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  1. what were there names again???? now there both out of euro 2004 is anything gonna happen there. henrik larrsson has already agreed to move in the space of 3 days.
  2. i remember last year going to nottingham, milton keynes, reading and derby and seeing loads of canary coaches full of city fans. but my question is, do all of them coaches go back to norwich or do they spread around the country. its just i got a gunner friend and he can catch an official arsenal bus in the nearest town 15 miles away, and seeing as i cant drive and were back in the big time i was wondering if any came in the midlands area- oxfordshire way!!!!
  3. In three years Safri made 98 appearances for the Sky Blues, scoring once. always plays for Morroco in african cup of nations has Worthy made a libbra,emblem signing????
  4. im not to sure, i think Darren would be more influential up front! so surely at least 2 defenders are needed 1 midfielder and at least 1 striker! also watching latvia the other day- i heard that arsenal released igor stepanovs, yes or no???
  5. i also think would be a great signing, probably one of two leicester players that shined last year in my book
  6. is anyone else getting nightmares of henry,giggs,bellamy and duff just jogging past mackay and fleming. Worthy please buy at least 2 defenders soon, so i can have a proper nights sleep!!! at the moment green edworthy mackay fleming drury mulryne francis holt huckerby svennsson bentley 1 player we got so far who''ll most likely start the opening day (unless we play arsenal) 1 player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. it was my B''day yesterday aswell! Honestly! happy b''day for yesterday pete
  8. Whenever you go on websites like planetfootball.com and teamtalk.com do you click on a)premiership b)Division 1 for news on norwich if you click on Div1 (like me) when do you think i should change??
  9. Notman played for united at Gunns testimonial, i used too really like him!! shame he''s retired!!
  10. im confused, surely he would be a perfect signing. doug livermore said that were after a wide right player and yet Bryan Hughes is not an option, when he''s out of contract and premiership quality. yes or no???????
  11. to the tune of "O when the saints go marching in" o ipswich town o ipswich town is full of **** is full of **** o ipswich town is full of **** its full of ****, **** and more **** o ipswich town is full of **** another one not as good, to the tune of "the lord of the dance" joe royle wherever you maybe, you''re going down to division 3 no you wont win the cup, you wont win the league and your next derby is macclesfield! doesn''t really fit with ipswich''s current situation but o well!!
  12. a couple of years ago T4 did a sunday program on the crystal palace academy, wayne routledge was one of the main youngsters they focused on. anyone remember this? or just me?
  13. so who do we all want to be with us next year???
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