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  1. Man of high morals that Papiss Cisse http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-23424012
  2. The viewers choice Man of Match on Sky Sports was...............Titus Bramble!!Well organised whoever was responsible!That confused the presenter and Gary Neville.
  3. Hi All, I purchased 2 tickets for the Barnsley Game on Saturday in the Jarrold Stand. Since then a work commitment has come up that I can''t move. The club obviously won''t refund, and its to late to sell so I''d rather give them away than let them go to waste. If anyone is interested please private message me. 1st come 1st serve One catch; I live in london, so capital canaries would be preferable, but I''m willing to put them in 1st class tommorow to deliver to Norfolk!
  4. Yep, best i''ve seen in a while. Really made my day
  5. [quote user="Satriales"]The one arm push up thing seems to be a faint memory in my mind, either that or im just letting my imagination run away with me. He was a funny guy though. I seem to remember one home game, back when it wasnt a sell out every game. The ball went out of play into the south stand in an empty part between home and away supporters. Flecky lept over the advertising boards, retrieved the ball and proceeded to take the throw in from 4 rows back in the south stand! classic. Made me chuckle anyway! [/quote]   I remember being sat on the 2nd or 3rd row from the front of the Barcaly during his second coming and him jumping the advertising boards and the 2nd fence and taking as seat in front of me. Can''t remember if he''d just scored or just couldn''t stop after chasing a through ball. Classic Fleck though, can''t recall any other players having the balls to jump into the stand!? 
  6. To be fair, on paper it looks rubbish, but I laughed a lot when I first heard 2 lads sing it at Palace pre season. It was though, shortly after their rendition of Alan Lee is one of us Alan Lee is one of us Alan Lee is one of us.... He hates ipswich To the same tune. So maybe that had some influence on my enjoyment!
  7. I can believe a deal has been done for Hoolahan but surely know manager would actually offer to take the doc of our hands?
  8. Bit different from last season when we barely had a striker of our own!Granted none of them are Alan Shearer but seems like a luxury to be able to have this debate.
  9. [quote user="jbghost"]What a great idea. To the best of my knowledge there is no requirement for all seated stadiums in this league. The club can not say the lower tier is unsuitable for standing as the lower river end was originally standing.[/quote] The current Barcaly never was standing though, its was built in its current seated form. Whilist I''m not cliaming to be an expert I would imagine the steps would not be suitable for standing safely if the seats were taken out. Your argument might be valid for the Riverend though. However, I''ve got no idea if they had to do anymore than just bolt seats on to the old terrace or if it was a more complicated upgrade. Would be very good for atmosphere though I do agree. I''m sure its been mentioned on here before, but there are clubs in Germany that have designed their stadiums so in some parts of the ground there are terraces for league games which then convert to all seater for European games. I think this involved quite a sophisticated design when they were built. Not just a grounds man and a spanner!
  10. Like Jim I was also very impressed. We defienetly looked like a team in whch everyone knew what they had to do a were more than competent of doing it . There were a few disorganised moments at the back which better teams would have taken advatage of, but in general the back four were solid. I was particularly inpressed with Spillane having not seen him play before and to be fair Ostemabor didn''t look to bad in his cameo appearance.Only point of Jims I would disagree with was Holt. I think he had a good game and did well to set up the goal but I think ''Excellent'' is an exageration. No criticisms just think we should expect more from our front man and I have every confidence we will. Been a while since I''ve ben able to text mates and tell them the assist was from G.Holt!Whaley was quality in the second half. It was great to see him and the other forwards cutting in with confidence from wide and causing the Palace defence all sorts of trouble. Something we have not done effectively since the Huckerby and WLY were in their prime! Hope tonight was a sign of things to come.I always get over optimistic during Pre-season (expect last year) but after a solid away win against a full strength Championship team I don''t think we''re in bad shape to start the season.
  11. I''m going. Although I''ve been aware of the game since it was announced is only just dawned on me last night that having moved to Bromely, Palace is my nearest ground. Although I expect absolutely nothing in terms of football quality or atmoshpere, I wouldn''t have expected to pay anyless than the £15 they are charging. But then maybe I''m just more gulible than others!
  12. My Mrs keeps asking why there always seems to be a swarm of Bees in the background! They better not have those horns the the real event next year, I won''t be able to watch!
  13. Healine says we should be Norwich United. I think i''d rather watch them. I''m really going to have to change my user name soon.
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]4-1.... i bet Robrt Chase is Peeing himself with laughter..... jas :) [/quote]Robbert Chase is probably peeing himself anyway, Can''t be the youngest healthiest gentleman these days.
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