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  1. If Dennis sees himself as impartial why doesnt he write pieces from the fans'' perspectives - I was pretty damn upset last season but he wasnt interested in writing an emotional piece about my mental state was he?
  2. Get him out on loan. Alnwick is here for 3 months, Rudd is good enough as cover. Goalies are easy to get in on loan if there is an injury crisis - most top sides have 3 decent keepers who we could get in easily if necessary. Mind you, who the hell would want him?
  3. Balham Yellow - the only reason I mentioned my season ticket/travel time was in response to Dennis'' barbed - "see you at Brentford?" comment which was clearly made to suggest he would be there and I wouldnt. Read the posts before spouting off.
  4. Agreed he needs a few games but Smith was one of very few players at Charlton to actually give a toss and play well and IMO deserves to be on the bench at least.
  5. I think the key comment is "whenever my work allows", which i assume mean you miss many games but still spout forth in the media as if you are the font of all Norwich knowledge. Yes I will be at Brentford. Yes I have a season ticket despite living 4 hours from Norwich. Yes I always pay my way. No I dont think Delia is a saint. Yes we need new owners with new ideas.
  6. Cheers for that. As someone else has pointed out good to see young Tom playing a part in a couple of the goals - he looks a quality player in the making.
  7. I have to say I''m embarassed whenever I hear Dennis on the radio - he''s so close to Delia and co and has no idea of the sacrifices made by ordinary fans to get to games and refuses to accepts their time is up. Real fans want the best for their club, freebie fans just want the good times (for them) to roll on.
  8. For the first goal he had his eyes shut! His flippin'' eyes shut! The second was a pathetic save pushed out straight to their player. The first was a keeper''s ball, which proves he isnt a keeper. A tall keeper would have had a chance at the fourth - thats not his fault but he''s way too small for the bruisers in Division 3. The only goal he didnt have a part in was the 6th. He is dire. As are our central defenders.
  9. ....is that those two fans have stood up and shown the national media what many fans think about the decline of our club. No hiding or spinning their actions away. Good on them. And how pathetic did Gunn sound talking about the stewarding?
  10. Not going but spent a couple of months in Malaysia a few years back. KL and west coast are fine for drinking, it''s the east coast which is stricter, but it wins the best islands/beaches contest hands down.
  11. Had a fall out with Worthington after being subbed apparently and we all know that once that happens the only way is out. Pity if this is true as I think he''s a really good player who should either be in the team or on the bench.
  12. Just back from game - basically we had a bit of a mare. Really missed Drury and weren''t helped by Svensson having what to me seems his usual lazy game. Cooper played well in the second half though and McKenzie came on and at least knew where the goal was. I''d play Green, Edworthy, Fleming, Mackay, Drury (fingers crossed), Mckenzie, Holt, Mulryne or Francis, Cooper, Roberts and Huckerby against Stoke. McVeigh needs a rest and Svensson needs to learn he has to get stuck in.
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