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  1. That''s not the original - how can it be? it doesn''t start with the immortal: "Everybody in the Norwich and Peterborough River End, the Family Enclosure, the Jarrold Stand, the Barclay and the the Mr Clutch Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake Pit, 3 2 1"!If you can get the old version sung and get the announcer to STFU, then I will be forever in your debt..... Where do I sign up to the campaign?
  2. Sorry - I think you''re right:http://www.tvaerialsnorfolk.co.uk/viasat-satellite-football/494I can''t find anything else much about Viasat though.It must be cheap - as the firm can''t afford someone to spell check the website.
  3. Isn''t this package for showing all games AFTER the games have finished - so the pub will show all Norwich games saturday night (assuming games are Saturday)? I thought they weren''t allowed to show Saturday 3pm games live as it might effect attendances.
  4. Would rather have Soren Lorenson - the opposition defence will never see him coming...
  5. Should be fine - they''ll be loads of bikes there. Also, racks at the ground, morrisons and by the playing fields at the back of the club car-park.Best place though - is the racks outside the swimming pool.Tip for locking up a bike - always lock it up next to a more expensive, flashier bike, especially if it has a worse quality lock then yours...
  6. The chairman said "We do not want to sell Elliott, we don''t need to sell the player."Note how he didn''t say "We are not going to sell him"...
  7. For what it''s worth, I''ve used the 12 month DD for a few years now and have never had it auto-renew. I''ve always had to resubmit the application.
  8. In McNally''s interview a while back - when he was talking about expanding the ground - I''m sure he said that a temporary stand was an immediate option for another 500 - 1000? I can only assume that would be in front of the hotel.
  9. I walked past the back of the Jarrold last week and they have a couple of ''demo'' seats set up against the wall. They''re like the posh seats in the Jarrold (the lighter yellow ones towards the back) that are reserved for the corporate box folk - regular seats but the yellow plastic seat and back replaced by heavy duty padded PVC.
  10. Hi,If you''re getting loads of popup ads then it might be that your PC is infected with ad-ware - rather than some websites poping up pages in other windows, it''s an ad program running on your PC that you are not aware of.Best thing to do is get antivirus if you don''t have any. A good free on is: http://www.free-av.com/Then get anti adware software - the best free on is: http://www.lavasoft.com/ In both cases, make sure you pick the free download as they also sell versions too.The put some anti popup software to stop regular popups. If you have paid for antivirus software, you might have it, otherwise firefox has a basic one built in and google toolbar has a good popup blocker too if you''re using IE.
  11. This website is always a godsend for away games:http://www.footballgroundguide.com/brentford/Looking at that, it says that the tube station is 15 minutes walk from the ground. If you want to take the overland train from Waterloo to Brentford instead (5 min walk to ground), knowing Waterloo station, you''ll spend 10 minutes walking from the tube to the train so with that and the extra tube rides, I wouldn''t think it''s worth it. Ealing runs Central line to Liverpool St so I would go with that - in fact I will!
  12. According to various twitter posts, Clinghan is in Coventry, Maric is still considering his options and no official comment on Holt - though the ''reliable'' (!) ColneySpy says he is having a medical.
  13. The Argus link is here.It sounds like £100k is well wide of the mark they''ve agreed. Brighton''s new owner has a lot of cash.
  14. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"][quote user="Duffman"]I am working just opposite the EDP, can I pop in for an exclusive?If not I will be lunching now and heading back for 2.   Sounds like the OP has got it spot on..........again.[/quote] You can pop in tomorrow and face the video camera if you like. [/quote]Someone on WOTB has just claimed to have seen Huckerby at the show - maybe you could get him to pop in and do a quick piece to camera? :)
  15. Do the new investors have to buy from Delia and Wynn-Jones? I thought there were a load of unsold shares available but that they could not advertise them?
  16. [quote user="Jim Kent"]It should read weren''t able to keep Norwich in the Championship.[/quote]Pedant alert: :) It should not read like that either as the use of apostrophes for abbreviation is for informal speech and not written text. It should be something like "Were not able to keep..." or even better: "Were unable to keep...".
  17. I can''t recall seeing him play but I''ll go with others and look forward to it - fingers crossed he stays fit.According to this, the swans wanted him to sign a new contract: http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11688_5347948,00.html
  18. But it wasn''t a prepared statement and he didn''t just come out with details on administartion -  the article is made from selected quotes from answers to journos'' questions. He was asked if the club was about to go into admin and basically said that things are fine but we can''t ignore the state of the finances.
  19. Anywaaaaaaaaaaay...That article is up now:http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/news/story.aspx?brand=EDPOnline&category=News&tBrand=edponline&tCategory=news&itemid=NOED05%20Sep%202008%2010%3A44%3A24%3A713The interesting bit:So who are those investors?One thing is certain: Peter Cullum is one of them. Norwich City have been talking to Mr Cullum since Andrew and Sharon Turner triggered the dash for cash by quitting as directors at Carrow Road and leaving a £1.5m black hole in the balance sheet.It is unlikely that any conversation has taken place directly between the billionaire businessman and Delia and Michael. But contact has been established - possibly through their representatives.Having broken down twice already, those talks are sure to be tense - not least because Delia and Michael are smarting from the way the executive chairman of insurance giant Towergate has conducted matters in public.
  20. Well, the thumbnail on the EDP website has a splash header of "Waiting Game for City Fans" but there''s nothing on-line. Anyone read the paper - is there anything new in the article or just rehashing the news from yesterday?
  21. Ok how about this scenario? Cullum wants to buy Delia out but wants to cash in on some of the assets to help with the cost (for this game, forget the crunch/recession etc).So - 20 mill for the team, Delia and MWJ bought out. BUT.....Carrow Road and land sold for development. Land bought and new 30,000 seater stadium built just the other side of the southern bypass by the hospital / Heathersett. It''s called the Towergate Stadium. So it''s shuttle busses and car parks to get to the game. (Just like Reading/Bolton etc).
  22. So are you hinting that Cullum has spoken to Munby or Doncaster?Why would Cullum/EEN be so cryptic? What do they gain by implying they haven''t spoken with NCFC after the EDP announced they have? To discredit the EDP source? What''s the benefit in that?
  23. Maybe not so much a mess from the board - but the nature of Championship football. Wages are too high, relative incomes are too low. To get decent players you effectively run at a loss - ploughing in loans and gifts to cover the shortfall.
  24. Something in the EDP article is a bit different from the numbers talked about yesterday. Doncaster says that the hole after the turners left is 3.5 million. The 2 million from the Smiths leaves a shortfall of 1.5 million - the same number talked about yesterday.So it looks like this extra 2 million from Delia was included in the calculations that Munby announced.So were the Turners going to pay 3.5 million after their 0.5 million earlier this year (4 million in total) - or if as reported it was 2 million of theirs (1.5 mill outstanding) - was the extra 2 million from Delia and MWJ already agreed before the Turners upped and left?
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