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  1. Nigel has a point , well theres a first.
  2. No Mook i remember all of them and all the way back to Ron Saunders ,John Bond ,Ken Brown etc etc etc proper managers with teams and players who could hold their heads up . Since the arrival of the little old cook we have had nothing but crap managers , and this one is the worst one in history , anybody supporting him wants to be placed in an asylum , how many millions has he wasted to hoof the ball as high and far as it will go . Bring back Robert Chase he knew more than how to boil a bloody egg ,
  3. Obviously Ralph Wright you are too young to remember when we did have good players and managers , unlike the third rate rubbish we have nowadays , Hughes not fit to play for Lowestoft let alone Norwich.
  4. Norwich City have already spoilt it by retaining the Worthless one. Another season of mid table medocrity with all the same excuses we have all heard a thousand times before.
  5. He brings comedy to the club , looks like a clown , acts like a clown , is a clown.
  6. If the Board had wanted a clean slate they would have sacked the useless excuse for a manager , by not doing so they should expect more of the same ...and they will not be let down .
  7. When have we ever spent money ? we spent peanuts when we got promoted and ballsed it up big time. This club has a Championship mentality from Delia down to every Worthington supporter .
  8. What happened to all this seasons parachute money ? or last seasons come to that  , every other club that gets promoted  manage to strengthen the team, City ended up with players like Peter Thorne , Jason Jarrett ,Andy Hughes , Carl Robinson ....we got promotion and its set us back 20 years  utter utter crap at this club now and its all down to Worthy and a weak Board .
  9. How much money was Hamilton given , any previous Norwich manager given the resources this fool has had would have done a better job ...
  10. I would say Worthington is our worst manager ever without any shadow of doubt .
  11. If this is the type of signing we make while getting the parachute money god help us next summer , little old Norwich ...spot on  .
  12. The Board are doing a terrible job , and those who think otherwise are quite frankly why Norfolk people are thought of as country bumpkins.
  13. Harry can keep a side in the top flight , unlike our manager .
  14. The fool was also going to build a team around Ashton , then surrounded him with the likes of Hughes , Jarrett and Thorne , come January Earnshaw will want away from this club just like Ashton did .
  15. Svensson , striker who scored every blue moon , he was cheap and he was below average too.
  16. Loaned out to Reading and Burnley , given a free transfer to West Ham , sold to Stoke for £100.000  , if anybody thinks thats a great signing and the type of player that will get us promoted ...well  incredible.
  17. Utter rubbish if this is the below average rubbish we are targetting we have no chance of going up .Norwich City building for life in League 1 .
  18. We need 3 Quality midfielders for starters , no doubt Safri will be sitting on his backside for most of the season again.
  19. Palace much much better off than Norwich , at least they could hang onto their star striker for a whole season unlike us , they will probably reinvest the money they are getting on players too unlike us .Dowie may have left but in Taylor they have a first class manager unlike us .Untill we remove Worthy we will continue to go backwards.
  20. Craig Fleming has been here to long now although Worthless will probably yet again find him a starting place every match next season. And yes EVERY opportunity should be grabbed with both hands at hounding the Irish fool from this club.
  21. At least they have the guts to get rid of a manager
  22. Nothing but Worthingtons head on a plate will do .
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