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  1. A really sad day....I first met Graham when we were both 21 and in later years his son, Guy, worked for me for a while. He was highly gifted, energetic, player of the type who would make a major difference right now. He will be sorely missed.
  2. I keep seeing that people are posting that Deliah is making money out of her £7million investment - can someone point out in the accounts of NCFC just what money she is making and what money she is taking out of the Club?
  3. Well said, Yankee.  Whatever way people want to look at it the fact is that Delia and Michael own NCFC  by the simple fact that they own the majority of the shares. On balance she hasn''t done a bad job - the Club is stronger than when she took over, or rescued us (depending on your point of view). The Ground and infrastrucure are better than when she took over and these things do count when trying to attract staff and players to the Club. She probably does show a bit too much loyalty to managers than I would but again that loyalty may very well be why people will come here. As to the £7million and whether it is loaned ,or not, who gives a rat''s arse? The fact is that the Club has been able to use £7million that it wouldn''t have been able to use without Delia. 
  4. We are past masters at having players in our side that frusrate the hell out of fans.  I have to say that I would like to play AGAINST Robinson as he certainly gives the impression of being a lazy player with little liking for physical commitment. On Tuesday night he showed little inclination to cover the ground and was rarely first to the ball when with a little more effort he could have been. That type of play only engenders the opposition to raise their game as they know they will win more of the ball than they are reasonably entitled to. Right now we need to add the desire to scrap and fight for possession to our game.  We all know that at cetrain times we can play any team off the park, but you can''t do that without having the ball. We are not at the top of the division proudly showing off our footballing skills, we are closer to the bottom and that''s where hard graft is also needed - players with lesser ability can influence the result in their favour unless we match them in determination. Once you do that the lesser players lose heart.Unfortunately Robinson does not inspire me in that role and right now inspiration is crucial to us.
  5. I did use another name when I first started posting on the forum but it was so long ago I can''t even remeber what it was...I have been FMF for a number of years. Having said that, I don''t post as much as I used to as I don''t seem to find the threads as interesting as in the past when posters such as GTG; ZLF; Navyman; GJ etc were more prolific - I am only guessing, but I would think that these peeps were probably a bit more mature, (in the nicest possible way), than many of the posters and consequently the threads had some depth. On the other hand, I fully acknowledge that I am descending into the realms of being a grumpy old man, which would also explain my lack of interest these days.
  6. After watching "The Championship" and seeing PG''s interview with Andy Townsend I decided to review his interviews with Radio Broadland. My god, what a differrence to the past few seasons who to hear a manager say the things that most fans would say, ranging from "the second half simply wasn''t good enough", to due to his stupidity, "McVeigh might not even get a look now at the first 16 as I may get someone to repklace him". Couple that to his impassioned coaching from the touchline and refreshing wind is blowing through Carrow Road It really could be that Deliah and Co have got it right with PG!!
  7. PG could be a master stroke by Deliah - apart from the results from his first 2 games at long, long, last we are seeing a manager who shows his commitment and involvement from the touchline, woe betide the player who chooses to ignore his ingame instructions His after match comments are succint and to the point and he is not afraid to say what he thinks if certain matters haven''t been as he wanted. I have just seen his interview with Andy Townsend on "The Championship" and it''s really refreshing to hear a manager make the same comments that most fans would have done i.e. we played some great football in the first half but the second half just wasn''t good enough and things will have to change! No more drivel about work rate, energy, work rate, energy etc etc etc I am not religious but PG could turn out to be a messiah!!
  8. I am in the Dicky camp on this...McVeigh was POOR after he came on with little or no impact on the game and to get sent off was the most exciting thing he managed to do. Personally I don''t think that McVeigh has played well since he got his extension on his contract the last time he was up against the wall. A few seasons ago he was dynamic and determined, now he only contributes a couple of skittish runs and thats about it. I can''t see him being one that will get his contract renewed at the end of the season by PG.
