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  1. It''s been my pleasure to work along side Arrdee as all this unfolded. I helped where ever I could but as I have told Arrdee many times - he is the master craftsman and I am just his labourer. So I hope as many posters as possible turn up to support Arrdee and Billy Dixon on Saturday. The two reasons I tried so hard to make this presentation possible rather than just have a cheque sent off to the academy were because I believed that Dixmar Racing should get this recognition for freely sponsoring the bet and also so that the posters who take part each week see that the money is actually being raised and presented to the academy. Of course Arrdees free bet thread is an ongoing thing now and we aim to win many more times. Although it won''t be possible to have a presentation every time, we can probably do another one at the end of the season. Everything is in place now and hopefully soon we should have a place on the FONCY website so people can see that we are actually helping the Academy. The proudest man in all of this is Arrdee, so please turn up to support him and help me make sure he doesn''t stay in the shadows.  
  2. [quote user="Web Team - Pete"] I may have to move this to It''s just not football... [/quote] Don''t be an old ''stick in the mud''! Looks like I''m stuck in the mud [;)] We aren''t tractor boys... ok.. before anyone starts [:@]  
  3. [quote user="Gorleston Jim"] .......maybe we may get some of their young guns as hinted by Roeder a few weeks ago !   [/quote] I think this is highly possible ''Gentleman Jim''. I believe that Glen Roeder is highly thought of at Arsenal. A few of us bumped into Vic Akers on the way back from Stoke in December and he stopped to talk to us and was very interested in our result and how we were doing under Roeder. He told us that Roeder would get the team playing football again and he would gradually get us away from the relegation places. Lets hope the Arsenal connection bears fruit!  
  4. [quote user="Fellas"]I''d rather have fozzy/russell. But too be honest to rusty I''d rather have Etuhu with fozzy (shock horror!). One really good thing about etuhu was that he always got into the other teams box and could score goals. He was a bit lazy at times, but he got back to help defend as well. I''m not going to lie but it''s no suprise how many clean sheets we''ve kept with russell and fozzy in midfield. They don''t stop working and their tackling is superb. Just they miss a bit going forward. [/quote] I agree with most of this. It''s such a hard call to choose between Russell and Etuhu. I posted last week that if we had a player in that position with Russells commitment and Etuhus physical presence we would probably have the perfect box to box midfielder. In the same way if we could add Fotheringhams attitude and fitness to Safri''s passing abilitys. Fotheringham has become as important to us as Safri used to be and we have only won one game this season when he didn''t feature. Away from home he is a bigger player than Safri, anyone who saw his performance at Blackpool could not have been surprised when Roeder made him captain. For this reason I would choose him over Safri and if I had to choose it would be Etuhu beside him simply because of his ability to score goals with his feet and head.  
  5. [quote user="Fat Prophet"][quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Fat Prophet"] It''s not a case of right or wrong but interpretation.  If I meant bottom three I''d have said so.  Zone is another word for area.  Therefore we are in the relegation area, are we not?    [/quote] No... Preston, Scunthorpe and Colchester are in the relegation area. But we are 6 points closer to the relegation area than we are the play off area. 6 points isn''t a lot though. Tomorrow we could be where Barnsley are, halfway between the play off area and the relegation area. Tomorrow we could also be just one measly point outside the relegation area such is the nature of this league. But nobody is safe. It could take 55 points to be safe this season so even WBA need 2 more wins. Of course you are right Fat (please can I call you mystic again), it''s a case of interpretation so as I drop off to sleep tonight I am happy that we are in the play off zone.................................... Sweet dreams [|-)][S]   [/quote] Haven''t you lot got anything better to do than split hairs?  What sad lives you must lead. Please see ipswichrscum''s post above for the point I was endeavouring to make.   [/quote] Bluddyell, I was only sayin'' [um] That don''t make me a saddo[W] [|-)][S] We won by the way... we beat we8''s lot in the final [<:o)]  
  6. [quote user="Fat Prophet"] It''s not a case of right or wrong but interpretation.  If I meant bottom three I''d have said so.  Zone is another word for area.  Therefore we are in the relegation area, are we not?    [/quote] No... Preston, Scunthorpe and Colchester are in the relegation area. But we are 6 points closer to the relegation area than we are the play off area. 6 points isn''t a lot though. Tomorrow we could be where Barnsley are, halfway between the play off area and the relegation area. Tomorrow we could also be just one measly point outside the relegation area such is the nature of this league. But nobody is safe. It could take 55 points to be safe this season so even WBA need 2 more wins. Of course you are right Fat (please can I call you mystic again), it''s a case of interpretation so as I drop off to sleep tonight I am happy that we are in the play off zone.................................... Sweet dreams [|-)][S]  
  7. [quote user="norfolkbroadslim"] They are like the majority of Labour voters, who would vote for a scarecrow if it had a red rosette on it''s lapel. [/quote] Very well said Slim, I have voted for Roy Blower on more than one occasion [;)] Sorry Roy.. top man he is.[*]    
