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  1. Do you really think thats enough. He is unable to learn from any punishment previously and its hardly the 1st offence. There are no mitigating factors and his twitter comments have compounded his actions by lying, admitting guilt and no remorse. I maintain a minimum 1 yr ban is a realistic punishment. Again I''ll say, no oppositon team should have to face his potential behaviour - it is not safe. He is not able to control his behaviour so should not be registered to play.
  2. I think lying may be least of his crimes. Either way it''s a ridiculous lie as would make no difference even if true. I stand by what I just said, he should not be allowed to play professional football as there is no way any opposition should have to face the prospect of him causing serious injury or crowd disruption through his inability to control his anger. You can tell the difference between an idiot like Ballotelli and Barton with serious intent to cause harm on so many occasions. Only players Ive seen similar are Bowyer and Muscat, both of whom either spent time inside or caused serious injury. Bartons done both already and still allowed to do this to professional colleagues.
  3. Just watched his behaviour and it is absolutely appaling only compounded by a total lack of contrition afterwards...Joseph Barton ‏ @Joey7Barton The head was never gone at any stage, once I''d been sent off, one of our players suggested I should try to take 1 of theirs with me... The bloke really should not be allowed to play. Simple as that. Why should any opposition have to deal with playing somebody as blatant a cheat and thug as this. Imaginge he had done this against ncfc. He seems to thinks its ok to try to either injure one of their players as a legitimate tactic!
  4. [quote user="Wings of a Sparrow"]What about Sam Vokes and Dani Pacheco? Both had reasonable loan spells with us. I know Pacheco''s situation is complicated and both probably wouldn''t need much persuasion to buy into Lambert''s ethos. But would they be better additions to what we''ve already got.[/quote]Looks like we have similar thoughts...
  5. I am surprised that nobody has mentioned looking at both Kightly and/or Jarvis from Wolves. For me they are both excellent players, easily fit into our squad and realistic options to give some additional options on the wings. I would happily have either player here, Kightly would be more likely. I would be less excited about either Doyle or Fletcher, neither of whom have the ability I think we need to be buying to help the team out next season.Plus I would go all out to get Whittingham. He is class, season after season and again would seem to fit into the squad.So if we got Kightly for £3m, Whittingham for £2m when Cardiff lose in playoffs again, I would then be looking for 2 defenders (presuming we ship off Ward and keep Whitbread) and a striker. I would go for Gunter (£2m) and Nathaniel Clyne at Palace (£2.5m) and considering I would like to think Holt, Morrison and Vaughan (fitness permitting) could get 30-35 goals between them I would want a stricker able to offer a different approach, and yes I know there may be problems due to agreements in place but heck, this is my post so sod it, I would try to get Pacheco back for £1.5m.What do you think? Around £11m in spending - seems realistic and would make the squad of a better quality.
  6. ''Another one with a chip on his shoulder...''
  7. [quote user="Row D Seat 7"] I''m a season ticket holder at Carrow Road and have been for several years. Over the past 5/6 years I''ve found it hard to really get behind our players. I love to cheer on Norwich City which I know is pretty much the same as cheering on the players in some of your eyes, but not in mine. I love the club, but Darren Huckerby, Iwan Roberts and Dion Dublin are the only players over the past few years who I have truly cheered on. All these three players loved the club, Huckerby in particular impressed me so much with how commited he was to the club. He would still be here now if Roeder hadn''t let his ego get in the way. I know that we have some good players at the moment: Grant Holt, Stephen Hughes, Askou, Lappin etc. However, the modern day footballer''s image has really damaged my love for the game. I hate it when I see players kiss the badge on their shirt.  It means nothing, as soon as another club comes in with more money, those badge kissers would be off as quick as anything. I have a friend who used to date Dean Marney when he was a Norwich player in his brief loan spell. She said that he was actually a decent bloke, but she didn''t have the same nice experience with Darel Russell when she was on a night out in Norwich. She was in a bar and Darel Russell walked over to her and had his hands all over her and was kissing round her etc. Now the girl in question I have known since we were 12, she is very pretty, but completely not somebody who would sleep with a footballer, just because he was a footballer. She was appalled by Russell''s actions and walked out of the bar after this incident. These modern day footballer''s think they can do whatever the heck they like, because they kick a ball around every week for a few grand. David Beckham seems to receive plenty of stick, but at least he''s a decent person who loves and is close to his family. I believe the major majority of the footballer''s playing in the English game today are money motivated. All they seem to want is more money, a sh*g every week with a different tart, and an easy life. Whilst people like us, who earn money to pay for season tickets etc, sit and watch these people constantly underperform. It''s a poor show. [/quote] There is very little to argue with ihn the above post, so I wont try. The only point I would make though is to ask you how you think these very same people would behave and lifestyle choices they would make if they were unable to play football. My suspicion is that they would behave much like the rest of ''us''.   Instead they are surrounded by temptations, which is a situation too damaging for the majority of young men. They end up being spoilt, in the literal sense of the word. After football has left them, many of them will find it hard to adjust to more responsible roles in society. This is because they are the same as me, the same as you. This is not a theolgical, philosphical or political debate, merely a recognition of both the frailties and greatness of human behaviour. Let''s not judge.
