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  1. Granted Steipermann didnt have the finesse or guile for the premier league...but I'd wager he'd still be an effective operator at this level...shouldnt be forgotten how much of the load he took off Pukki last time around..
  2. Dont think Cantwell is good/strong/ready enough to play in the no.10 role, more effective out wide when he's got a bit more space and can drift inside. If Dowell isnt fit , I'd rather Steiperman reprise his partnership with Pukki than Cantwell play there..
  3. If Buendia is fit he must start....by not doing so jeopardises points
  4. Are they?....Harry Kane assisted all 4 goals for Son today...is that 'meaningless' ?? .... XG , or whatever that is, now that is meaningless
  5. If Buendia is back and Dowell is out , it solves a potential big decision Farke may have had over Cantwell and the possibility of dropping him. I personally dont think he's good/strong enough to play in the no.10 role and I think I'd rather play Steipermann there. My team is something very different to what Farke will pick ...(assuming Dowell is injured?) Krul Aarons Godfrey Gibson Quintilla Skipp Vrancic Buendia Steipermann(Dowell)Hernandez Pukki McGovern Zimmerman Tettey Cantwell Placheta Hugill Idah
  6. Agreed Southgate got hammered for playing this exact system vs Denmark ( Not France or Brazil !) ...and rightly so
  7. ...there is the question too of why we're helping out another team in our league? Not saying this is quite on the scale of the Bassong at Watford scandal....but who's to say where Coventry will be in the league?
  8. So Aarons moves to the left...who plays on the right? Rupp isnt a full back
  9. Absolute madness with Byram out until the new year....full back cover now non existent on either side
  10. ...yet these players were part of the squad that won this league 2 seasons ago
  11. Just seen that Felix Passlack was on the bench for Dortmund today...coming on as sub after 19 mins If we're shortly going to be the market for a right back is he a name to consider?
  12. I'd take a midfield of Tettey and Vrancic over the one we had today....I'd probably even have Trybull and Leitner ....yet our manager is insistant that we must be building a team round McLean
  13. If he's considered our best central midfield then that displays the problem
  14. We havent just given a 3 year contract to Skipp unlike the other player you mention, of whom we should have shown the door with Trybull and Leitner and sought to upgrade....not be extending his stay
  15. Buendia Gibson Vrancic in next game for Zimmerman McLean and Cantwell.....no excuses
  16. Dont believe for a moment Buendia is 'injured' .....if it emerges he isnt, that might very well have cost us this game.
  17. Dont believe for a second he's 'injured' today....and it may very well cost us this game
  18. This is just bull$hit. ...surely they could have just streamed this via youtube via the club's channel rather than whatever this cr@p platform is
  19. ....I'm still more angry at this ifollow sh!t than our defending
  20. If farke hasnt been completely upfront anout this buendia 'injury' and we lose this, only himself to blame ....got the scans to prove it
  21. Via PC BT infinity broadband ...spinning white circle What am I supposed to be watching via? Does this cr@p only work on the highest spec hardware F@cking sh!t .....on and if we go onto lose this , if Farke has lied about Buendia's 'injury' ,he's only himself to blame
  22. Got my passcode ..redeemed it..trying watching via pc. Clicked 'watch live' and just getting a spinning white circle on a black screen What a f#cking waste of time this is
  23. There was a reason why we signed him permenantly. With us only being able to loan 2 players from other premier lge clubs at a time..and jarvis and wisdom filling those slots ,by signing jarvis it freed up a second slot for Bamford. A disastrous decision all aound
  24. Still havent received an ifollow pass code for todays game...nor did I get an email telling me if I'd been succesful or not in the ballot for today? Anyone else?
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