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  1. I think he will always be a ledgend.  His playing carear speaks for itself.  Obviously his managment carear was not up to scratch, however he tried and did what is obvioulsy a difficult job to the best of his ability. He worked all the hours that god sent when in charge and was obvioulsy hurt by his failure to perform.  I am sure that in a few years his short period of managment will be forgotten and he will be fully rehabilitated to the legednary status he deserves.
  2. I agree - have only had good experiences in my limited contact with Lee. Definatly has his head screwed on, a collection of good contacts and also experience of chairmanship.
  3. [quote user="porkyp"] City Turn Around 2009 wrote: but the consortium will be fronted by a former city  player It may not be as daft as some people think.......there is an ex NCFC player who was, until he resigned, owner and Chairman of a local East Anglian club in Cambridge United. He is a reasonably wealthy man due to his business acumen, acquired after he quit football, and has been looking for a bigger fish.....remember LEE POWER! [/quote]   I have a hell of a lot of time for Lee Power these Days - he runs and excellent business - Cre 8 Ltd - which has serious links in the sporting community - which if this "rumor" is true would suggest he would be an excellent person to front the consortium (pure speculation).  He also has the nouse to get key individuals such as Mr Huckerby involved (if they so wanted) On a quick aside - Lee''s horses (out of the grey fox stable) are generally worth an each way punt - they have a reasonable track record at good finnishes with long odds and I have made a few quid out of them. The time honoured question with any take over is the debt postion.  I acknowledge the majority of it is structured and on long term repayment (about £15m I think).  However this still needs to be serviced which is sucking money out of the club.  Sometimes I wonder if £20m came in it should be used to clear the long term debt - hope the club an survice this year and then concentrate on moving forward next year.
  4. most likely looking to sell to a private investor (Moore purchance) on a long term lease with an option to purchase back when money is better.  Its a good way to raise short term capital if the finances are that bad.  A 50 or 100 year lease would work as well.
  5. seconded - horrified to read this total respectfor preists and what they do for their communitys As for Mulryne becoming one (if it is indeed true)- good luck to the man - you have to follow your heart
  6. this is a really difficult subject for me.  It was something that I initially wanted to get involved in but due to external matters was unable to. It is very easy to see this working, there are similar schemes at other clubs and I hope the runners of the City Kitty have spoken to them - they are open and affable people who have run great schemes.  Admittedly they work at a lower leauge level (leauge one) as players are cheaper to buy/pay. People need to stop bashing the scheme and support it - I mean what is the point of putting it down - what has anyone got to gain from this - it is a brave and ambitious effort to support our club - donations are a purely voluntary thing here - so people please donate if you wish and if you do not wish to dont criticise as it gets us nowhere. There was a poster earlier from broadstairs who is obviously an exile as i was once - he made comments that only an exiel can really apprectaite, there is a bigger supporting circle than the 24 thousand that turn up each game.  These maybe the people who will support the scheme more.  This scheme will also be easier to support as we will know that every penny goes directly to the player fund and not be used to fund the club in any other way. Go or it I say - I will be paying me monthly sum in (as long as the kitty is able to get someone to sponser them for direct debiting!!!!!!!)  
  7. Its a difficult one with Mr Eastwood - it has to be acknowledged that he was a great player in Division 2 and 1.  I seem to remember he started off really well in the championship (as well as you cn for Southend) until he scored that goal against Manchester United and started postulating for a move. My mate is a Southend fan and he is a player we talked about a bit recently.  They belive (and I have no source here - just speculation) that he is having a hard time adjusting to livin up there without his extended family, so a move closer to home may help in that aspect. He has also told me there has always been speculation that Mr Eastwood has a bit of an ego. On the whole though I think he would be a great player for us - playing as  Huckerby of old - picking up the ball deep and running at the defence with the chance to do something a bit different.  Am trying to work out if he would have been at West Ham at the same time as Mr Roeder - could be more here than we thought
  8. this guy is really quite good - saw him play two or three times at dean court last year - admitedely in leauge one - but was solid and excellent coming forwrd.  Maybe a potential view to a long term signing - well worth a punt for five months - well done Glen I say
  9. I think this is a great idea and seem to rember mooting it myself a while back. Can I suggest you get in contact with someone like Paul Frank (the man is a legend down there) who runs the Bournmouth playershare scheme (I lived that way with the missus for a few years and the cherries became a second club).  They have several levels of membership and I belive have formed a ltd company to run this scheme.  More often than not they end up paying a loan players wages rather than a transfer fee, which I initially thought would not work then did the correlation in my head between crouds (5000 v 24000 and) and players (James Henry v Martin Taylor) and I guess it works.  There is also a % return to the scheme when the club sells a player that has been funded by Playershare.  The only problem was that Bournemouth has a horrible cashflow (makes ours look great) and a debt that though smaller than ours is not as well structured and in is essence proportionally bigger.   There has been instances where players have been sold and the board (they were unscruplious toerags at the time) could not afford to pay the scheme back. In essence it is a great idea - but there will always be issues around control (who is going to own the entity and liase with the club - how can the rest of the fans 100% trust them not to run off with the money).  Who will back the entity with the Bank to enable it to gain dirct debit and credit card caperbility and finally who will provide the start up capital.  Maybe the club will be an initial sponser and something can be done with there Bank and lawyers (or maybe they can pay for a firm like Mills and Reeve to get involved. I do not mean to seem negative and would love to get involved.  I just see the above as issues that need to be in the public eye and drawn to everyones attention early. Let me know if you would like me on board. Cheers Quinny
  10. People - the board have not kept it a secret that the parachute money was going.  We also knew that money was tight this year - the figures reflect that.  We all know that the blame can be taken back to the fact we could not stay in the premiership and we failed to do anything in the first season and a half after relegation. The money that has not been spent on players has been prudently invested in an excellent ground, training facilities, youth set up and additonal money making areas. I will admit that going forwards finacially there is not much to hang your hat on - I know the Turners have put money in and could probably put in more.  However I am not sure there is anyone else in the region who has the finnacial might to make a real difference. With this in mind I feel the present board are the best people to take us forward (as I have said who else is there) as we do not want a Risdale style situation do we?  I mean the Smiths wrote off £800k of there own money for something that could be essentially worthless (Club shares) which I feel is very brave/selflus. I feel that if the team can just turn it round this year (we do have the players - just not the confidence at the moment) and we can make the playoffs anything is possible and going forward we could be in a great place.
  11. its Bank of scotland - not Royal Bank of Scotland that Bank Norwich.  From memory Dresdener Bank provide the long term loan.  So BOS probably make very little out of the club
  12. might not be such a huge issue - money for a replacment and Spillane waiting in the wings to partner Brellier - have also heard he is ill though - so wait and see I guess
  13. I am finding it quite easy to be optimistic about the new year - we have brought in the divisoions leading scorer - and a potentially quality forigen striker.  We have a wonderful new keeper and a solid midfielder - blended with the first teamers we have presently - and some good potential this could be a good year. It sounds like the board have continued to keep the finaces in good order and there is money in the kitty. Grant is optimisitc has had time to settle. Yeah it should be good.
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