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  1. Eccles from Beccles

    Despite the temporary upturn I am still a Farke outer

    I have a feeling that the trolling will stop once the new forum is working-otherwise people will just ignore him and he’ll be talking to himself.
  2. If the result of the referendum had gone the other way, would those who voted to leave have given up without a fight?

    I don’t think so.
  3. Eccles from Beccles

    Forest match thread

    The BBC have got that wrong Keelansgrandad-Rhodes has scored this season. He’s English, he just chose to play for Scotland.
  4. Eccles from Beccles


    OMG, he seems like an even bigger dick than I previously thought
  5. Eccles from Beccles


    Which one was the Waveney comment?
  6. Eccles from Beccles

    Football manager 19 - Norwich / Ipswich

    Is this the Beta version? Didn’t think the full version was released until November?
  7. I wonder how many people on the march have ever even heard of Proudhon, Bakunin or Kropotkin?

    Anarchists? Sounds like lazy gutter press sensationalism to me Paul.
  8. Eccles from Beccles

    Forest match thread

    And Town going bottom as Hull take the lead? :-)
  9. [quote user="Big Vince"]The speakers are a cabale of socialists or socialist sympathisers.

    Socialists are the enemies of the poor. Their policies make the poor a lot poorer.

    The biggest deceit is that socialist leaders sip champagne whilst asking the electorate to vote to be poorer.[/quote]

    Ok, and the record increase in the number of people needing handouts from foodbanks is because of the socialists is it? And there''s me thinking that it is the tories that are in charge of the country.
  10. Eccles from Beccles

    OT- Whatcha listening to?

    I’ve never been a big album buyer, I preferred to buy singles-Fiery Jack, How I Wrote Elastic Man, Totally Wired and Lie Dream of a Casino Soul are possibly the best sequence of singles from any band in the 80s. I thought they went downhill very quickly after that though.

    I’ve got a copy of Marquis Cha-Cha too-they were going for £100+ just after Mark E Smith died but I think I’ve missed the boat now
  11. Eccles from Beccles

    Maddison's England Clause

    Bethnal called this on an earlier thread-an

    add-on for an international cap is a deal sweetener, not a deal clincher.
  12. Eccles from Beccles

    No goals no top six

    [quote user="lincoln canary "][quote user="Faded Jaded Semi Plastic SOB"]So Stoke must also be toothless given they had less shots on goal, lets shots overall and the winning goal was not scored by them......[/quote]

    I suppose it looks worse when you have so much possession in the attacking third, but don’t create much from it.

    Stoke rarely had any sustained pressure in our half. Had they done, I suspect Afobe might have made them look a bit more clinical.

    Stoke played for a draw, whilst looking to exploit any counter attacks or set pieces presented.

    We had a lot of games like that last season.[/quote]

    Afobe had failed to score in Stoke''s 4 previous games-in which they created 59 chances (source, BBC) and in which he played around 330 minutes so I would guess that quite a lot of these fell to him. This, and the chance he missed towards the end of the match, suggest that he wouldn''t have made them look more clinical.
  13. Eccles from Beccles

    The case for Paul Lambert aka the Messiah

    [quote user="McCanary"]Farke is a long long way from being compared even in the same profession as the Messiah

    To compare to the Messiah he would need to win promotion to the premier league and then comfortably establish us as a force in the top tier[/quote]

    Lambert only had 1 season in the Premiership-hardly established us as a force in the top tier. But then you know that-Top Trolling Waveney
  14. Eccles from Beccles

    EFL/Carabao Cup 4th round draw

    No extra time to worry about and a chance to collect another Premiership scalp against a team in trouble-plus who wouldn''t want us to knock out the smuggest man in football?

    No brainer for me, go for the win, putting out our strongest team we can under the circumstances.
  15. Eccles from Beccles

    Wigan match thread

    Vrancic is Bosnian