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  1. I''d have him back in a shot, he justs needs a few first team runouts, and what with our current central defence worries, whip him up on a 1monther, see where that gets us.
  2. Agreed Gissing, I think Omozusi will be heading back to Fulham. Bertrand Im not sure on, i''d like to see him here permanently. I think Sibierski will be signed, i have a feeling the loan was only made so Roeder could bring him in, due to lack of funds, but with the Shackell money and any else im sure it will be made permanent in January.
  3. I like Otsemebor more than Omozusi, but really thats just a personal opinion, more than based on perfromances. I think they are fairly equally matched, with their flaws, but have shown excellence in certain performances. I would.nt mind seeing Otsemebor used on the wing, utilising his pace and defensive ability.
  4. The way im looking at things is... If Cullum were to become major sharehoder/buy the club, would he have to spend lots of money on new players? couldn''t he just set a transfer budget? I know for instance this season, the board may have told Glenn ''look you''ve got 1million, plus anything you make from transfers to spend on all transfer activity'', so what i would like to see is rather than say being given a 20million cheque and signing a whole host of players for over inflated prices (which is what happens if clubs know you''ve got the money) is spend it here and there, when a player/s is needed and available at a good price then get them. Basically im saying that we should look at Reading and maybe Wolves, who have some decent wealth behinnd them, and whose owners are sensible with money, and let their managers do a job. just my thoughts. Also Robinho...250k a week! more money than sense...well 1trillion
  5. 20 million quid could buy you the players needed to get promoted. problem is, you need different style players and different class players to stay up there. Lupoli, Kennedy and Bertrand are all good ages and wouldn''t cost a great deal. None of them are really needed/wanted at their clubs. If Sibierski performs, give him a 1 or 2 year contract. I reckon after that you''d have around 16million. I could right down a list of players who i think would be good value etc. but its just speculation, and i''ve taken to emailing Gunny players i think we should sign. Im hoping for a scouting position, post university!
  6. I don''t really care about headlines, stories or sales figures.All i know is we have too many players here on loan, not enough money, a recent shortfall of 1.5million, and are at the wrong end of the table.What we do have is a half decent guy in charge, nearly a very good team, and a VERY good stadium and training facilities...We''ve done nothing and gone nowhere since the premiership season, i try and stay clear of the blame game, but somewhere along the lines things have gone very wrong. My personal feeling is that a drastic overhaul of the inerds of the setup is required along with a decent cash boost.So let''s get Cullum in, make Kennedy, Bertrand perhaps even Lupoli permanent, and a few more, then we will see.
  7. That is sure to be one of the biggest selling edp issues in recent history, i for one will be eagerly awaiting the thump of it through the letter box...
  8. Does anybody think it would be at all possible to get Cameron Jerome from brum? or Vaz Te from Bolton? Felipe Caicedo from Manchester City? Marlon Harewood from Villa? Richard Offiong? Daniel Cousin from Rangers?
  9. For me if he is actually available for that price, then it would seem prudent to sign him, he''s not exactly what we need, but he would add to our front line, and would be a good partner for Lupoli. Although i still have a yearning for another striker and midfielder after him...
  10. So has he signed for a team back in China already? if not, the guy did have like a 1 in 2 goal ratio in the belgian league, is young and a physical prsence, so if he hasnt been signed, i dont really think it would be a crazy suggestion.
  11. I don''t think he featured in the cup game the other night, which you would think he would''ve were he in Bruces plans. Get him here on a 6month loan or contract. i think however that if we were able to mov for him we would''ve.which is a bit ghey.
  12. Another idea is having a much better defence, let in less goals, therefore less of a need to score bundles of goals. A more boring solution, but possibly less expensive? I however believe we have possibly to 15 plus goal scorers in our squad...Cureton and Lupoli. As a Gooner, i was more than a little annoyed when Arturo left on a free, as he''s the player i believed Arsenal needed badly, a ''fox in the box''! Cureton 2 seasons ago took the Championship by storm, this season his return s fairly okay. Whats missing? Well for me its the old cliche of ''a target man'', so for me who Glenn signs to fill this void is crucial. OJ should provide a real burst of pace, and energy, and who knows even Martin may be able to do something! Breakers punt of the day...Vjatšeslav Zahovaiko, at 6ft 2, and with a goal every 1.32 games, not bad. The Estonian International is also a free agent. hmmmm
  13. Thing is I think teams are often a little un-easy about loaning squad players until they''ve got there transfers sorted. Which is why the loans we''ve got have been ones that where up for definate loan. August is often a busier transfer period as teams start tying up their wanted players, and so are more keen to get rid of the fringe players. Prime case Ameobi, Newcastle not being able to sign anyone, and have Owen and Viduka out, so he''s going nowhere until that is remedied. I have a feeling 1 or 2 more permanent signings are still to come.
  14. I dunno, Clingan and Fozzy have been around a bit, only problem is with that frontline, we would look quite lightweight. I still think we''re missing a presence in midfield and upfront. I know i will get slated but someone like Etuhu and Dion, not saying I like Etuhu but having that kind of size guy in the squad always gives you another option. Bell, Hoolahan, Fozzy and Clingan are all a little on the small side, and Lupoli and OJ are young and similarly height deficient. That squad though does look a heck of a lot better than a few weeks ago.
  15. I''m going to stick the old neck out here, and say that Nicky Maynard will score 20goals this season, so long as he doesn''t get a serious injury, if he does money well spent Bristol would look good for promotion, if not he''s another sharp/varney/mcleod. Big transfer fees from league 1 and 2 can be risky, ask Charlton!
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