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  1. This is all a bit pessimistic. Blackburn''s squad isn''t great at all. Sure, we don''t often win first game of the season but we really need to be getting something against the likes of this lot. 3-1 to Norwich with a Danny Graham consolation.
  2. [quote user="Herman "]I think your meaning of world class is different to virtually every other football fan in the world.[/quote] The rest of what he''s saying is pretty spot on though.
  3. Firstly, a quick introduction: If you boil it down to the most basic of emotions I support this club and watch them every week because I want to be entertained. Isn’t that why so many people up and down the country support clubs and pay increasingly large amounts to watch them week in and week out? You put up with the nadirs such as the loss to Colchester and celebrate the highs of promotion. Throughout this you believe that one day the club can challenge for something. It may seem fantastical at times but don’t all supporters secretly wish to see their club walk out at a cup final? So when that elusive promotion happens and you finally make it to the top league, that dream gets ever so slightly closer... more money to improve facilities, better coaches and above all better players. And perhaps that’s why I am so disappointed by this window; I want my club to sign someone whose name I can get – even as an adult – on the back of my shirt: a player that can inspire both teammates and fans and get us to that cup final. If we’ve reached the Premier League with our finances in fairly good shape and we still cannot go out and sign a few players who will excite fans then when can we? Is this not our best chance in years to make a few decent signings? Perhaps we can even afford another RvW...a player who infused the fans with giddy expectation when he arrived but who turned out to be an flop. If that happened again at least the fans could get really excited about someone for a season and if all failed the board could say “Well, we tried a gamble and unfortunately it didn’t work” – and who would blame them? Fans have every right to ask questions of the board and in particular McNally and this Lee Darnborough gentleman. Unfortunately there are very few ways to do this other than at the AGM as we have a placid local press whose main article on the transfer window (now gracing the front page of this website) is a mundane list of in and outs. If I was in charge of the sports desk there would be reporters outside every entrance of the ground trying to doorstep the chief executive and ask him what went wrong and whether he was satisfied. But I’m not so I have to make do with asking questions on a message-board. 1. What is our transfer policy? I ask because from the outside there seemed to be absolutely no coherent plan. We publically announced a few targets, other clubs confirmed bids; we seemed to be chasing dozens of players without any strategy. Bids that were put in were ridiculed and embarrassingly low and the ping-ponging between different players with a bid here, a bid there suggested no strategy. As a player already with another club I hardly think that knowing I was number 8 on Norwich’s list was going to inspire me to up sticks and come. Bradley Johnson has hinted he was courted for a while by Derby...were we doing that to players? If so, how come not a single one came off? 2. Why sell Bradley? I just cannot work this out. It’s weakened the team as no replacement has come in and we got a fairly mediocre price for him. He’s our player of season and we sold him...not to a better club...but to one in the league below! How does that look for the outside? But above all...if we get relegated it’s just such an easy stick with which to beat the manager and the board. It makes no sense given the gain is so low. 3. Why so many loans? While we all agree it’s great to have Neil Adams in his new position, farming out so many players on loan and not replacing them is ludicrous. If we were going to bring in so few players why get rid of so many? I find myself wondering whether I’d rather have Ryan Jarvis come on as a sub in a game we’re losing or instead VOO / one of the Murphys. I think I’d go for the latter as at least there’s the hunger of youth and the whispered possibility of something exciting. 4. Why do players not want to come here? Something must be wrong. Of course we’ll struggle this season but isn’t it a great chance to shine in the biggest league in Europe? Why have we only managed to attract one average loan player and an out-of-favour striker from a Ukrainian club who was (by his own admission) desperate to play in England? Why did Bradley hint in his video that he knew dropping down to the league he just got out of was such an easy decision. 5. Why is the club so poor at communication? Unhappy with speculation? Put out a statement. Fans getting nervous? Put out a statement. Rumours of discontent? Put out a statement. Just sold your player of the season to a team in the league below? PUT OUT A STATEMENT. You have a media team whose sole job appears to have been to make two little graphics, one which said “Welcome Mbokani” and one which said “Welcome Ryan Jarvis”. To be fair so many names were bandied around they probably had 40 or so made up which would have taken time. So to conclude, I am bitterly disappointed that upon reaching the Premier League we haven’t (for me) signed a player of the calibre I think we could have with more careful planning and realistic bids. It’s especially galling given that others have around us appear to have strengthened their squads . The way this whole window (as well as the Grabban situation) has been handled reeks of amateurism. The club’s communications have been non-existent. We’ve flitted between multiple strikers with no coherent plan and have been publically accused of putting in laughable bids. We go again in a fortnight’s time with a thin squad bereft of backup in key areas. Our Chief Executive and Head of Recruitment should provide an answer...for their own sake as opposed to anything else because come May, if we’re relegated, people are going to be pointing fingers at a lot decisions made since that day at Wembley.
  4. [quote user="mrs miggins"]damn. thought at least one would buy it...[/quote] You''re an idiot.
