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  1. I think it''s more likely to be David Marshall. Thought we were very good in the first half yesterday. Thought we messed about with the ball a little too much around the area, especially in the 2nd half. Their penalty came at exactly the wrong time for us. Thought young Korey was very good at breaking up their play, not so much when he had the ball. Crofts again my man of match. Holt did very well in first half had a goal disallowed and played in a lovely ball to Simeon who really should have scored on the volley. Holt wasn''t so good in the 2nd half.R Martin had very good game and kept Mr Bellamy quiet. Steven Smith nearly broke Chopra in 2 with a very meaty tackle.
  2. This thread is unbelievable! Here we are lying 4th in the table and some of you are slating our top scorer, captain and player with the most assists. He has admitted himself he has not been at his best, but over the last few weeks(since Preston away)  he has been getting there. Like has been mentioned, he brings alot more to the table than just goals, his influence on the team as captain is vital in itself. Would the people slating Holt prefer it if we were bottom but Holt was top scorer in the league?The same people probably have a right go at Roeder for bringing in all his loans are probably now calling for a loan player to be brought in to replace Holt.  Some of you need to wake up!
  3. I can''t believe that some are calling for Holt to be dropped. As has been mentioned he provides much needed strength up-front. Holt has also set up numerous goals this season and people seem to forget this.
  4. Hiya Hucks, Loving your website and twitter page. I know it sounds corny but thank you for bringing all of us so much joy over the years. Do you mind if i ask a couple of quick questions about message boards?.. how did you feel as a player if you read  message boards and got critized? Do you know if there are players who read the boards who really struggle with the abuse they recieve on message boards? Did you ever post under a different nickname when you were a player? I dont expect you to name names or anything like that, but I sometimes I think people post without thinking of the effect they might be having on players. Thanks very much, totally understand if you dont answer.  Think it could make an interesting article perhaps for your website! Keep up great work with the website  
  5. How about Matt Jansen? Just released from Blackburn following trial period! Can we afford to give more players time to get fit though?
  6. He threw his shirt into the crowd after the forest away game! I''d love it, just love it if we signed him for good!! Sounds like a cracking ball from Bell for the goal too!
  7. With the speculation that we are going to lose Bell, thought id do a poll to see if people would prefer to keep Croft or Bell. Now i think i''m right in thinking that Bell has much left longer on his contract than Croft. We also haven''t had much of a chance to see Bell play on the right wing because Croft has been there( although why they don''t swap around more in games is anybodies guess) Like another poster has suggested, the Bell for Ward move is terrible if we then lose Croft in Jan too. Purely for crossing ability, i''d keep Bell i think although is a tough one!
  8. Isn''t there a rule which means that Bell can''t move twice in less than a year??I''d be gutted to see Bell go, like previous people have said, he''s the first decent set piece taker we have had for a while.And while i''m posting, a whole day wasted to go and watch 2 midfielders up front?? What was Glenn thinking?? I''m actually a Roeder fan and i think he has got us playing some of the best football i have seen since being a fan( think it''s better than when Worthy was here) the only problem is that it''s not winning football
  9. Just a discussion point really. We have all heard the stories about Roeder and his harsh attitude to some of the players, but isn''t it the assistant''s job to be a buffer between manager and players. If Roeder is being harsh to some of the players, then Clark should be the one going around and putting an arm round that player having a quiet word. Like good cop bad cop i suppose. Would be interested to know how Clark tackles his role( i''m not saying he doesnt do this but perhaps he''s being too similar to Roeder) It was interesting to note that out on the pitch at Forest, Clark did his own little team talk - not sure if anyone else spotted it. What odds that Russell starts before Hoolahan when Russell is back?!
  10. The best Norwich game i''ve been to was Rotherham 4 Norwich 4 during the championship winning season. It had everything, half time brawl, sending off, dodgy penalty, last minute goal!!
  11. I just noticed this thread so I thought i''d get involved. I''m a Norwich fan from wrexham. One poster asked about Llewellyn, i know that he has gone to Grimsby. Much like Norwich supporters, opinion on "Izzy" is divided amongst wrexham fans( I can remember great debates with foghorn from years gone by on here about LLewellyn''s abilities, or lack of them). I go to watch wrexham often and they have a couple of young players to keep on eye on, namely Taylor and wes baynes. Norwich have had their fair share of good welsh players: Bellamy, Roberts, Bowen , Keelan and of course Carl Robinson!!     I''m fairly excited about the current season for Norwich. One thing the current team lacks is a real fans favourite, we have always had one player who is loved by all the supporters, i''m thinking your Earnshaw, Bellamy, Ashton, Eadie or Huckerby! Hopefully Hoolahan can take this role. I''m keeping positive, i''m hoping people remember that the team is going to take a vvhile to gel. I can remember worthy''s first full season vvhen vve had a number of new players and we got hammered by Millwall on the opening day, we went on to the play-offs that year!   Apologies for the longish post, havent posted for a long time!      
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