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  1. we lost the game for 2 main reasons... injuries to 3 key players. A dubious penalty decision. I''d like to add that the ref was rubbish. MK dons are basically a bunch of fouling cheats. 3 good examples are chadwicks'' terrible tackle from behind to injure hughes (this was a red card imo) powell punching holt in the face at a corner and getting away with it and a blatant push by lewington on holt in the box. this is NOT a biased view (lord knows we are used to the team losing) it is fact. Look at the key incidents and see that they revolve against poor decisions against us. I for one am sick of it. I actually thought we played well considering the above and deserved a point at least.
  2. i saw him play for hibs a few years ago and thought he was good... a bit beyond our level to be honest. I wasn''t surprised when he signed for celtic. I''m quite pleased with this signing. But i''m mostly concerned about our defence.
  3. he''s turned it down to stay at Reading. I think the loan to us was for match practice rather than to put himslef in the shop window. Might be wrong though. 
  4. that chap Pete Winkleman at MK Dons looks pretty dodgy. He talks s*** as well.
  5. the difference between fozzys'' performance at oakwell on saturday compared to his performance there last season when we won 3-1 was massive. I think the best course of action would be to drop him and wait until he gets this bad start out of his system. Just cos he''s in bad form doesn''t make him permanently rubbish.
  6. pre-season training has only just begun to be fair. I feel a bit sorry for the lad, the season hasn''t even begun and he''s being slated!
  7. [quote user="McCanary"][quote user="astrodyne"] I can''t believe that people like McCanary are now turning on Cullum! Its not his fault he had to go to the press to wake this pathetic board up from their slumber. They are the ones who should have told us of this offer - and the reasons for it not being taken up. But then we are only supporters aren''t we - mo more than a p in the wind in your mind. [/quote]   Firstly let me state that I am not turning on anyone, merely stating the facts as I see them. As for " it`s not his fault......" no it`s not. I see it as a calculated move by PC to try and move things forward on his terms with the massed ranks of the " hard done by supporters "in tow who know no more about the contact with the club other than what they have read in the EDP from information supplied by him , or gleaned from such sites as this. I think that you , and several of your fellow posters should try and take off your rose coloured glasses and look a little closer at what has ACTUALLY happened.....which is basically very little. PC offered to put in £20m for players in an informal approach. For that, he wants overall control. These are the only facts I can ascertain...........everything else is speculation. [/quote] I agree with this line of thought. The response from the board seemed clear enough to me. Basically it''d take a lot more than 20million for the control that PC is looking for, which makes sense. All he''s said that i''ve read is that he''s wanting to put in 20mil for new players, well yeah great but it isn''t as simple as that is it now?. My personal opinion is that PC seems to be talking the talk and increasing the pressure on the board but i''m not sure how serious he is. Personally i think his timing is pretty bad as we are needing to recruit players and this take-over talk is not doing us any favours in that respect. By the way, I don''t get why people on this board resort to insulting each other when they read something they don''t agree with. If you don''t like their opinion then point out why you don''t like it and have a discussion about it. It''s not good for everybody else sifting through a load of childish rot trying to actually find something that they want to read. You might not like someone''s opinion but you should respect their right to that opinion, in my opinion (how many times can you use the word opinion in one sentence?!).   
  8. [quote user="we8wba"][quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="we8wba"] [quote user="treacletown07"]Busy day at the NHS then we8wba ?[/quote] early morning but no so far this afternoon as to the "our" dont take it so seriously - it was in light jester as im on here all the time , if you hadnt noticed? [/quote] Wolverhapmton hospital must have a massive mortality rate... We8 sits posting crap on the internet all day r5ather than operating the defibrilator... Do the NHS know you spend all day on the net doing sod all work or shall i email them and tell them? jas :) [/quote] haha so because i support wolves i live there? geez and i dont work with patients, finance side in checking contracts etc... [/quote] well, posting random stuff on internet message boards all day would explain why the bloody finances dept ALWAYS get my monthly pay wrong!. Chris Brown is very injury prone and can only play a few games in a row at best: FACT. Chris Brown is not really very good: FACT. but good luck to him, he is enjoying his time at preston apparently.  
  9. i watched it at home, got drunk and went to see doves in the evening, what a terrific day i had.
  10. well said. I''m looking forward to another away trip in yorkshire next season and would prefer to go to donny rather than leeds!.    
  11. i''m not saying i want us to sign him but just commenting on why some people may see him as a potential signing.. his goalscoring record is good, not sure about the other aspects of his game.    
  12. good point. Better get used to it. Here''s to another 6000 ridiculous posts.  
  13. oh and i think Bell would be a good signing. As would Rigters.  
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