  8. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... alright [Y] A couple of games from the Championship caught my eye tonight. Preston have looked in danger of dropping out all season Where as Stoke have consistently been top 6 material. And top of the Championship Chart WBA are at home to Cardiff and although the Welshman are recent Championship climbers themselves I think WBA will be too strong for them. My nap from these has to be WBA to beat Cardiff. Sorry we8 m8[;)] WBA V Cardiff  Home win. Good luck Blahx3 [Y] I am positive that you are the man to add to the £90 we have already made for the academy........  Not ''arf [Y] That''s right.... hold tight... stay bright [H]  
  9. Are we still happy now the wicked board have paid off[au] another great goalkeeping coach in order to carry on with the tradition of  "jobs for the boys" [:|] ''Lardyboy Gunn'' Rides again? [:''(][um]  
  10. I''ll try Lucky - Doc may have been poleaxed for the first goal but it looked to me like they had players over anyway. It looked as though there were 2 Bury players on Doc when he crumpled to the floor. Second goal Shax went with the scorer but wasn''t tight, Doc was no where to be seen, I think Bertrand was on the case too but their striker got there before Marshall and it was game over. Bad defending in both cases! Wasn''t the game on MOTD? Or did your pussy want to watch the other side [;)]   
  11. Greetings Pink Un Pickers..... alright [Y] Buddhaboy - see below how the Free Bet Thread works. This is how I explained it to FONCY.  Basically you just forcast the result you feel is most likely to happen from the weekends football fixtures and post it on this thread. You will soon get the hang of it [Y]   The Pink Un Message Board Fee Bet Thread   Log on to the Pink Un Message Board to  find the Free Bet Thread that was set up by Ray Ducker to raise money for the Academy. It''s a totally free bet because it''s sponsored by Dixmar Racing who give the best odds every week in an attempt to maximise any winnings for the academy.   How It Works   Every Wednesday Ray starts the new weeks Free Bet Thread. The ''Pink Un Pickers'' then select their ''nap bets'' for the weekends football fixtures. On the Friday evening the nominated picker from Ray''s rota selects 5/6 results from the weeks picks. Ray then phones these through to Dixmar Racing and posts the bet and the odds on the Saturday lunchtime.   Have we won?   So far there have been 2 winning weeks which have won just under £90 for the academy. There have been plenty of near misses too and the ''Pink Un Pickers'' have had a lot of fun trying.   Want To Take Part?   Just register with the Pink Un Message Board and post on the thread. It''s as simple as that.  
  12. [quote user="RUDOLPH HUCKER"] We have a top manager who our Board had better back or else we might live to regret it. Huckerby - has been a great player for us but he honestly cannot be arsed these days and is a liability to the team as a starter. Shackell cannot pass the ball to save his life - he is a League 1 hoofer. Ryan Jarvis doesn''t have the mentality or pace to make it. Croft flatters to deceive and can''t string two good games together. Fotheringham is NOT a good passer of the ball, infact, he has passed the ball well in two games this season and poorly in the others. It''s Pattison OR Russell, not both. Martin does not have the mentality to be a professional - he may do in time but needs some hard knocks first. There is very little is reserve. Good luck Glenn, you have done well with some poor players by loaning well....now I hope you are supported to buy well. BTW on that free Saturday get them in ALL day for passing practise. [/quote] Interesting post Rudolph and I can see where your coming from on all points but don''t totally agree. For what its worth I think :- We certainly do have a good manager, better than we could have hoped for and better than most of us thought we had when he was appointed. The board need to back him, as I believe they backed Grant. The last time it appeared they didn''t back a manager with the funds he asked for was Worthy in the summer of 2006 when we still had parachute payments which I still find unforgivable. Huckerby - Still has the potential to be a match winner for us but the longer this season goes on the more we will be looking to the next one. If this is his last season I see him on the bench more and more with Croft starting. Ryan Jarvis - I went to Northampton in August 2003 when they beat us in the League Cup and Jarvis disappointed me, I went to Bury last night and he doesn''t appear to have improved during the intervening four and a half seasons. He has all the technical ability as his international record and goal against Liverpool prove. But he doesn''t seem to be committed and tough enough to make it at this level. Fotheringham - Breaks up play, runs even more than Russell, committed and usually plays the simple pass. Does not pass the ball as well as Safri but is mpore of a team player. He is certainly no Ian Crook but the team play well when he is playing. It was no surprise to me that Roeder made him captain after his performance at Blackpool. He gives the centrebacks another option rather than just a hoof up field. I can''t help but think if Russell had Etuhu''s physical presence or Etuhu had Russells commitment they would make the complete box to box midfielder. Russell has been playing really well, Pattison has too and he is Roeders player. They both played OK together when Pattison played left, but trying to fit them together in the centre I agree doesn''t work. Neither did it work by putting Russell at right back. I fear with everyone available Russell will be the player who misses out. By all accounts Martin messed up in the close season and was behind everyone in fitness. Although its hard to believe I don''t think a player can do that and really catch up. I guess he has to prove himself to Roeder and come back next season fit and ready with his head right. I think he will be given that chance, I hope so anyway. We need more quality players and we need them now. Not squad fillers but players fit enough and good enough to step straight in and improve the team. I think Glen Roeder knows this and I hope the board give him the neccessary funds to do it.    
