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  1. Heresyourfathersgun

    Mr Carrow has left the building............

    For anyone who knew him, I have sad news to report the passing of senior club steward Pat Nelson. Pat lost his short battle with cancer over the weekend.

    Pat had served the club for over 40 years and will be missed by all that knew him.

    Before he passed, Pat was aware that Holty had done the business for City.

    RIP Pat.
  2. Heresyourfathersgun

    Cody to Sheffield Wednesday?

    I don''t know if Wednesday need to buy strikers - they''ve just lost 14-0 (fourteen nil) to Alfreton Town. I kid you not!
  3. Heresyourfathersgun

    Leeds at QPR

    A disappointed Leeds love an end of season tear up - ask Ipswich. Norfolk Police didn''t fancy Leeds in the play off second leg because we would have got it.


    QPR have to hope Leeds aren''t too upset by their season, and that the home fans don''t rub it in too much

  4. Heresyourfathersgun

    Reading Boss April Manager of the Month!

    Why - because 8 straight wins win you nothing if you''ve left it too late and don''t win the ones that matter.
  5. Heresyourfathersgun

    Reading Boss April Manager of the Month!

    McDermott beats Lambert to the award. What a joke
  6. Heresyourfathersgun

    Did Cardiff players want to go up

    Does Bellamy''s loan expire on Saturday or have Cardiff got him for the playoffs?
  7. Heresyourfathersgun

    Michael Owen

    When you find out just how big Owens gambling debts are you''ll realise why he''s only in it for the maximum salary possible. Avoid.
  8. Heresyourfathersgun

    Ian Culverhouse

    Apart from Tranmere last season when Karsa gave Eddie Ilderton a lesson in the vernacular, I have no idea of his pedigree.
  9. Heresyourfathersgun

    Ian Culverhouse

    [quote user="Downloads"]Not to go too O/T (Sorry OP), but can I give a little shout out to Crook too, I feel he was a big part of our turn-around as well.[/quote]

    You may well be right - perhaps the Dave Stringer/Mike Walker legacy has followed that thread down to now.

    Stringers building blocks were the foundation for Walker - Chippy and Cully both cross the divide between those great eras.
  10. Heresyourfathersgun

    Ian Culverhouse

    I just wonder how much Cully draws on the experience of the team of 92 that nearly ran away with the premiership, and punched above its weight in Europe?

    A team of relatively unknown players who bonded and collectively achieved great things. Striking similarity.
  11. Heresyourfathersgun

    Ian Culverhouse

    As there seems to be a slight lull between parties, shall we consider the influence this man has had on our fortunes? Lambert is clearly an inspirational leader, and a motivator of men.

    But on a day to day basis it is Cully who prepares the team and runs the training sessions.

    He was a stalwart in another glory era for this club, and has been instrumental in our rise to the top.

    In all the HooHaa, are we in danger of overlooking just how valuable he is to us?

  12. Heresyourfathersgun

    Lambert's Statistics as Manager

    P 88 W 52 D 21 L 15 GF 167 GA 93

    Figures speak for themselves. Make the man a Freeman of the City.
  13. Heresyourfathersgun

    How will the club handle Cody Mac.

    [quote user="Paint Me Yellow"]They''ll sell him....[/quote]

    £400k to the first ones with cash

    See ya Cody
  14. Heresyourfathersgun

    A funny thought crossed my mind

    Without starting another QPR points deduction debate, or if we want to be champions by the back door, this occurred to me:

    Where will they present the trophy?

    If QPR get deducted points and don''t finish top, they will appeal - does their presentation go ahead anyway pending an appeal?

    Or do the League ignore all that and bring it to Norwich for us?

    Will nobody actually be presented with the trophy?

    Somehow, this has the makings of a farce!

    Sorry if I missed this in another thread.
  15. Heresyourfathersgun

    James Vaughan anyone?

    His agent is obviously doing his job - Vaughan has been touted as of interest to us, Ipswich and Celtic. EADT think we''re after him along with Ipswich. Guaranteed, the last people to know who Lambert is looking at will be us as usual!