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  1. Roeder and Grant are working their magic at Villa. I''d rather let them keep them.
  2. there must be easier ways to sell more pies
  3. 35million for Carroll plus obscene wages    Assuming he scores 17+goals a year for 7 years thats still probably 8million per year! On that basis GH is worth about 14-15million for the next 2 years. Allowing for how overpriced Carroll is I''d still say 8-9million is a reasonable price and by no means above his value.
  4. The worst possible appointment short of Souness anyway.  We are now a laughing stock, literally.   I have already received several emails from friends who support other clubs. The board have grotesquely mismanaged this club since we were promoted. This is the worst moment though.  At a time when we need to bring back a sense of togetherness to the club and pull together they spend three weeks in a farcical appointment process and then name someone guaranteed to have 90% of the fans against him before a ball is even kicked.  With his record of 2nd season relegations even if he keeps us up ( which I doubt ) noone will expect him to next year.  This has guaranteed that the crisis will go on at least another year. I don''t know whether hes a good manager or not but his record is poor at best.  At a time when we needed a morale boost we get a kick in the teeth.  Last year when we needed experience we got a first time manager and the experience damaged both him and us. They seem to have learnt NOTHING.   Can I be the first to apply for the managers job to lead our attempts to stabilise in league one.       
  5. Chris Lewellyn scored the goal that kept Wrexham in the league. Think he scored for Wales this season too.  
  6. To be fair I think Chris Martin barely played a reserve gaem before stepping up and none of us regret that. Given the atrocious quality of our reserve "league" its arguable that scoring for the academy team is a bigger achievement and I suspect Grant feels the same.
  7. best result is undoubtedly an ipswich win. We need 3 teams down for us to be safe.  Leeds, Southend, QPR, Luton and Hull are the most likely candidates.  QPR in particular are in freefall and it would be best for us if it stays that way.
  8. I like the way grant is turning the team around.  I expect a play-off push next year *****IF***** we are still in this division. I doubt the board will give him the funds to really challenge for top 2 but I don''t think 6th would be beyond us. Trouble is I think we''re in REAL releagtion trouble.  I expect it to go to the last game.  I think the board have their heads firmly in the sand and we should be looking for 1,2 or even 3 decent quality loans NOW while our tiny squad is so depleted. If we go down we won''t even make the play-offs in league 1 as the cost cutting will be so severe.  I wouldn''t even rule out administration and the 10 point penalty.
  9. Did anyone else notice that the club softened the blow of the transfer windows limited activity by suggesting we''d be getting in several premiership loans. All of a sudden we''re freefalling towards the drop zone with a laughably depleted squad and its gone very quiet on that front indeed.........
  10. A much underrated canary.  Best of luck in canada.
  11. Pathetic answers. We **should** be one of the richer clubs in this division.  We have the parachute payments this year and have sold £10millions pounds plus worth of players in the last 12 months.  We have spent about 3.5 million on players transfer fees maybe 4.  I know there are signing on fees etc etc but frankly we''ve made a large net gain and our wage bill should be falling as highearners leave. A relatively poor/middling team in this division like Coventry can spend 600k-£1million on the fee for Leon McKenzie matching all of our transfer window signings put together just on the up front section of his fee. Are the board really trying to claim that loaning a pimply schoolboy from everton for 4 games blew the transfer budget ?  Everton should have been paying us. They sound like new labour spinning out lies and false statistics to defend the indefensible, As other posters have pointed out the ommissions are so obvious as to make their answers not just wrong but infuriating.  If they think this will placate anyone they''re insane.  Reading their answers made my blood boil they''d have been better off saying nothing.
  12. Best of luck and thanks for the memories. Hope to see you back at the club one day. In the city all time 11 you''d easily be one of the centre-backs.
  13. Calm down.  Colin''s right !!   Peter Grant has already said reinforcements will be coming in he just doesn''t want to get loan players yet as they''d have to return to their clubs before the play-offs !!!   Nero had a better grasp of reality than anyone at this club.  
  14. Next season I think even this squad should be capable of challenging for the play-offs. Admitedly in league one but at least it will make a change from "Not what the Doc ordered" headlines every week.
  15. If as seems likely noone of any note has been brought in before the close of the transfer window you should all resign. This club has squandered the chance to resstablish itself as, if not a premiership team, then at least a top championship side.  In three years you will have overseen the complete decimation of the playing squad and two relegations because make no mistake thats where we are headed. We have probably the smallest squad in the division yet players are going out on loan with noone coming in.  Our only consistant performer is out for the entirety of the season and its impossible to see where the goals will come from.  We have a weak sqaud lacking in morale, backbone and depth with an inexperienced manager and yet people in the club are still talking about the play-offs. Its like 1995 all over again.  An out of touch penny pinching board who think we''re too good to go down talking absolute **** and taking us all for mugs. Peter Grant seems to have identified the need for a new left-sided midfielder as well as somone who can tackle in midfied.  You seem to have failed to back him. Don''t wheel out the pathetic lies about it being difficult to sign players, Derby have signed Pearson, Teale, Jones, McEveley etc ect Oh yes and Howard.  I don''t rate Howard personally but Nigel Worthington did and if you want him you have to pay the going rate.  Even Hull are strengthening beyond our wildest dreams.  I''m just waiting for you to say we wanted so and so from Kings Lynn but couldn''t match Peterbrough''s financial clout. If we go down you can''t say you weren''t warned.  I wrote to you last summer with my concerns about the squad size and quality in some areas and I know many others did too.  We all knew Nigel Worthington needed to go by the middle of last season yet you wasted the summer and the first half of this season.  Yet you didn''t back him in the transfer market - you bought lee croft and sold Mcenzie and Green as well as losing charlton, brennan etc etc Its all very well to say lets move forward together but you need to show some signs of having learned from the calamitous mistakes of the past 3 seasons. We have the air of a sunk ship even down to little things like Drury''s booking on Saturday and Dion''s injury.  A couple of signings might have been the shot in the arm to save us but instead we get stories about how we can''t afford some non-entity from St.Mirren. Prudence with ambition don''t make me laugh.  What price will you get for Earnie when you''re selling him from league 1 in next season''s fire sale.  
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