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  1. Just have to wait and see if football holds the same appeal after he discovers girls.
  2. According to the BBC website Coppell has said he has not ruled out extending Lita''s loan spell.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/n/norwich/7686535.stm Time to keep eveyrthing crossed I think.
  3. I''m not sure it is supporters being fickle, more hope and relief.  I was expecting us to be on the receiving end of a similar scoreline, and, for me it''[s the iofrst indication that if we can keep some of the loanees we may steer clear of relegation.  I agree that the clubs problems haven''t gone away.  We desperately need money to invest in the squad in January which Delia doesn''t to have, and, the sooner she goes the better.  I just hope Roeder stops chopping and changing and plays the same team against Donny.
  4. [quote user="bristol_canary"]hes on 25k a week, i dont think he will stay too long[/quote] Nout sure whether that''s a fact or just a rumour that''s doing the rounds on this message board.
  5. You don''t think it might have had something to do with the fact that he goes back to Reading in less than a week and wanted to make a point to Steve Coppell?
  6. [quote user="Camuldonum"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] or will the press have Clingan and 2 of Litas goals down as own goals? Thought giving Clinkers as an O G(which tye said on the radio after the game) was Harsh! Litas 1st got touched over the line by the defender.... not sure about the one in the river end as too far to see!   jas :) [/quote] Lita is down as a hat trick.  Mr Croft got his goal, as I understand, when Lita''s fourth "goal" rebounded off the post. Bloody loanees.  I don''t think they are committed.  Do you? [8-|] Either way, great win, well done.  Who cares about the details?[:P] [/quote] True.  Just shows how committed Lita is into getting back in the Reading team.
  7. I don''t think any of us woyuld deny that it was a good performance and result tonight.  That said, connon sesne says we should question the extent that we played well and Wolves played badly.  Roder may have finally got the team selection right, but, unfortunately it lookd as though the most talented player currently in the team is going back to Reading after the Doncaster game.
  8. Sounds like most of the Happy Clappies failed to notice the irony in a player that Delia couldn''t even afford to bring to the club scoring three of the goals last night.
  9. Not going but I read somewhere that he got booed during one his shows in Liverpool.
  10. Afetr the Southampton match my only concerns is his temperament.
  11. Siberski hasn''t looked like he could give a toss since he got here.  For me, as leading goalscorer Lupoli has to start.
  12. [quote user="Smudger"] Surely if Delia was as big a fan as she claims then she would not continue to drag the club through the mud and would pick up the phone to Cullum??? Cuts both ways sunshine!!! [/quote] Spot on Smudger.  Imo it appears that if Cullum wants to takeover the club he can only do so on Delia''s terms.  I don''t think anybody can blame him if his  not willing to do that.
  13. [quote user="BRAVEHEART"]We need to get rid of the board we have they haven''t given Roeder the money to buy quality players. I can''t believe the Turners who just walked out on us, I think they were really stupid giving £2m to Peter Grant, who wasted it. Why hasn''t Roeder been given that sort of money? People wonder why we have got so many players in on loan, well its because the stupid tight, stingy board of ours will not give Roeder money. Roeder can bring in quality players because last season he brought in Ched Evans. I think we should start demonstrating at the home games to get rid of the board, if the board don''t go then Norwich could go down hill. [/quote] If we don''t have any money how are we paying for the loan players (with the exception of Lita)?  Admittedly the Board haven''t given Roeder enough money but they money he has been given has been wasted.
  14. [quote user="we8wba"] http://www.wolves.premiumtv.co.uk/page/News/0,,10307~1426476,00.html just click play button for full interview, funny as hell i think as regards to keogh, i dont boo him, but i do moan at him he just a useless plank who is picked because he is teachers pet! (he''ll score tonight now) [/quote] Not sure how bad you think Keogh is but I wish we had him in our squad.
  15. I think we certainly have had the respect of the players.  My only reservation would be that lots of great footballers don''t make great managers.
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