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  1. no i dont think they are  the reason either ob1. lets hope he can do this season what he done for colchester  then maybe those ar*****es will shut up
  2. [quote user="camuldonum"] Hard to call I would say.  If Ched enjoyed his time with you it is possible you might just have the edge but reading those quotes I think there''s also a chance that he won''t go out on loan to anyone.  Hughes is a completely different Manager and very youth orientated. [/quote]  hi cam very easy to say  (very youth orientated )but i believe he only gave a young full back a chance( name escapes me ) .though  feel free to correct me as  i do believe blackburn have lots of talent , and i do think this is just another example of a manager saying all the right things . all the good managers do it, but unless the kids are outstanding its needs must . mr. hughes will find things a lot tougher at city ,though i think he will be a success though it may be fleeting .expectation is a many headed beast
  3. ya we might but sorry to say they will probs be playing for the opposition
  4. [quote user="1st Wizard"]If we have to rely on the convicted thug Martin................then God help us![:''(][/quote]                                                              is that libelious wiz. or are you ahead of the game
  5. [quote user="hogesar"] Clearly the immediate thought is for Ipswich to loose...but what is best for US? Qpr are 3rd from bottom, i think. A win for ipswich is annoying if we fail to produce on saturday, but good for our relegation worries. A loss for ipswich would put them VERY close to relegation themselves, however for QPR to win might not be the best for us. From this , i conclude a 0-0 draw to continue ipswich''s lack of scoring.. You? [/quote]yep 0-0 will do nicely
  6. they certainly rate him lets just hope when he comes back to norwich he has the same desire
  7. some of our suppoters last saturday in n&p young martin came and got ball and they shouted martin your f------ s--- and this on his first start which i thought was disgraceful
  8. his the goalkeeper for the youth team and imo will be the only one of the second year scolars to be given a 1year extension on his scolar agreement he shows real promise .Also a very well built young boy he must be using the gym unlike the rest of them who look like they should ,would really like to see him pushed  on with the first team
  9. i agree with you angel they did do us proud all of them also have to say hughes was my city player of the game i''m thinking his defo a full back and not a midfielder.brown worked his socks off  lappin looks a good prospect all in all a good day and i suspect if you ask any of the fans that actually made the trip to stamford bridge they would all say they were proud to be a city fan yesterday
  10. i also thought he done really well worked hard and held the ball up ,also thought he was rather isolated just wondered if it would have worked better if martin had been up front with brown rather than huxs
  11. [quote user="savenell"]the best bit was when the watford sub came over to them and started laughing at them lol it was funny[/quote] yep that was defo the funniest bit that haynes is such a big head beings he aint got that much ability just that he can run fast
  12. what about croft i''d have him instead of  mcviegh but the rest sounds good to me
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