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  1. Ultimately results will dictate fans reaction. Keep losing premier league matches and we have every right to question team selections 2 seasons ago our midfield containing Rupp (and McLean for that matter) were not good enough and this summer required a major upgrade. If they continue to be picked ahead of the likes of Gilmour , Lees Melou and Normann, then these players must be considered poor signings if theyre apparantly no better than what we already had
  2. Well if you had to try a third time, the manager who had won the league the two previous times of being there would be as safe a bet as any. ...however I think another relegation would fairly unanimously confirn that the 'self funded model' may be able to get you up...but it won't keep you up
  3. Whether it should gave been yesterday or for the next game, the players I've mentioned are 1st XI players. If they were and you then looked at the bench with Rupp McLean Dowell , it wouldnt look quite so strong
  4. Said before the season that playing a midfield of Rupp and/or McLean in rhe Premier League will see us relegated again....and here we are turning up at Arsenal yesterday with BOTH of them in the midfield. Slightly understandable circumstances with internationals etc ..but if Normann and Gilmour arent in for these two vs Watford then Farke has to be questioned
  5. The bench looked strong because at least 5 of them should have been in the starting line up. If they were , the bench would have probably looked quite limited
  6. Krul made numerous great saves yesterday , which is primarily what a keeper is there do . The playing out from rhe back is clearly an instruction, which is landing us in trouble frequently
  7. Did think it was a little over generous for a fairly meek loss. I for one don't lump this fuxture in with Liverpool and Man City in this supposed group of unwinnable , tough opening games. Last seasons Arsenal team was their worst in over 25 yrs. This season's could well be even worse than that. Plenty would have given it a better go than we did today...and a fair few would have got something
  8. For asking a question? I've merely proposed it...for debate, without giving any answer. So what am I 'wrong' about? ...please dont be one of them too ...unless you actually are ....are you?
  9. I'm not having that losing 10 games in a row and only scoring 2 goals after the re start was all down to there being no fans. You may be that easily passified but not me
  10. Sadly Pukki was just too slow in everything he did today. Had my doubts that this would be a season/too much for him ...days like today support that
  11. The fixtures on paper maybe...but , we wouldnt have caught Leicester in many better circumstances than when we played them with Evans Fofana Vestergaard Justin and Bertrand out...and the Pereira then going off injured. ..and then today, we won't find Arsenal at a lower ebb than this . Just feel than plenty of other teams would have taken better advantage of the timing
  12. Well if you wont answer ...or debate it...instead choosing to insult, I suppose the third option is the only one left
  13. So youre telling me whats behind my question? Answer it...debate it....or just f*** off
  14. Absolutely not!.....the way we spinlessley went down after the covid restart...coupled with a poor start to this season The club got off lightly throughout the pathetic showing of how meekly we got relegated 2 seasons ago because there were no fans in the stadium Another run resembling anything like that wont be so easily brushed off this time...moreso with the money invested
  15. ...is there another coach available out there who could give us more chance of getting points and keeping us in this division?
  16. No good to us if the game's already got away. There's players on that bench who should blatantly be starting
  17. Just hope we're still in the game before that midfield can get rectified. ..other clubs have players away on international duty who come staight into the team....except us it seems
  18. Still not convinced we have enough goals in our team/strikers. Even moreso now we've taken the decision to eliminate a no.10 from the team to bolster the midfield
  19. Oliver, Ward ...and Dean We're screwed. Weasels of men , all three
  20. If Buendia is incarcerated in a Brazilian jail for 6 months, Villa aren't getting their money back...
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