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  1. Cool thought they were sold out how much were they with travel?
  2. hey me and my brother are desperate to go wolves on tuesday if anyone has any spare tickets inc travel we would pay a fair price for please let me know cheers
  3. it was breaking news on skysports last night about 10.30 however i haven''t heard nothing about it this morning?
  4. i would seriously consider keeping dublin at the club, maybe as player coach, or he can be rserve team manager? it''s a start int it. anyway bring on chelsea!!!
  5. Did anyone see dion give a little kiss and wave to the tamworth fans when he came off.......one word for dion ........LEGEND!!!
  6. i am only a teenager so all i can remmeber is ashton, green, but agree we have been for ages a selling club!!!
  7. What is the point of this club? What are ncfc''s ambitions? These are questions us the fans know how to awnser.....but the board is another question?? Are norwich going down the path of one of these selling clubs, sell earnshaw, sell safri then yes we pretty much are!! No ambition by the board, i say delia an the rest of board please step down, we ned a new investor, please we need something?? ncfc 4 life
  8. Im going to wait until after january for my judgement on Grant, to see what he brings in, however also what he gets out, as worthy discovered no point getting rid of mattihas Jonson, mattias svensson, gary holt, if u bring in, peter thorne, jason jarret, an andy hughes, so January is the big month for Mr.Grant!!    
  9. tHATS AN UNDERSTATEMENT, today proved how poor we really are, not able to beat a 10 man, southend side without there best player...................................WHAT A JOKE
  10. I believe the borad have ran out of ideas, letting worthy have that much money to spend on useless players such as andy hughes and cal robinson, is well beyond a joke,   I say Milan Mandaric forgets leicster and come to city   come on u yellows !!!!!!!!!
  11. It was pretty obvious that curbs would say no, lets look at the facts ryt Norwich City Not much money avaliable for transfers Very very limited squad Massive pressure on getting City back into the premiership 17th in league Very Tempting.................. Martin Allen any1?
  12. OUT PLEASE  OH an Delia can go aswell an how about Milan Mandaric In?
  13. I just want to know how many of the hundreds or thousands wanted worthy out last year still do and be honest, I wanted worthy out an still do despite our better performances this year which me personally believe are down to Mr.Hunter putting some self-belief into players such as Etuhu an Colin etc.
  14. To be honest i have never really been a massive fan of Mr.Henderson but i think time is up now for Hendo, the amount of chances he has been given by Worthy is unbelievable but what has he done the only game i remember Hendo doing well is the Brighton game last year but then i think got booked for gestures to the crowd!!! Out Henderson Thorne Louis-jean Please!!! 
  15. One aspect i am seroiusly worried about is the lack of youngsters breaking through here at city. I mean Southampton have got stars like Kenwyn Jones, Gareth Bale, Ipswich Billy Clarke, loads of Championship teams have got youngsters breaking through and Norwich City have...... Micheal Spillane??? or Andrew Cave-Brown? i haven''t seen enough to make a decision on those two yet, then the closet we have to youngters are Ryan Jarvis who hasn''t really been given the chance needed unlike Ian Henderson who well......Is absolutley Shocking so lets not talk about Chris Sutton or Duncan Fergunson shall we, we need in Worthless''s words YOUNG AND HUNGRY PLAYERS!!!  
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