  13. [quote user="we8wba"] for norwich its best this games off, bury hard to go to but i expect norwich to come through in the end. but on a muddy soggy pitch its anyones game [/quote] Except for the fans who have rearranged their week to attend. I''ll be gutted if its off, but I agree with the early inspection cuz I''d be even more gutted to get there and then find its off like we seem to every other year at Burnley!  
  14. Are we all happy now we have found out that Hollman wasn''t sacked by that wicked Doncaster in order to find a job for Lardy Brian Gunn? Wiz?? Anyone??? [;)]  
  15. I guess the thing about Mandaric is that he can afford to continually tear it up and start again. He did that at Portsmouth but the only time he got it right was when he was with ''arry. If he can''t get ''arry to Leicester will he ever get it right? Time will tell I guess!  
  16. Of course we are in agreement about both players in a way Lucky! I would love us to sign Taylor but I can understand Roeder sticking to his valuation. Roeder needs to strengthen other areas too and to my mind those areas are even more important. There is a school of thought on here, not you, that all we have needed all season is a centre half. Yet I have seen most games and can honestly say that at no time has our defence been the weakest link. Whether we have kept a clean sheet since Taylor went back is irrelevent to me, I may as well say we haven''t conceded more than one in a game since he went back but that would be irrelevent too. Fozzy has made the big difference for me and the results when he featured both with Taylor and before Taylor and after Taylor bear this out. But like you say, we are all entitled to our opinions and I have had mine changed by discussing things with others on here a few times. What none of us can dispute is that until we sign players in defence, midfield and attack any injuries to Doherty, Fotheringham or Dublin will leave us without a replacement.  
  17. LGT - The stats are open to any interpretation you want to put on them. I only quote the stats to back up what I see with my own eyes. You are right that Taylor was at fault for goals we have conceded, so has Doherty and Shackell and Dublin. If there were no mistakes we would concede no goals. All defenders at all clubs make mistakes. My point is that defence hasn''t been our problem this season. Our problem has been creating chances and lately converting chances. Last season I was at Deepdale where Fotheringham played central midfield and we got the ball down and passed in one of our better away performances even though we lost. Not many saw it but those that did were impressed. He then featured in the opening 2 league games this season where we drew at Preston and beat Southampton. He was probably man of the match in those games and he was also possibly mom in the 5-2 win over Barnet. He was then injured and the levels of performance dropped until he came back after the Plymouth game. Our performances were much better until the 2 games over christmas where he was injured again. He came back at Palace and that game and the Barnsley game saw our performance levels improve again. These are things that I have seen and the stats back them up. We lost one game this season where Fotheringham featured and that was the late goal at Stoke. We have only won once when he didn''t feature and that was the home game against Palace. There are no stats to back up any improvement that Taylor made to our performances, only fans seeing what they wanted to see.    
  18. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]  His more recent record of 4 wins in his last 5 games for us - happening after the turning point of the Plymouth game which everyone seems to enjoy using when showing Roeder''s record is most impressive.  In fact we only conceded 4 goals in those games.   [/quote] Sorry CJF but I don''t agree. That turning point after the Plymouth game coincided with the return of Fotheringham and the change in style that he made possible. But you are entitled to believe what you want and we can''t prove eachother wrong. All I would ask you is to explain the drop in performance in the two christmas games if you believe Taylor was responsible for our improvement.  
