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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Pacheco who ever did that has too much time on their hands!! haha
  2. [quote user="Nuff Said"]Yes, from the England squad. Don''t you read the Pink Un? [:)][/quote] i dont have access to the paper as i live in suffolk and cant find it anywhere so i just keep up to date online and havnt seen anything regard lansbury. sorry
  3. "What a beautiful day smiles all round need to take rocco for a nice walk and clear my head :( gutted that I been sent home :( " - from his twitter. is he injured?
  4. they were all out for drurys brithday.. they were all absolutely battered .. they dont have training till thursday now so going out is fine
  5. [quote user="Butterbean_Canary"]Staying up last season, which would have probably meant Gunn keeping the job properly on a full time basis. A similar squad to last season, probably more loans than permanents’ and another relegation battle with the club happy to ''see how things go'' type of mentality... OR How things have turned out now being in League 1 with more passion, excitement and the club fully looking ahead with promise? Hindsight is a great thing and I feel that I am now glad we have taken 1 step back to (hopefully) take 2 steps forward, What are your thoughts? [/quote] at least theres not one of these posts on here everyday...
  6. is anyone driving to millwall and if so where can you park there etc?
  7. [quote user="Big Slob"]£100 and it''s yours?[/quote] ok
  8. any one have a spare ticket? buy a few drinks aswell  
  9. Anyone have a spare or a possibility of a spare ticket in the away end? few drinks as well
  10. If anyone has a spare colchester ticket in the away end please let me know? Buy you a few drinks aswell!!! :)
  11. [quote user="dhickl"][quote user="Arturo Lupoli"] Amen! but i cant stand Tw#ts like colu_tristan who start threads about Lambert leaving and that. [/quote]Well, it looks like that one has been removed[/quote] good stuff Dhickl...what did you do with him?
  12. [quote user="Shack Attack"] "This is a local forum for local people, we''ll have no trouble here" [/quote] phew... i thought that was going to be funny for a second
  13. [quote user="Branston Pickle"]IMO anyone is welcome to post whatever they want wherever they want - if they are being a twot they can easily be ignored. Colufan is right - the Lambert story is interesting and they have a reasonable interest in it, so why shouldn''t they have a say? And of course we are also playing them in little more than a week (though looking at forecasts into the middle of next week, even at this early stage a postponement isn''t out of the question!?!). I also get the impression that there are some among us who are far more guilty of going on wind-ups elsewhere than we get on here, so there isn''t that much to complain about really.[/quote] firstly i have no problem with other fans taking an interest, secondly they can have their say but most of them are complete idiots who have no idea what their going on about and thirdly their attempt at "banter" is awful. In my opinion, i think people who come on to norwich fans boards to try to wind up and annoy ncfc fans is pathetic. that is all.
  14. [quote user="colufan"]And you point is? A few of my posts are wind ups, normally when people just chuck insults around, but I like a bit of serious debate and the Lambert story, you must admit, is interesting. Think I''ll stick around. Of course people have the choice to just ignore me. Still I have a bit to go to catch up with the Wiz on our boards.[/quote] dont worry...we will
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