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  1. I bought the ''Ascent of Fan'' one. Very nice it is too.
  2. SWP - I read this messageboard often, but forgive me for not having total recall of ever post and every poster on here, or there respective careers. BTW, I wasn''t attempting to question the validity of Camuldonum posts either, simply backing up Evil Monkey''s original question.
  3. [quote user="camuldonum"][quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="camuldonum"] [quote user="Big Dave"]Someone in the know, who cannot be named has confirmed to me, a press conference will be held today. He is pretty sure it is not just for Hoolahan but 1 other as well.[/quote] Not currently in the know but someone who can be named are the Norwich City Press Office.  On our daily call to them just now they told my daughter they are "not aware" of any Press conferences for today. "Nothing so far that we know about," was the comment.  "We''ll ring if there is." [/quote] Why are you making daily calls to the Norwich City Press Office? [/quote] Because we are a News Agency? [/quote] ... and that''s obvious to the rest of us?
  4. 2nd for me. Very pleased, especially with such a big league, and full of such knowledgeable football fans too!
  5. [quote user="BigFish"]Can''t see him getting in the team, myseslf.[/quote] I could, did you see the goal he scored against United? It was an amazing overhead kick.
  6. Can''t agree more, a true cult hero. It''s a real shame we weren''t able to give him the send off he deserved, for goodness sake he''s been the only thing worth watching for much of the last few years. "Oh Huckerby..."
  7. We8wba, who exactly asked for you opinion anyway? Surely your day isn''t so empty that you have the time to waste posting on other teams messageboards. I''m not trying to ripe you apart, but wouldn''t you better off sticking to Black Country matters and leave us poor Norwich fans alone?
  8. [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]i saw him walking his dog round mousehold![/quote]   It didn''t bite you did it? Those yorkies can be vicious y''know.
  9. It''s funny you should mention Mourinho. I spotted him wandering Asda this morning. Maybe we''re about to capture a double signing, Jose Mourinho AND Carl Cort!
  10. Good news! Defensive cover/competition at last, and another southpaw too!
  11. I''m tempted. Are reserve games still free for season ticket holders?
  12. Sounds as if they''re definitely on their way then. You''re right, Hucks does sound p*ssed off.
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