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  1. Zipper''s spot on, Smudger (still can''t quote, so you''ll have to scroll up): the problem - at least from the recent home games I''ve witnessed - is in the midfield. We''re just not controlling that area. The absence of Wes is a big part of the problem. Without him buzzing around taking the ball we look very sterile. Rusty sits too deep, Korey pushes on and the line becomes stretched. What I think we need is someone to put their foot on the ball and see what options are around. Korey, for all the excellent things he does, is not that man. Without Wes, I''d advocate a 4 man midfield, bringing in Hughes to sit just in front of Lappin, Smith, Rusty (who would play as a flat, narrow 3). I''d then suggest bringing in Cody to play alongside Crispy. He''s maybe not the best at the club, but he has pace, and without Wes and Holt we need something. Hughes would be the man to pick that pass and bring that pace into play. McNamee can come on a bit later, when we have the game in a stranglehold, and dazzle us all with his tricks and crosses. At the moment I just don''t think we have the balance to play him from the start. There are issues with the defence. Personally, not unlike Smudger, I''d prefer to see Spillane at right back, and one of Askou and Whitbread (possibly both) in the heart of the defence. However, defence is not the main problem - as already stated, the midfield is not doing the job of linking defence to attack and the ball keeps coming back. Get that sorted and we''ll be singing hymns... Keep the faith. We''ll get there.
  2. Hilarious. Some outstanding facts in there. Well done everyone...
  3. who can tell me why, when I quote and reply on a thread, it all comes out a bit gobbledy-gooky, like this:  Smudger wrote:I think I have been taking drugs or something this morning REVIEW their decision I obviously meant to say... Thanks in advance... and apologies for such a dull post.
  4. [quote user="Smudger"]I think I have been taking drugs or something this morning REVIEW their decision I obviously meant to say... [/quote] I think you had it right first time. They are a bit of a cabaret show, after all...
  5. [quote user="wrathsajoke"]goes missing when needed most-too lightweight? remember last year? cant play 4 4 2 with him in the side and we wont get away with the diamond next season[/quote] 1. Er, we need him most in the last third of the pitch and that''s where I tend to see him. 2. Too lightweight? He''s small, I grant you, but that doesn''t equal too lightweight. 3. Last year? I remember it all too well. He was just getting a run in the side, and starting to look good, when he got injured. 4. Yes, we can. 5. We''ll play the best formation to win games/gain points; if that proves to be the diamond, then the diamond it shall be - the division we are in is irrelevant
  6. [quote user="Mason 47"][quote user="Canaries Utd"] he was dying to say something, bit self discipline kept him out of trouble [/quote] Did they miss out the bit where he said ''you have to be careul what you say... he was shocking''? Saw that on SSN after the game, loved it [/quote] No, that bit was most definitely in. Hilarious.
  7. The man''s a comedy genius. http://www.skysports.com/video/inline/0,26691,12606,00.html
  8. [quote user="Fozzie"]Watching this match reminds me of this quote from earlier in the week:[quote]It would take a Devon Loch moment to deprive them of a return to the Championship,” said Ladbrokes spokesman[/quote] [/quote] Which aspect of a football match reminds you of a spoken utterance?
  9. Any chance of another? At the mother-in-law''s for the weekend...
  10. [quote user="ref89"]Totally disagree.  If they had started the season with their current squad and no points deduction they would be top of the table now.  By far the best squad in the league, its just lucky its not their season.[/quote]Totally irrelevant. (A) Neither of those things happened. (B) You have no metric to measure whether they are ''by far the best squad in the league''. (C) It''s not luck, it''s just what happened.
  11. [quote user="singing canary"]chippy was the playmaker , imsure he scored a fair few , his long passing game was something else , 30 yard heat seeking passes !!!!.[/quote]Agreed. Chippy was a legend. Seem to remember him scoring a classic free kick (curled into the top corner from a central position) against Millwall somewhere around 85/86. I also remember a newspaper article in the Times (?) which basically said that Chippy was the best passer of the ball in England and should be in the national side - don''t think he got beyond ''B'' level, though, perhaps not even that...
  12. [quote user="Cosmic Twin"]Chris Woods was my first hero. What a great goal keeper!   [/quote]Snap.
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