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  1. BunnyB

    Nigel Worthington

    Anyone in Odeon cinema on riverside on Friday, Nigel Worthington was there with his family, I don''t no if he still lives in the area or if there was amaybe a meeting going on with the board or something but probably just my over active imagination lol
  2. BunnyB

    Ricardo Fuller!!

    not on your nelly
  3. BunnyB

    Formation for wes + cort + lita ?

    I think because of Corts injury problems you wont see him start a game for a while - I think we will continue exactly as we are but if we need 2 we can pull Hoolahan off and put cort up front as the big target man for the last 20/30 mins
  4. BunnyB

    Fozzy is sh*t

    [quote user="jas the barclay king"]

    im i the only one who thought he looked ok when he came on? he ran and hassled Derby.. which is what more than Sammy "stand and watch" clingan did towards the end....

    jas :)

    [/quote]sorry jas i normaly luagh and agree with your posts but yes you are the only one, he took the cop out ball every time, instead of driving on forward with the ball he fained to then passed it either back or sideways, did you see Clingan''s tackleing today, he was brilliant, fozzy did nothin but get in the way he is utterly useless.
  5. [quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="A fan from China"]

    Thank you

    What a pity...


    i think that unless the game is shown on TV ober here it wont be streamed online.....

    jas :)

    [/quote]Its alway shite anyway when its online, watched the spurs game online - awful, so was the game
  6. BunnyB

    How far can G.R take us?

    all depends on money
  7. check the link, its because Lupoli and Kenedy are overseas loan players which don''t count into the fove under F.A. and FIFA regulations
  8. Pete has gone down there with a camera crew so I would expect something pretty important to be happening, come on down Peter Cullum ( if only)
  9. [quote user="Jim Smith"]

    Someone on the wrath reckons they don''t therefore we can play 5 plus Kennedy and Lupoli?

    I would be surprised if that is correct but does anyone know either way?

    [/quote]He is talking rubbish, it doesn''t matter where they came from, you are only aloud 5 loan players in your squad, end off. It rely is that simple. Sheff Wed got done last year and they had some foriegn ones in there squad
  10. BunnyB

    GR QUITS!!!!!

    i agree with be smart i almost had a heart attack when seeing that
  11. [quote user="AndyJR"]

    Witht the Turners departure, after much contemplation I believe I have the answer to our problems..............


    [/quote]one of the best english comedy ever made, have the entire box set lol classic
  12. Do you think you could ask your reporter buddies in the archant building what time the press conferense has been squedualed for?Thanks, BunnyB