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  1. If we win today , does that mean automactic promotion?
  2. Thinking of going for the JPT but wondering what the state of the stadium is , are the away fans still on the terraceis is it standing only?? Cheers
  3. We don''t need humiliation, We don''t need no Gunn control, We don''t need no tame surrender, Delia leave our club alone, Hey! Delia! Leave Our Club Alone!
  4. Cheers and since when do you have to get corrected on your spelling Jeez calm down people!
  5. Was looking into booking away tickets online and cant seem to get anything up?! Was wondering if the site for away tickets has not yet be set up propally?? Do you have to buy them instore or through the phone only then?? Cheers for any help
  6. http://www.canaries.co.uk/page/NewsDetails/0,,10355~1758637,00.html Narrows down?! Hmmm
  7. [quote user="Colchester Canary"] I got my Wycombe tickets through in post sometime last week! If you buy them online nearer the date of game (poss day before) you have to collect from ticket office - I think [/quote]   Ok cheers there for sunderland game so guessing if they dont come will pick them up cheers
  8. I have just used the new Online Ticketing site and after purchasing them it says a conformation page i bought them through my membership but was wondering wether they send them to ur adress which they clearly have through the membership or do i have to pick them up at the stadium at the match? Cheers
  9. If we all stayed inside the club by our seets the stewards would not get us out if we sang anti songs and stayed long enough they wouldnt be able to get us out i think its a great idea more people would stay and we would get instant coverage, chanting outside the ground dont get through but staying in the ground chanting would deffinatly get the point across!
  10. I have NEVER felt so sad/angry/disspointed/confused and un heard by ncfc in my life. After relegation last season i thought that was my worst day as a ncfc loyal fan, over the summer new signings perfect run in pre-season things looked up i was getting faith back in the players and actually looking forward to the new season, yesturday should have been a piece of piss i had no worries. Then it just all fell apart it was just unbelievable i never thought i would see the day! I just dont know what to say, i cant belive it . R.I.P NCFC
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