  19. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"][quote user="Canary Nut"] Prefer to have Taylor and a good centre  forward. [/quote] I would far prefer Taylor to Davenport.  Taylor may be too slow for the Premiership, but Davenport''s game is error strewn. [/quote] On the basis of what we saw from them during their loans here I totally agree CJF. Taylor over Davenport every time for me.  
  20. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"] From what you have been saying an injury to Fozzy and we could be sliding back down the league quick sharp. [/quote] Totally agree. Just look at our results without him. The two christmas home games especially. I am convinced we would have won at least one of them with Fozzy in the side. And the same thing applies with the 2 centre backs, especiall your old made Doherty, an injury to either would cause us huge problems. Also an injury to Dublin would cause us problems up front. Thats why I am sure Roeder will bring the players in.  Another thing to remember is the emergency loan option if players get injured, afterall that''s why we got Taylor here in the first place. So why be so negative today CJF?  
  21. [quote user="lucky green trainers"] bigfish??? sounds like small-pond thinking to me!!! little ole naaarwich is never going anywhere without big club ambition and realistic money to do it.   as for taylor - he''s head and shoulders (literally) above the doc and shax, but if thats moaning, then so be it.......... [/quote] Do you believe we would have done better over the last 6 games if Taylor had stayed? 10 points 5 goals conceded, hes maybe head and shoulders above them but the performances weren''t. I kept hearing Dublin was head and shoulders above them last season but the performances weren''t then either. Centre back is and area where we need one or two new signings because we are woefully short, but the Doherty/Shackell partnership has been better than any other over bthe last two seasons. Its always been assumed that our upturn in fortune coincided with Taylor signing but I have been trying to point out for weeks that Mark Fotheringham was the key. He has been the important player in all of this. Since Fozzy came back from injury the games he played have been   P9 W6 D2 L1 F15 A7 Pts20   Compare this to Taylors  P8 W4 D1 L3 F12 A12 Pts13. I would love us to sign Martin Taylor but he was never the saviour that you and others held him up to be.  
  22. [quote user="Saint Canary"] I really don''t think anyone at City will even be considering getting close to 6th place.  Avoiding relegation is the key target now for this season and we should not be taking our eye off the bottom 3, 4 points is not a huge cushion.  Personally I would consider Roeder to have done an excellent job if we are safe from relegation with 4 or 5 games left to play. Forget 6th that is not something we should not be interested in right now, however it would be nice to maintain the kind of form we are in right now all the way to end of the season.  Our points average has been promotion material and it would be great to take that into next season, then we can look a bit higher maybe.  [/quote] Well of course you are right, we shouldn''t be interested in 6th right now. We should be interested in the next game. But the fans are right to dream of possibilities and everyone should be looking up the table rather than looking over their shoulders. It''s a huge ask to break into the top 6 from where we are now, in a league as open as this there are a lot of sides  a lot closer than us who could go on a run. But one defeat since November 10th is a good run to be on. That defeat was against Stoke in the last minute and Stoke are a side I believe could go up automatically with WBA. With all due respect Saint, it does smack of little old Norwich to settle for avoiding relegation and a little more ambition wouldn''t go amiss until if/when the bubble bursts [;)]  
  23. [quote user="Citizen Journalist Foghorn"]stolen from a WOTB post: http://www.wrathofthebarclay.co.uk/interactive/board/ The points for teams in 6th place over the last few seasons were: 2006/7- 75 pts 2005/6- 75 pts 2004/5- 73 pts 2003/4- 73 pts 2002/3- 74 pts 2001/2- 75 pts 2000/1- 74 pts 1999/0- 76 pts aking 73 points as the lowest target means we would need 42 points out of a possible 57. To do that would mean winning 13 games with 3 wins and 3 losses, or winning 12 matches and having to draw 6 and lose 1, both scenarios seem a little too much to ask. Points drop off in 7th and 8th places, so I reckon we will get about 66pts and be a place or two from the play offs IMO This season does seem a lot closer than most however. [/quote] The points for teams in 6th place over the last few seasons were: 2006/7- 75 pts     After 27 games the top 6 had 281 points and the bottom 3 had 71 points 2005/6- 75 pts     After 27 games the top 6 had 305 points and the bottom 3 had 68 points 2004/5- 73 pts     After 27 games the top 6 had 289 points and the bottom 3 had 65 points 2003/4- 73 pts     After 27 games the top 6 had 284 points and the bottom 3 had 68 points 2002/3- 74 pts     After 27 games the top 6 had 295 points and the bottom 3 had 66 points 2001/2- 75 pts     After 27 games the top 6 had 293 points and the bottom 3 had 61 points 2000/1- 74 pts     After 27 games the top 6 had 322 points and the bottom 3 had 76 points 1999/0- 76 pts     After 27 games the top 6 had 303 points and the bottom 3 had 66 points You are right to point out that this season is a lot closer CJF. This season after 27 games the top 6 only have 272 points and the bottom 3 have 80 points. So I would suggest the usual assumption that 50 points will be safe and 75 points are required for play offs would be dangerous to make. I am guessing 53/5 points to be safe and 69/71 points for play offs.  
