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  1. When Fox was brought in I saw him as direct competition for Hoolahan at the top of the diamond and I was quite surprised when he played him at the base. I actually think he played pretty well in both the games we played, but we did miss a more physical presence. Crofts was brilliant against Scunthorpe and for me the role is his to lose. Korey Smith was also excellent second half against Scunthorpe and he should retain his place. I see Fox as competing for his position but could also provide good cover in the other roles. It is good that we are finally talking about this level of competition though. The once I can see really missing out is Stephen Hughes, not sure where he fits in really. I would keep him until January as cover and then when Adeyemi completes his loan at Bradford, move Hughes on.
  2. I liked Papa Diop. Does anyone remember his performance v QPR on Boxing Day?! He was outstanding, then spat at the QPR fans and got sent back to France! Brellier must be one of the worse, does anyone remember Neale Fenn?
  3. I didn''t mind Segura. Derveld was bloody terrible. Jurgen Colin was rubbish too.
  4. Original Poster... You, sir, are an Idiot of the highest degree.
  5. And against Swindon we scored penalties...so that kind of counts! Forest away should be good. I went to Uni in Nottingham - great for a night out! Wish I was going - I have a stag do to go to down in the New Forest on that day!
  6. Personally thought Ward was excellent yesterday.
  7. There is plenty of tickets left because the club charge £31 a shot!
  8. I think Ruddy will be a great signing. Commanded his box really well yesterday and looks equally as capable as Forster at pulling off important stops.
  9. Goodpoint WOTB. Stephen Fry would actually be one of the first people I would invite to a dinner party!
  10. Oh God. Yesterday''s win was just my sixth in 23 away games I have been to. I am a bit sad, just worked out: 6 wins 4 draws 13 defeats Scored: 21 Conceded: 36 (not helped by 0-6 defeat at Fulham!) Best memories: Barnsley away (won 2-0), Ipswich away (won 2-0) yesterday''s last minute winner, Last minute winner by Paul McVeigh at Crewe.
  11. We have also scored in every away game we have played under Lambert. That is a fantastic record! I am going to try and work out my away day record. To do that I would have to look at all the League Tables to see where I have been. I reckon it is quite poor though. 10 wins in 38 isnt actually all that bad!
  12. Duck/Monkey...who cares? We f**king love Grant Holt!
  13. Excellent information. It would be great if you can liink it on here next Saturday.
  14. Sorry if this message should come under ''other football'' but it is linked as Bellamy came through our academy. He has been unfairly treated by Man City. Despite them signing players for £20 left right and centre, he was probably their best attacking player last season. In the derby against Utd (which they lost 3-4) he was electric and many of their goals came as a result of him attacking with pace. Especially on the break away from home. I wonder where Bellamy will head next? Probably Fulham to link up with Mark Hughes. I, for one, think Bellamy is one of the best players in the Premier League and although some think he is arrogant and cocky, I feel he is passionate and wants to win.
  15. Always been an articulate sort of fellow. Seems he was badly treated by Norwich managers past and is quite ''candid'' about how he left this summer (as the report says). Always liked Russell and have no animosity towards him. Plus, he will probably do us a favour and get sent off when we play Preston!
  16. Jut to confirm, there is no chance he will go to Jail is there? I would have thought a 6 point on his license and a hefty fine (because he earns a decent amount) will be the solution.
  17. I would imagine that Chris will stay with us this year, even if he does have a cracking season. I think he has matured enough not to get his head turned so much now. If he goes and grabs another 20 odd goals this season he could well be worth 3- 4 million?
  18. I can''t believe there can be another club''s fans in the country who slate a young striker who has come through the ranks as much as our fans slate Chris Martin. What a talent he is, 23 goals last season and a wide variety of goals too. He can score from anywhere and his free kicks are immense! He is still only 22 I think, so let''s give him the backing he deserves. He is actually more level headed than many people think and comes across well on interviews too. Well done Chrissy and thanks for the report, Hucks. You Legend.
  19. Oh and for god''s sake - Russell Martin had a good game last night! Quit the wining!
  20. I can remember similar messages when Mackay was first playing for us in the Championship. Let''s give Nelson a few Championship games to assess first, shall we? At the end of the day that is what a squad is for and why we have Askou and Whitbread waiting in reserve. If he has a few mares I am sure PL will change it. For now though, lets get behind Nelly. He played a big part in getting us here last year.
  21. Team for Saturday Ruddy R Martin Nelson Ward Drury K Smith Fox Lappin Hoolahan Holt C Martin So - the same as last night (don''t know why I didn''t just say that). Based on Smith and Lappin''s performances I feel Crofts and Surman will have to get their place back. Crofts was good against Watford, but I stilll think Fox has been very good over the two games.Keeps us ticking along and passing is very swift and accurate. However, if Lambert feels he needs a ''destroyer'' away from home maybe I would recall Crofts for Fox. Korey Smith must play.
  22. Chris Martin = 9 What more can you ask for from a striker than tonight''s performance? Unless you are deducting marks for the fact we played a League 2 team. You can only beat what is put in front of you!
  23. I think we need a game like Scunthorpe now. Morale boosting win at home - now a test away against Championship opposition....but opposition we can beat if we raise our game even more.
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