  8. Just posted on other thread re: Coppell. I can imagine us actually appealing to him when you consider his managerial history. He appears to welcome the challenge of improving underachieving clubs. He has also cited too much pressure when at more prominent clubs (eg, Man City - only stayed a month or two). Some rumours have mentioned him retiring next year, but again from what I recall he seems to always keep this as an option with one-year contracts, presumably in order to maintain little pressure on himself.His track record is exactly what we need right now and if there is a chance of him coming I would be stoked, for the first time in several years.
  9. [quote user="canaryman"]As some of you might know i am friendly with steve coppell and he was telling me that he visited CR and colney yesterday and apparently he''s going to apply for the job but might only stay here for a year before he retires thanks for readinghope coppell gets the job[/quote]Am I right in thinking that Coppel normally likes to stay on a year long rolling contract? If so this makes this more plausable. He has cited pressure of jobs before as a reason for this and only stayed very briefl 1-2 months at Man City for this very reason. As such I would happily accept him on this premise as he is a man of such strong integrity that I believe the contract length is largely irrelevant as he will stay so long as his health allows. After all, what does a contract length matter anyway, at least we have less to pay off!
  10. [quote user="Lambo"]I havent got any for Colchester but Fabian Delph is one, see if he lives up to the hype he''s received.[/quote] Sounds like Leeds are still living in a dream if they see anyone paying £8M for a teenager in League 1, or maybe not...
  11. [quote user="city-till-i-die"] im looking forward to the 1st game of the season and a NORWICH TEAM running out on the pitch...not everyone elses fringe players[Y] OTBC Norwich 3 : 1 Colchester  and im having a £5 on that when i get to the ground matchday[Y] [/quote] Thanks
  12. As the season draws closer I was trying to think of people in other teams to look forwards to watching; and unfortunately came up with quite a blank. Can anybody suggest particular players they are looking forward to watching, and bear in mind this can be for any reason at all (i.e. England youth player, former City player, wicked player on Football manager, etc...). First game up being Col U so any suggestions...
  13. Norwich City is a vacuum for trust and honesty right now. The board, managers and players are all accountable for years of failure; and yet still there remains a hopelessly out of touch arrogance around the club. By keeping supporters in the dark over so many vital issues related to our club, they have destroyed any trust and belief that I once had in them.For the good of the club, the supporters and the community I sincerely hope that Neil Doncaster steps down from the board with immediate effect, followed (with whatever dignity they choose) by Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones. Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones would have my thanks for their unswerving support of the club, but there apparent disspearance from any public matters since relegation has disgusted me. As they no longer claim to have funds to support the running of the football club, their no longer remains a role for them.
  14. I think for me the best memory was Hoolahan''s wonder goal v''s Southampton. Forget the game itself, the goal was superb and still makes me smile, so thanks Wes.
  15. Just wonderd if anyone is able to help cheer us up; can people post their NCFC highlight of the season here. I think some positive/ironic/ funny reflections may at least make me forget how sad I am at the minute; a bit like looking through a photo album of a dead friend. As long as it''s related to NCFC anything goes.  
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