  24. [quote user="ricky knight"]playoffs, you Percy''s, bless your hearts.[/quote] What Palace have just achieved makes me realise it''s possible. Thing is palace have time to drop out again. The ideal time to arrive in the top 6 is Sunday May 4th. We have only lost once since Nov 10th so it''s possible Ricky, even if unlikely. Is it not ambitious to aim for the play offs and dream? Even if its more prudent to settle for 20th and build for next season. So is it ambition or prudence for you Nancy''s? Bless your cotton socks. Have a good week ''til next week [;)]  
  25. [quote user="lucky green trainers"] from what i remember nutty - holty arrived for a stadium tour the day ham got the chop.   so yeah, worthy signed him, but ham got him in the first place.  cud be wrong though, its a while back.   re granty: it sensible, practical and good practice to bring your own backroom boys in - i think grant sold his soul a bit in choosing/agreeing to stay with worthy''s (maybe to egt the job???)  - but then as you say duffy arrived on the scene, which common sense tells you would cause friction with hunter - who jumped ship, never to be replaced.  i''m sorry - but this period looks ham-fisted and unprofessional - what a way to run a club???  from recollection, pre-season - granty clearly expressed a wish to bring in a centre-half, but then as you say - went with what we had.  a good season for me is a top 6 champs finish.  nothing else is acceptable, i want to see NCFC back in the prem.  but worryingly, from my point of view, 1 prem season in recent years doesn''t qualify us as ''being back where we belong.''  for me, too many fans have lost perspective from our prolonged stay in the champs and the agonies we''ve endured.  we''ve got used to accepting our lot, tolerating the sub-standard, and merely shrugging our shoulders, sighing and saying -''ah, well, never mind, thas life boy!!!'' the little ole naaarwich mentality seems chronically entrenched in the heart of this club - it needs cutting out and starting again.  we need to talk the talk and walk the walk as a ''big club'' imo - and i believe roedy and his staff have these standards and beliefs on board.   his public roasting of the players post-plymouth (and the recent blood-letting of players) suggests he has certain standards that he expects players to meet - and those that don''t shape-up, make no mistake - he will ship out.  to my mind, he''s learned by his managerial experience to date, and knows how to be nice, and how to play tough - and where to get the balance right.  so crucial for successful management.  i feel we''re about to reap the rewards of roedy''s advancement along his football learning curve - and lets hope for all sakes its an upwards one. [/quote] The thing with Grant was that he said straight away that he wanted to give the staff already in place a chance with him. In his press conference he said he didn''t agree with people losing their jobs without first being given a chance. I don''t believe anyone can doubt Peter Grants honesty so I am happy to believe him. I think he then brought in Duffy for his experience as things started to go wrong for him. I am sure he would have been better off starting out with his own people but I doubt he had anyone in mind to bring in anyway as he came here from being a number two. I would love to see Grant become a success somewhere else if only for his honesty and the dignified way he brought his tenure here to a close. We agree that a top 6 finish in this league constitutes a good season so that''s 3 good seasons in the last 10. I still think a season where we spend months in the top 6 and only drop out of contention in late April is adequate, I never said it was good though. Make no mistake Glen Roeder is cut from different cloth to Peter Grant and Worthy. I am a great fan of Nigel Worthington and I thought we had some good times here under him, in fact for younger fans the only good times they have witnessed. But Worthy was "nice" and I guess he was lucky that the big players at the club respected him. he came through from the coaching staff so was a lot closer to the players than a manager coming in from outside. I bet Glenn Roeder is much more detatched from the players, he is an experienced manager with a big club mentality. He has brought in coaching staff to compliment eachother and I believe has the balance right. Roeder is definitely no "Mr Niceguy"  
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