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  1. I get the feeling one more win will be enough... in the perfect world Sheff utd will slip up in their early kick off next game and we can all relax a bit!!
  2. This time in 6months when Swansea are in the Championship I bet Olsson will be wanting away :-P
  3. i wonder how it would work with one on the wing and the other taking a deep striker role.. so basically setting eachother up down one side of the pitch... but yes, the big gamble is then having wes not play and putting a defensively minded player in his place
  4. Sorry for the lazy question (about to go to sleep) Do you think we could start with both Murphys on the pitch, I seem to think one plays left and one right when playing footy manager... Is this something people would like to see or prefer the super sub option for one of them this season?
  5. i guess companies do this the world over, like BP saying they will have to sack staff because instead of 10billion profit they "only" made a 6billion profit.. such rubbish when its still all profit. as others have mentioned, the poor voiceless admin/back staff getting sacked so they club can save £50k a YEAR. That same club will probably then put big posters of their players up that cost 20k or something stupid...kinda like my local council did with posters around a building site... no loyalty to the working staff :(
  6. hahaha living in a bubble... nah always knew these things happen but i just keep hearing the story on sky sports news and it frustrates me! ;)
  7. its such a rubbish "government style" thing.. like when cameron said "we are in this together" with cuts, then all mp''s took an 11% pay rise. meh. not really sure what my point is, im just annoyed at the way people are screwed over! :))
  8. Just seen Villa saying they will need to make compulsory staff redundancies to balance the books next year.. i think they are implying backroom staff, by that i imagine the admin people earning 20k a year... this sort of thing infuriates me, get rid of 1 player earning 20k a week or 52 staff earning 20k a year.. simple maths sack the player... but nope :( rubbish football club.
  9. really really need 2 goals... from west brom.
  10. so frustrating when a little while ago this league looked easy- villa and sunderland were awful.. what has happened :O
  11. surely need Ruddy back in goal? last 6 games goals conceded- 3 3 3 5 3 2 (so far) not saying its all Rudd''s fault but.... :-/
  12. surely norwich cant concede 3 goals this game as well?! time for ruddy to come back??
  13. haha i agree with you completely, if every fan had what their team deserved the premiership table would just end in alphabetical order because "with what we have spent/done/deserve" we will win every game. 1) ARSENAL P38 W38 2) A VILLA P38 W38 hold on... this wont work...
  14. sorry, turn what around? this is the norwich thread isnt it? be real! norwich are newly promoted, our aim is to avoid relegation, we "shouldnt" be beating top 4 teams like Tottenham, this isnt football manager the game, norwich will struggle unless they spend 200million like the top 4 clubs do... be real.
  15. tentative interest they do just make these things up, otherwise they would say something like "potential norwich scout spotted at game" etc :P
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