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  1. Good to see your willing to ring up and put your thoughts forward instead of moaning on a Internet forum.....
  2. He is a west ham fan and thinks we will struggle with what we have with QPR getting stronger and that! What are you saying lets be having you!
  3. I''d be interested if you haven''t sold them!
  4. Fairweather plastic fans are to blame for this! Prawn sandwich brigade I tell you!
  5. Still looking will be at the showground with the parents today but can pick these up should someone have some.
  6. You are a p3n1s. Some people have to work on the weekends and are poor students. I would love to go to every game but due to time and money constraints I cant.
  7. Looking for two tickets for the liverpool game tommow. I am on a weekend of from work and have been to a couple of games this season and would like to get two tickets for tommow at short notice. Email alexanderquelch@hotmail.com or pm me will pay face value. Thanks Alex.
  8. Quick get Vorm a tissue he looks like he will cry! Holt the celebration of a god!
  9. [quote user="Making Plans"]Holt, what more can you say[/quote]Christina hendricks in your picture yum! And what a goal by Holty!
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