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  1. Those 3 specific things, yes. However, in their case, those things are significantly tainted by everything else about their situation. If we had those specific 3 things instead of them, we'd arguably be in a far better position than them.
  2. Unfortunately, sections of the press (including the BBC, I think) have been framing it this way. Very frustrating.
  3. I don't think Rangers are the pragmatic option for him. Yes, he'll get to play in the Champions League but how many games? And against what standard of opponent? Most teams in the Champions League are not Barcelona - they'll be playing in the qualifying stages, mostly against teams from leagues not much better or worse than Scotland. There's no guarantee they'll even make it to the group stages. Then in the league most weeks, he'll be playing against Championship-level opposition at best. At least with us, he'll be playing a higher standard of opponent week-in week-out, and whilst he won't be playing in the Champions League, he'll get 10-12 games against Champions League group stage-level (and better) opposition.
  4. If you go theathletic.com instead of .co.uk you can subscribe for free (at least that's what I did) now I can read all the articles on the .co.uk site and haven't paid a penny.
  5. Sorry, this just can't be true, it would fly in the face of everything Webber has said. He's always been very forthright, never been the sort to say one thing and do another. He said we'd be the lowest spenders in the league and I believe him. If this came true I'd be extremely suprised - unless there's some kind of wildcard thrown in the mix like a high value sale we dont yet know about.
  6. Articles I've read say he's on a shortlist - he's probably going to be on a lot of shortlists at the moment. Doesn't mean to say they'll go for him, they'll likely go for someone a bit more 'proven'. If this story was in a year's time after a good PL season then I'd be a bit more worried. Wasn't he on the shortlist of some big Bundesliga club not too long ago as well?
  7. The hold up seems to be that Fulham need to replace McCormack and seems they''re about to do just that. According to HITC, they''re on the verge of securing a £6m striker. So things may get moving now.
  8. Windows 10 is fine. The reported ''spying'' is blown out of proportion.If some anonymised telemetry bothers you, just download Spybot Anti-Beacon and it''ll turn that all off.Linux is fine if you don''t mind wrestling with niggling issues. I''ve yet to encounter a default Linux install that isn''t riddled with loose ends, even with a beginner-friendly distro like Ubuntu. If you''re tech savvy that''s fine, but for your average Joe it''d be a bit much.
  9. Their Twitter says they''ll be back up in 15 mins
  10. In many ways I agree.We will make some signings at some point - even in the unlikely scenario we don''t, we have a team capable of staying up and only didn''t before because they seriously underperformed. I am certain we will be staying up next season.But... The lack of any kind of news is driving me up the wall. My housemate is a Crystal Palace fan and seeing their transfer news (especially Cabaye - and Bamford) hasn''t helped.I keep telling myself it''ll all come good. Just frustrating.
  11. [quote user="UTB1986"]What has Norwich ever done for the country, never mind the world?[/quote]Well, Norwich has never been industrial but it was Britain''s second city before the industrial revolution.As far as contributions go, aside from the obvious (farming) Norwich and Norfolk as a whole contributes hugely to scientific research. Plant and microbial science, genome mapping etc. We''ve got some of the top research institutes in the country.Lotus is based in Norfolk - which is where their F1 team was run from - so there''s motor sport science and research too.That''s just off the top of my head. I''m sure there''s lots more.
  12. I haven''t been out to a pub to watch a Norwich game in quite a while and was planning on going tomorrow.I was wondering if anyone had any particular recommendations.I was hoping there might be somewhere I can actually watch the game while sitting down, but I realise this might be a tall order as I expect everywhere to be packed out.What say you?
  13. f you use Acestream software you can get a stream that is identical to full HD TV quality.They can be a bit iffy, but the one for the Ipswich game was flawless. I''m hoping for the same tonight.
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