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  1. this always made me chuckle ... http://breakfast105.totalkiss.com/2008/09/song-of-the-week-9/
  2. [quote user="The Butler"]It would make ordering your take a way even more hazardous after a loss on a Saturday What would you get if you asked for a portion of Number four with sweet and sour balls of number 9 [/quote] ... i''ll try that again, with reference quote this time I hope! ...
  3. it doesn''t strike me that way - he sounds embarrassed.
  4. Ah, that''d be cos my dad is going to be 65 I expect ....
  5. I had planned to, but I was so despondent, I just couldn''t face it when it came down to it.
  6. Fearofambition: What a sweeping statement. What on earth is a "typical Norwich fan"? There are always some fans who prefer to sit and enjoy the game without being vocal and that''s their choice. For my part, I''m an errm... middle aged ... woman sitting in the N&P and me and those around me always sing out proud and have a bit of banter with the ref, every single home game. My money, commitment and passion is just as real as anyone else''s - we''re all there because of our love for the Club, no matter where we sit. I hardly thing these fans of other clubs think we''re "a laughing stock" because we let "reserved, polite and passionless" supporters (especially if they''re women, children and pensioners) join in. Honestly, don''t you realise how ridiculous you sound ....
  7. Got mine today too, although they''ve cleverly separated me and my family by putting 3 together in one place and one somewhere else.
  8. When I first took my two young daughters to Carrow Road, they sang "Come on you pillows", much to my amusement! [:)]
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