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  1. sorry never even saw you post, I don''t read the majority of posts on the site due the school child response, sorry if I stepped on your toes I assumed the Cisse and Gomis rumours where common knowledge anyway its plastered enough online and Sky I was just including what was reported apologies again
  2. According to a well respected Geordie fan on their forum he has a 99% success rate on transfers, he states that this week Newcastle will move to complete deals for Bafetimbi Gomis , Andre Pierre Gignac and Darrent Bent and will sell Papiss Cisse as he is currently training by himself in Newcastle by himself after refusing too wear the new Wonga kit on religious grounds. This is where we come in apparently we made an enquiry for him and quoted 9m cash which has been agreed between the clubs, Newcastle need to sell Cisse to fund the wages and fee for Darren Bent as the two Frenchman deals are progressing well. Its just another rumour but what got me was the guys success rate on being in the know and the fact it isn''t on twitter anyway something different for a sunday night too mull over
  3. Wolfie is the number 9 as expected and we can have V.Wolfswinkel and number 9 printed on the shirt for just £5 from 9 am tomorrow till 31st of this month Source our main site
  4. im a optimist Fer, Hooper and Fabio Quagliarella then we all collapse in shock and disbelief lol
  5. We shouldn''t move heaven and earth for any player, as soon as you pay one player crazy wages to get him here, the rest of the squad start thinking I either get a wage rise or I force a move out losing the team unity that has served us so well. Next Target on the list for our gaffer
  6. what we need is a event licence, six of us beach chairs, beverages, bbq and binoculars for carrow road imagine any new signing getting out of the car seeing six of us waving our sausages at him ( bbq ones for you filthy minded folk )
  7.                    Ruddy Martin Turner Bassong Olsson               Fer Howson   Snodgrass  Hoolahan  Pilkington               Wolfswinkel
  8. Thanks for the tip I will now make sure I keep away from that person at work as much as possible to avoid a potential unwelcome encounter with one
  9. Wouldn''t touch them m8 if you weren''t fit, I caught the sight of one from a work mate, looked like something being passed off as meat wrapped in a cardboard coating then he put it in the microwave
  10. good for him I hope he / she sends some of that pasty windfall your way
  11. I play with some Dutch guys on Call of Duty and one is a member of the PSV supporters club, and may I say he is not a happy bunny with the way things are panning out for them in the market. The fans are told one thing and then another happens. He firmly believes that Ola Toivonen is catching a 21.05pm flight either Thursday or Friday for talks coming into Norwich I have no idea if their is flight let alone anything else but as BBC and Mervmeister are in the know maybe they can shed some light. Sorry for posting it on here but I didn''t think with being a newish member those guys would appreciate being pmed by a stranger
  12. I wonder if he failed his medical, their was talk of him being seen snorting a white substance in a recent court case, which he did deny but makes you wonder if it was true, if its been picked up on during his tests especially in the off season
  13. Todays apparent rumours say We are still in for Jonjo Shelvey along with Swansea and West Ham Various Sources have us along with two other Premiership teams bidding for Bristol City`s Albert Adomah The rumours surrounding us with Diego Capel look wide of the mark, latest talk is he being chased by the red and white side of Madrid Now we come too tomorrow, initial suggestions are we will announce the signings of Ola Toivonen 5.6m, Leroy Fer 7.2m and Gary Hooper 5.8m The deal for Fer is done through his agent, and he will sign on the dotted line on the 8th July once he is back from Bali ( Lucky Bugger ) Gary Hooper Celtic fans believe is on his way as he has removed his Celtic tags from his twiiter account, and believe a deal has been brokered he has also been getting some stick from Celtic fans so that has helped the cause in him not wanting to sign a new deal All in all be a interesting couple of days   
  14. I hate to think what would happen if his soldiers didnt fit his dippy egg, it would be a conspiracy by the hens
  15. i dont think we should be too concerned, the window does not open until the 1st of july we may have one or two wrapped up but their not announcing them becuase we cant hold a press conference, atleast thats my hope
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