  5. This is absolute madness. And no, I won''t reserve judgement. The whole window has been a horror show in which the club has looked amateur, small-time and unprofessional. To sell our player of the season to a Championship when we don''t need to defies belief.
  6. This is absolute madness. And no, I won''t reserve judgement. The whole window has been a horror show in which the club has looked amateur, small-time and unprofessional. To sell our player of the season to a Championship when we don''t need to defies belief.
  7. [quote user="Cobain18"]Good to see the RVW bashing continues from some of our fans...... Constructive. [/quote] I think fans are well within their right to criticise and have an opinion on our strike force. Especially since he''s very highly paid. Any player brought in as a marque signing must realise there is a level of expectation/responsibility on their shoulders. Sure, personal attacks are completely unwarranted but most comments appear to be on his ability. While we all admire the fact he''s not acted like a petulent child, the fact is no offers have come in for him, which is unsurprising given his record over the last two years: atrocious for us in the PL and poor for Saint-Etienne. For someone as highly paid as him, it''s obviously wise to just get on with things and collect the wages. The fact is that if, in that crucial PL year, we had had another striker instead of the Wolf, we would have stayed up. Sure he might not have been played in the correct way (or whatever that weak excuse is) but for an £8m price tag a few years back, he should have managed more than one measily goal. I understand why a large section of the fanbase long him for him to "come good" because he''s arguably the most exciting signing we''ve ever made...a good-looking lad with decent goal-scoring record, a few caps for the Dutch side, an impressive Youtube compilation...not to mention an awesome name. On paper the best signing we''ve ever made and it''s natural to want him to perform to that level. However, he simply hasn''t. Over and over and over he''s had chances and has never really done anything of note other than score one goal against a side due to be relegated from the Championship. For all the promise he is simply not good enough. We cannot risk a second season with him. Nor do I expect AN wants to...why would *he* risk it when such a large sections of fans could - at the end of the season - turn around and say "we told you so, we told you he wasn''t good enough"? Would ANY manager be confident using a striker who previously managed one goal ALL SEASON? It''s preposterous. He has become a good-looking, fancy-named yoke around the neck of this club.
  8. [quote user="mrs miggins"]We really do have some petty fans, as well as players[/quote] In what way are fans being petty?
  9. ANSA are actually now saying that the delay is due to Roma expecting interest from Chelsea and Arsenal http://www.ansa.it/sito/notizie/sport/calcio/2015/08/18/su-destro-tre-club-di-premier-league_a8997c43-bf0c-442b-ad59-ba2ff7d00bff.html
  10. Looking forward to a bit of this: https://vine.co/v/OZXnbzgnnlt
  11. It''s very difficult to read this messageboard on an iPhone now...
  12. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]I think if this summer has shown anything (along with other summer transfer windows when Norwich have been in the Premier League) is that 9 times out of 10 there is a lot of smoke, and no fire at all. You only have to trawl through the pages of this message board to see the dozens of names Norwich have been linked with, with about zero truth in most of them. From McArthur to Jazz Richards, via Jahanbakhsh and Yedlin, detours through N''Doye, Baffo and Guidetti. Exotic getaways in Nagatomo, Silmani and Mbodj. Don''t forget Mbemba, van Weert, Defrel Djuricic, Ibrahim or the many other names that have come and gone. So much smoke you could run the smokehouse at Cley for a year, but not enough fire to cook a sardine on.[/quote] Does it matter that people like to speculate? We''re back in the top league and supporters enjoy talking about possible new players. Sure, a lot are probably out of our league but I''d rather be discussing a Colombian World Cup player than, say, Luke Varney someone our friends down the road have been talking about.
  13. The fact that people are still willing to see if RvW "can come good" and "may be an option" is absolutely ludicrous. He had 38 games last time around. It’s just not an excuse that he was playing under CH’s system, that his confidence was knocked, that he wasn’t getting the service, that he was unlucky etc ad nauseam. There is only one fact that should be considered: He only scored once. You cannot get around that. He is one of the worst strikers in the history of the Premier League. If he had scored a few more we may well have stayed up. His ability and any rumoured clause in his contract that he had to remain first choice striker cost us top flight status. The reason that we are saddled with him is not because he “looks sharp” in pre-season games, it’s because no other team in the top 2 leagues would want him. If you were a Derby, Hull, Middlesbrough fan and RvW was being touted as your new striker then you’d be rightly p1ssed off and would question the board’s choices and ambition. Why therefore, should we be happy that he may feature this season? If the fans have mixed feelings I wonder what the feeling is in the dressing room knowing full well that you don’t have confidence in your striker. How many games before player start turning on him and heads drop across the field? You think Bassong is going to put up with a striker who can’t score? It happened before if you believe the rumours and caused huge rifts in the team. I trust Alex Neil but he needs to be incredibly careful that RvW doesn’t become a noose around his neck. If he can’t be shifted he shouldn’t be in the 25.
  14. Hooper should absolutely be given a proper chance. I really think he could shine given some proper motivation and belief.
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