  1. Whilst I don''t feel much sympathy to a man like Barton I think the point he has made around betting around football is very true. I think i saw a tweet from hucks saying similar this morning. I have had my problems with gambling and find it very hard to watch a premier league game without wanting to have a punt, Ray Winston popping up every advert break telling me i can bet in play now etc does make it harder for people like me to enjoy the game. Its everywhere, even splashed all over the Barclay! The question for me is why can betting companies advertise freely, but alcohol and cigarettes are banned. They are all addictions to different people.
  2. Jonas Ollson recently got released by WBA and returned to a club in Sweden I believe, but agree we need that sort of CB next season
  3. apparently its worth about £1m in prize money if won so why not have a go. we won, we gave a run out to Maric - shocking! and i got to watch a game of football for a fiver. its a good competiton!
  4. i think that today shows not how weak gunn was or the board are. i think it purely show that we noe have a chief exec who takes no sh*t. doncaster and cronies kept gunn in the job when everyone could see we needed a real manager. Mcnally knows this and 1st chance has done his job. we all love gunn and that wont change, we just need a manager. on the bright side - our odds on going up are a bit better after 1 game. money making scheme me thinks
  5. If he is appointed there will be another fat bloke running on the pitch with a season ticket to throw!
  6. I disagree, they both want to play for a team that is not Norwich City. Sammy Clingan I would like to keep but he will not sign a new deal so we need to cash in. Red card Russell can go.
  7. what did everyone think of shrewsbury''s young winger Humprhrey/s? I thought he looked a good player - could do a job for us
  8. I hate to say it but Matt Richards from binners has been released. always looked ok to me, maybe a bit small though
  9. 4-0 and a vintage performance. we won''t lose and go down the boring way, we never do anything the boring way
  10. I''ld have a Tony Warner type come in on loan. Worst it can do is put pressure on Marshall. The point of signing Nelson? Don''t think anybody can actually justify it. I think the main problem is that he knows he will be in the team no matter what, right now I would have Gunny in there - even if it was just to see him header the bar!
  11. I really do not understand the fuss around sammy clingan! Yes he keeps the ball but when does he ever actually help Norwich City attack? He is so slow in possession and slows up every attack we have. He gets the ball with 4 on 4 ahead of him, by the time he has passed it is 10 on 4. I really believe he should vbe played directly infront of the centre backs with rusty infront bombing on forward. Lee Croft without doubt is player of the season
  12. i personaly want to keep croft but if he does not want to sign a deal then i agree we should swap him if possible. the simple reason is that i belive that we would have to give man city a good percentage of any fee we get for croft. with our money situation, every little helps
  13. I hope I am wrong but after watching sky sports news they say at the end of an interview with Roger Munby that Munby would not confirm whether the job had been offered to Ince? I also have not heard the usual - '' Gunn was our first choice''   Good luck Gunny  
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