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At last?

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  1. They may not sell to us out of principle but a decent offer may be too much to resit?

    Not a bad centre half and lives in East Anglia with London family so a move to Bristol may not appeal. Known to Lambert so I reckon this could be a possible suprise move?


  2. At last?

    Jinxed Sponsors





    Hopefully marcus evans and not Aviva !!

  3. At last?

    I could happily back Roeder....IF!

    I could happily back 1st Wiz if..


    Oh never mind.

  4. Just seen his interview on Sky Sports News about half an hour ago.

    He confirmed he was training with us to keep fit but could not comment on signing rumours. However, his face for me said a deal was imminent.

  5. At last?

    Pleasantly suprised!

    I have to say I am pleasantly suprised with 8 signings.

    Staggered, in fact.

    Fair play to GR so far, this is his first full season on which to be judged to be fair to him.

  6. As silly as it sounds, yes I remember it well.

    Nothing else much memorable from that shocking day other than realising that Brellier and Grants days were numbered.

  7. At last?

    new Hoolahan song

    reminds me about how we all got excited last year about the Le Judge flag...
  8. [quote user="Mister Chops"]This is all part of the plan to take Aviva/NU out of Norwich.  It''s nothing more than cover.

    Today they announce the name change from Norwich Union to Aviva.  "Of course we are still commited to the area," the faceless drone will say.  "Why, we''re sponsoring the football team!"

    Yes.  And dropping "Norwich" from your name... closing Pinebanks... shipping jobs abroad...

    "But we''re still sponsoring the football team!" the faceless drone will say next year, and the year after, as jobs leak away and premises are emptied to make Norwich a city of empty, hideous skyscrapers.

    And, by the time the sponsorship deal ends, tumbleweeds blow around the city centre and several QD and Primark stores stand where NU offices once stood, everyone has forgetten Aviva was ever known as Norwich Union.  Aviva then refuse the option to renew their deal and off they go.  Genius.



    Mister Chops

    You are absolutely spot on. Sad but true in your words. Sadder will be that it will work. Tomorrows EDP headlines will be interesting. Will they denounce the name change on the front page and start a petition a la the Post Offices , or will they, in fear of losing ad revenue, trumpet the sponsorship deal and hide the name change on page 7?

    Sad days indeed.

  9. At last?

    Martin Taylor death threats

    Well Said TGE!!!!!

    I would NEVER buy that rag!!!!!!

    It''s not happy unless it''s making someones life a misery.

    Build them up to knock them down, that''s their policy!!!!

    Anything thats ever been associated with that Piers Morgan should be ignored!!!!!

  10. Dear Glenn


    "Bloody well done old boy"



  11. At last?

    Martin Taylor

    A good rule of thumb Ive learnt in business is that in situations like this, split the difference and move on.

    We could have had Taylor a few weeks ago, Brum could have had an extra £875k to spend on players to try to avoid the drop.

    For the sake of £125k this would appear to be the sensible option to me.

  12. At last?

    Martin Taylor was desperate to come.

    Nice back track, blame the old man!

    Not seen anything and Ive been looking.

    Perhaps someone shouls apply for this then send out a press release...



  13. Agree, enjoyed the passing patient football and if this is the way we intend to play the goals, and good ones too, will soon flow.

    PS What happened to Fozzi? Was he injured or is there a wall of silence for some reason?