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  1. I was also at the Arsenal Newcastle game (part of a stag weekend, so against my will of course). I have to say as well that Ameobi was totally dire. I wouldn''t pay £100,000 for him. Mind you the Gooners were pretty awesome. Clichy didn''t give Ameobi a chance. Maybe we could get him in when we sell Shacks.
  2. I wouldn''t want them to change the club badge. Its simple & clear. Although I''d like them to change the typeface they use for ''Norwich City Football Club'' at the ground and on all merchandise. It''s not been around all that long & is pretty cheap & nasty. In fact it''s a bit twee & provincial. Not the image we need.
  3. 1985 Same year as me! Mr Wren wasn''t what you''d call a man manager, more a hairdryer. Mr Marney on the other hand. He could conduct the whole lesson from the confines of his Ford Granada Estate smoking Rothman''s. Those were the days... I''m sure Taylor will be a Norwich player On the 1st of Feb.
  4. Wow Graham Wren. Thats a blast from the past. He taught me Sports at The Hewett in the mid 80''s. He was terrifying! I''m sure we will be making some signings before the end of the month.
  5. Do we still have a sports scientist/psychologist at Carrow road/Colney?
  6. So Chelsea are employing a head coach who has only managed in the Isreali league. About as much experience as we''ve got in charge here then really. I don''t think there is any doubt that we have employed a manager who was the cheap option. As usual we will all try & be as positive as we can (as we should) until we can''t take it any more. Grant hasn''t got a clue.
  7. Thank god that dirge will be over. Hopefully They''ll get someone with a bit of personality & passion.
  8. Well said!!! I was at the match & couldn''t agree more. I had to sit in with the Chelsea fans in the thick of the matthew harding stand. The score didn''t reflect the game. I was really proud of the boys today. It should have really been 2-0, but never mind. What could it have been if Earnie had been playing. OTBC
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