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  1. Welshwomble

    Hi from a Wrexham fan

    Does Kevin still live in the Norwich area. You might want to ask him about that drive, as a friend of the family took him in his car from Wrexham to Norwich, and from what I was told he was quite happy at Wrexham.

    As a youngster I went to watch Wrexham a lot and have to say that Ken Barnes was a really good player and manager.

    I gather Wrexham are in need of a striker, do you have one spare?


  2. Welshwomble

    Hi from a Wrexham fan

    Thats right, he did not want to leave Wrexham. Do you think he should have been considerd for an international spot.

    I think they called him the cat, I once saw him change direction in mid air!!

    Good luck for the season, we have I think a good manager in Brian Little but not sure about the owners.

  3. Welshwomble

    Hi from a Wrexham fan

    On the Wrexham board they are asking for the best ever Wrexham players, and I think the goal keeper you bought from us was one of them. We clled him the fox. I know he was very popular with Norwich fans and I think he stayed with you was his name Kelan.

    Just in passing I do recall a cup tie against you were you according to the tale kicked us off the park!!