  9. YC - thank you for correcting my spelling. I do try, but being constantly under time constaraints, sometimes get it wrong. The point I was making to Cluckin was that if he posts his opinions that are out of line with the general concensus then the likelyhood is that he will be lambasted. However, he should keep posting away as he is entitled to. I fully concur with his feelings of frustration and disappointment as that is why I took a sabbatical off this forum as ultimately I couldn''t see the point of my banging on about what I felt if nothing changed. Now we are in a new era and I fervently hope, like many, that we are going to move forwards. I was a supporter of Bowen and I did not jump with joy at the appointment of PG. Having sid that, as more information became available, especially from outside the Club, it bacame apparent that just maybe the Board had found someone with the credentials to redress the horrors of the last two and a bit seasons. As for letting things go, that happenned a long time ago but we should not forget that history can teach us some valuable lessons. On a completely differrent point ,if you live in the New York or Boston areas, one of my sons is out there for the next few weeks promoting the virtues of "Old Speckled Hen" to the un-initiated citizens of those two cities and I could ask him to treat you to a tasting to celebrate our new found harmony
  10. Whoops...the previous post "quoting" your entire reply  was a mis-post. Cluckin, I am glad that we agree that Norfolk people do have a life outside of NCFC as at the end of the day we are only discussing football.  I fully agree that you should be able to air your own views; it''s great that you don''t do gangs, and that you will continue to speak your own mind - that is what this forum should be about. However, if you are in a minority then the chances are that you will be seen to be out of order by quite a number of the other posters. A couple of years ago, before we even started the Premiership season, I questioned Worthington''s style of management which provoked many a vitriolic response, especially from one ex-patriat. If you see fit to question the activities of the Board then go right ahead and do it, and you should continue to do so on any topic you choose. At least you can construct a sentence, and can spell, which have to be plus points. No, I am not anything to do with the catering side, despite being AKA as Fatman Fat  
  11. Excellent!! As are all theother lookalikes that have been posted
  12. [quote user="cluckin"]Your actual post was - "but more importantly it would be heartbreak for the thousands of Norfolk people who live for little else on a Saturday..(or Sunday, or Monday...)" Fatman...my reference to "Sunday, or Monday etc." was purely a point regarding televised matches etc. often moving matchdays to other days of the week rather than the traditional Saturday......NOT that Norfolk people have no other life!.........It seems that once ''downed'' on here everything posted is taken out of context and viewed as ''negative for the sake of it''......... I only came to this site because I wanted a chance to air my personal views with fellow City fans.....but it seems that unless we abide by certain criteria laid down by others, we are out of order. Well I''m sorry, but I don''t do gangs and as long as the Moderator passes what I have to say......I will continue to speak my mind. I feel Worthington was lynched by this inept Board of Directors and the appointment of Grant was a very poor attempt to appease the supporters. I may well be wrong about this.....but whereas everyone else was throwing stones at Worthington the scapegoat.....I was focused more on the Boardroom......and the lack of team ambition therein. My ''humble'' opinion remains the same. Good for you in that your business dealings are linked with the club.......but aren''t you beginning to question where that money has been allocated........or are you anything to do with the catering side? [/quote]
  13. I didn''t "poke" at you for posting, "thousands of Norfolk people live for matchdays", as that is a true state of affairs. Your actual post was - "but more importantly it would be heartbreak for the thousands of Norfolk people who live for little else on a Saturday..(or Sunday, or Monday...)" My "poke" was - "These have to be just about the most condescending words posted for some time. Many of us are passionate about the Club and all that surrounds it but it doesn''t mean that we have little else to live for when things go wrong - perhaps they applied to you?" As for not personally feeling passion for NCFC - I have been a regular at Carrow Road for well over 45 years; I have been a season ticket holder for many years; my two sons are ardent supporters and season ticket holders; their sons are becoming fans; I have personally invested money in the Club on more than one occassion;  my business continues to sponsor the Club through more than one income line. It is also true that I got so fed up with what was happenning at Carrow Road that I stopped posting on this Board whilst Worthington was still the manager as I was fed up with the apathy being displayed by the Board.   However, I do have a life outside of NCFC as do all supporters and I guess that we dont live for little else on a Saturday..(or Sunday, or Monday..)
  14. "but more importantly it would be heartbreak for the thousands of Norfolk people who live for little else on a Saturday..(or Sunday, or Monday...)" These have to be just about the most condescending words posted for some time. Many of us are passionate about the Club and all that surrounds it but it doesn''t mean that we have little else to live for when things go wrong - perhaps they applied to you? As it happens, from my personal perspective I was originally disappointed by the appointment of PG as my preferred choice was Mark Bowen, (who I can claim to have known personally for a number of years). However as more information becomes available from sources both within and outside of Carrow Road I find myself beginning to believe that PG may actually prove to be an astute appointment but we need to give him at least the remainder of this season so that he can implement the necessary changes. If he is succesfull and decides to move on then I don''t give a rats arse, in fact I would even expect it - at least it wpould show that the Board did have the perception to appoint the person who turned our fortunes around. In essence, there is much to commend the appointment of PG and I for one hope that he he succeeds.    
  15. With the number of goals being shipped the spotlight is clearly going to fall on Gallacher, and it would be fair to say that a reasonable person would have have expected the 3rd goal on Sunday to be saved - he went for very late. However, the problem doesn''t just lie with Gallacher, any goalkeeper who is constantly exposed will ship goals.  Our problems start much further up the field with our "vaunted" midfield of 3, (or is that 5?), who are not effective in their defensive duties coupled to a woefull back 4.  Both Drury and Colin are quite effective at going forwards but constantly allow teams with width to shred us. That leaves the central duo. For me Shackell is the only ray of hope at the moment as he at least displays some passion, but he is inexperienced and does make mistakes. He is the only one who tries to organise the back 4 but shouldn''t that leadership come from the "senior" centreback, be it Doherty or Fleming? Unfortunately, Ginge can be very clumsy and he lacks pace, neither is he a "natural" leader. Fleming is at least a season past his sell by date - a great player a couple of seasons ago but now he is just soooooo slow and he now plays with what looks like petulance when things go wrong. PG has some real problems on his hands as we don''t have the personnel within the Club to solve the problem. For all that some posters will probably howl, we have not looked secure at the back since we lost Malky and Eddy at the back and Holt doing the defensive business in midfield - remember when we had the tightest defence in the Championship? 
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