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  1. ROFL!!! Is this for real?? I assume you have never seen RVW play and just keep looking at the ridiculous fee we paid for him.
  2. Totally agree Lafferty has to come in for Grabban, who has failed to impress me in the last couple of games. My only other consideration would be to go 4-4-2 and also rest Hoolahan, giving Murphy and Redmond the wing positions. Hoping for another away win!
  3. Alex Tettey is totally deluded. Not even guaranteed a place in a poor Norwich side last season, so I don''t know where he thinks he is going to go in the PL. At best one of the promoted clubs will pick him up as a squad player on the cheap. I seem to remember him thinking he was a top player when we signed him. If he''s not up for the fight then let''s get rid of him.
  4. My guess is Adams has decided he is not up for the fight and therefore he has been left out. Not the same player we signed from Huddersfield now anyway. In his first season he would take players on and look to get an early shot off making him a real threat. Since then he has suffered with injuries, looks like he has lost some pace and is generally ineffective. Add in to that the fact that he thinks he is better than he is, potentially wants to leave and looks a few pounds heavier than he was originally, then I think there is good reason to leave him out.
  5. Looks like one of my all time favourite Norwich players will soon be leaving Norwich as I cant see anyway back from this one. Hoolahan is a genius on the pitch and a player of his type is so rare in English football. The fact that he will be leaving through Hughton accommodating inferior big money signings is even more goading. I think the policy of persisting with RVW (who has no real quality attributes) and trying to play two similar type players up front (mainly due to fan pressure) has clearly contributed to Hoolahans decision. Yes, Hoolahan will lose the ball and he is not effective in every single game, but how many players in the current Norwich squad will opposition teams actually worry about?? I guarantee if they feel Wes is in the side, he will be the player they look to stop playing especially as our set piece threat has gone this season (Mainly due to the amount of free kicks Holt won and the fact referees are wise to the persistent Snodgrass cheating / diving). While I am not a big fan of Hughton, I don''t really agree with the policy of sacking the manager at this stage of the season. Letting Hoolahan go for peanuts will be the final straw for me though. Hoolahan should start against Newcastle behind Hooper or RVW, which is the approach we should take to nearly all PL matches. There is nowhere near enough midfield quality in the Norwich squad to accommodate two strikers and I see little point in asking RVW or Hooper to drop into the No10 role to do a job Hoolahan can do 10 times better. At the age of 31, Wes easily has another 3 years of top level football in him. He has no real pace to lose and if anything he will get better through experience. I can totally understand  Hoolahan''s request to leave and hope he goes on to make a fool out of Hughton.  Absolute joke and Big mistake!!    
  6. This post is clearly a joke, intended to wind up supporters who actually undertand football a little. Tierney is passionate, but he was puncjing above his weight in the Championship. He is ok back up, but he makes rash decisions and switches off on a regular basis. I would be seriously concerened if Garrido now missed a few games, like I would be if Bassong were to get injured. Amunisng post all the same, which still caused me to bite!!
  7. Thats probably because Croft is a winger who cannot cross, has no pace, no skills, poor shooting ability. The only thing he used to give us was a bit of enthusiasm. Never rated him. Pilkington on the other hand looks comfortable on both feet and from what I have seen he can really strike the ball!
  8. [quote user="Webbo118"] [quote user="NCFC4LIFE"]It was a back pass he could of picked the ball up, it was a mistake! Everton (h) friendly Watfold  (h) 1st goal near post Swansea (h)  Pen, might of been sent off. Leicester (h) near post fumble Leeds (h) gradel weak shot Leicester (a) header should of done better Watford (a) Graham''s shot was tame Forest (h) pick the ball up!! Look he improved for sure but watch the season review and you will see for yourself, there are more just cant think of them as i havnt got the dvd to hand, me and my friend counted at least 10-12 shockers [/quote] Now can you add up the number of crucial saves he made and how many points he earned us last season? Or perhaps you haven''t considered that side of things. [/quote] NCFC4LIFE is spot on with his assesement at the start of this thread. Ruddy is ok, but he is prone to too many errors. Yes he has made some crucial saves this season (as do most goalkeepers), but so did FF last season, although FF barely made any mistakes!! I would certainly say that FF won us far more points than John Ruddy. It would be brilliant if we could get Forster back next season, as I feel he is a top class keeper. I don''t really understand why he is not number 1 at Newcastle. Hopefully their mistake can be our gain!
  9. Great to see Cody McDonald scoop the league 2 player of the month award. The one thing you can say about him is he always looks likely to score as he is a decent finisher. Its a shame we couldn''t swap him for Simeon Jackson......
  10. A little harsh on Mcnamee maybe, as I thought he was a little lost in a very disjointed formation, especially in the 1st half. Like you say, his job is to deliver balls into the box and cause problems from the flanks, which he did not do. I have watched Norwich 7 or 8 times this season, and I think Millwall were by far the poorest team we have played.There wasn''t one player in the Millwall side that made me sit up and take note & the muted home crowd said it all really. Norwich did ok, but still should have won the game. On reflection I think it is a big two pints dropped for us. Shame Holt didn''t bury his chance near the end which he should have done. Once he had turned the two defenders, hw simply needed to place it into either corner which would have left the unsighted keeper routed to the spot. Apart from the result, I was a little dissappointed with Grant Holt. He needs to start winning balls and providing the same kind of service as last year. I know we have gone up a division in standard, but there is no excuse for not jumping for headers and putting yourself about. I think he needs to re-focus on his own game rather than constantly moaning at his own players and the officials. If he put as much effort and thought into playing as he did with goading the home crowd, we would see a much improved Grant Holt!!
  11. Quality - Did you actually go to the game? Sinclair had a one on one saved by Ruddy after he skinned Martin & also Swansea had a penalty, which was won by Sinclair after Martin again got caught flat footed! To be fair Martin was better than usual, but I''m afraid he stuggled with league one football last season and is certainly not up to Championship standard. Ask yourself why Peterborough, who were a poor Championship side last season let him leave!
  12. Quality centre half and a right back. These are two positions which we are currently very weak in. We would also benefit from a back up alternative to Grant Holt, who can bully defenders.
  13. Luckily for us Russell has left Norwich at the same time we have returned to a league where he is no longer good enough. He will get stuck in and sent off a couple of times, but thats about his limit. Not the sort of player to sign if PNE have any ambition, but an ok squad player on a free transfer I guess
  14. Hopefully, as he is certainly not good enough for championship football. I''m sure Corey Smith will be making the right back spot his own next season in any case.
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