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  1. Did any one watch this game tonight?Comments on Jurgen''s performance?I thought he played very well indeed.....made some good runs.....good defending and looked pretty solid.Will we miss him?Should we have given him a better chance?
  2. Not one fan could say anything against the team today......i thought that they were outstanding and the scoreline of 4-0 was very flattering for Chelsea. If only that shot had gone in from D.E or Crofty''s follow up had not been cleared off the line!!! But most of all 6000 fans sang thier hearts out for 90 minutes which was fantastic!!! If we can play like that week in week out we will stay up no probs. If i had to rate the players i would give them all 8/9 not one bad player on the pitch today in my opinion anyway. Thanks for a GREAT DAY Norwich even losing 4-0 will stay in my memory.  
  3. Age : 38 Born : Lowestoft Fan :Member Link to Norwich : Supported Norwich since my day took me 35 years ago standing on a milk create at the River End!!!                                 Lived in Northampton for the last 14 years so goto more away games than home games. Biggest Wish : That this club would sort it self out and quickly!
  4. Why is Earnie not playing today.....not even on the bench.   No chance of winning with out him!   Thorne couldn''t hit a barn door at 6 foot!!   Good luck lads we need the points!
  5. Alex If the out-laws wern''t here for the weekend you could come round my house and watch it on my widescreen and in HD with free beer. Sorry! Lets hope the boy''s do us proud!!! OTBC
  6. "As I stated on a number of occasions, this is a results based business, and time is not on the manager''s side when results are not going your way." As spoken by Nigel Spackman (Millwall) after being leaving by mutual consent. Well our results over the last few years have been pretty poor to say the least , but do the Norwich board follow a different stance? Is it we will change manager when we are relegated or just miss out on being relegated? Why cant we follow the likes of Millwall,Leeds and other clubs who have recently made the desicion to change and move on? I don''t care what anyone say but i believe that that time has come....we should be beating teams like Plymouth and not being beaten the way we did on Saturday. Sunday will be a massive day...but...a win and he is safe again....its just not right. We should be top 4-6 all season and not languishing down in 14th just 4 points off the bottom. Come on the board open your eyes and see it''s time to change and move on.
  7. Get a bus to Lowestoft and then a train to Norwich. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!
  8. Oh....yes most def.....could get him for £500k...maybe a bit more.....but what a buy he would be...liven the side up...give us some flair and a crowd pleaser.
  9. Nice one Hucker......i thought it was funny. Brings a bit of humor to a sometimes depressing board.
  10. There''s only 1 phone to get at the moment and its this. Motorola V3X
  11. Look at todays results......a win last night and the door may have opened a little wider. Wolves , Palace , and a like all losing or droping points we could have still been in with a bit of a shout. But we arn''t due to some serious negative tactics by such a useless manager....i watched last night on Sky and was dismayed that we weren''t at least 2 or 3 up in the first 10-15 mins....and then what happens first attack and GOAL! I think Earnshaw would have scored the one when Maca was clean thru and basically passed it back.......i was so annoyed i stopped watching it after the second goal went in and started to watch my recording of Deal or No Deal from earlier on.....was more entertaining than that rubbish match. Charlton is just a joke....the midfield is an embaressment...the defence is woefull...apart from Shacks and Burnley were just as bad......like other posters have said we should be baeting teams like this but due to negative tactics we carn''t. Surely Delia and the rest of the muppets must be looking at last night and thinking what we are all thinking. Worthy needs to go NOW......so if we can get someone in before the end of the season he has a chance to assess what he has and prepare for next season. Also it is time to give the youngsters a run out ....they can''t do much worse than is already there!......like Cave Brown , Splillane and alike. The season is over.....so lets look forward to a new beginning next season.....hopefully with a new manager and assistants and a new team of players. I love Norwich but at the moment i really don''t care whilst this complete and utter t.....r is in charge with his band of merry men! Good ridance and the sooner the better!
  12. anyone know whats happened to the lad? seemed to be playing quite well and has now disappeared! cant get on the bench....fallen out with the boss perhaps? if this is the case is this a waste of finances on worthys part? could have brought in another midfielder instead. thoughts?
  13. Anyone who likes my avatar and would like a copy drop me a PM with your e-mail address and i will gladly send it on to you.
  14. Spot on Matt....the sooner he goes the better. This club needs fresh blood and new idea''s.....NOW. WORTHY OUT!
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