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  1. From what I believe, he has already signed an pre agreement with Watford to join them in the summer, and the latest news is that Watford have have made a financial offer to get him early. i.e today!!
  2. He was recently sent out on Loan, so should be okay, but he is 33!
  3. He has just left MK Dons, I know its League 1, however he did a good job for QPR and he knows how to score.   What do we reckon?
  4. I thought it was a very good article. I say GR will turn it around.   In.    
  5. [quote user="thecanaryfan"][quote user="thecanaryfan"] Marshall, Bertrand, Doherty, Omozusi, Otsemobor, Clingan, Pattison, Bell, Croft, Hoolahan, Lita. Anyone know subs? Best team available imo, well done Glenn. [/quote] I take it back, Drury in for Bertrand. The team just got better!! [/quote]   You wish just came true, lol, I think this might work out for the better, I think Drury is better than Bertrand.
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